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Author Topic: The Return of the Dragon King  (Read 2539 times)

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Offline wolventears

Re: The Return of the Dragon King
« Reply #25 on: August 11, 2012, 11:12:10 PM »
Eeep! So wanna play this! My internet is down right now. Hope to get it back sometime tomorrow so I can pit up a character sheet then. I am thinking an elf who helps the humans.

Offline Silk

Re: The Return of the Dragon King
« Reply #26 on: August 12, 2012, 06:58:13 AM »
Name: Fiona Roughknight
Age: 19
Race: Centuar (Changed from human)
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Class: Ranger
Weapons and Spells: Bow+arrow, Pair of Talwar
Appearance: Before change

After change

History: Always attempting to try and be a model student Fiona often kept to herself to focus on her studies, but even with such a shut in that she was Fiona's attractive looks still landed her in several friendship circles. Cheerful and outgoing Fiona was usually found enjoying a book in a park somewhere. Although that is what it appeared to be.

In truth Fiona's home life was one of turmoil and violence, her parents were constantly argueing and fighting eachother, which she was often caught in the middle of. Which would more than explain why she never felt comfortable about taking guys home to meet them.  Instead she often drowned herself out in the fantasies of her books or her studies, attempting to do well enough so she can leave home and never come back.
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Offline Shaitan

Re: The Return of the Dragon King
« Reply #27 on: August 12, 2012, 07:20:12 PM »
Name: Michael Westros
Age: 17
Sex: Male
Race: before transition Human, after transition, human or half elf if half elves exist by chance.
Sexual Preference: Hetero
Class: Warrior Mage hybrid
Weapons and Spells: Rune-encrusted black bladed sword (runes are used as focuses for his magic and can temporarily wreath itself in elemental energy referencing one of his spells, the sword may be called to him from anywhere as the blade is bound to him in a pact from the dream dream before the transition), Lighting blast (short range lightning burst that eventually can arc to multiple foes as Michael learns to control it), flaming fusillade (long range arcing fire requires significant concentration in order to keep the bolts roughly in on target), Sword form grace (constant once learned, increases the speed of perception which allows the user to think through actions more thoroughly during combat, allows the user to react to attacks and read their actions, only slightly increases the speed of the user, just allows a greater time period to perceive attacks and to think through actions to avoid the attacks), physical burst (temporarily boosts all physical abilties either over a short period of a minute or two, or in bursts of a few seconds for a single physical trait, bursts allow for leaps of inhuman proportions, strength bursts to crack doors, in effect a magical supercharged adrenaline rush)
Appearance: After transfer

History: Michael is a computer geek and a gamer before the transition, never a physical dynamo due to various inconveniencing health issues, included glasses, which are removed in process of the transition. Generally very intelligent though a bit socially stunted, he knows that often others don't quite like or understand his rapport with computers, or even more his obsession with dungeons and dragons, martial arts movies, and other traits of geekdom, but those who are close to him know that he's a good decent guy, with just a bit of a white knight complex. At this point in his life Michael is a virgin, not for lack of trying.  Never one to pay huge attention to his own appearance before transfer, the changes wrought after transfer render the individual traits from geeky to rakish. Both before and after the changes he is very broad shouldered and quite tall, standing obviously over six feet tall, though all of the physical traits of working with computers are traded off for the physical traits of a long practiced swordsman. His analytical mind quick to pick up on patterns and languages adapts quickly to the use of rune based magics. Effectively his sword is his spellbook, representing the spells he learns and has mastered barring the one to call the sword to him.

Offline wolventears

Re: The Return of the Dragon King
« Reply #28 on: August 13, 2012, 03:05:08 PM »
Sorry if you posted about this already and I feel kind of stupid like I should know this already but what are the classes and what they mean?

Offline Silk

Re: The Return of the Dragon King
« Reply #29 on: August 13, 2012, 03:28:31 PM »
Just which archetype fantasy character do you fall under, like archer, spearman, Knight, mage that kind of thing :)

Offline Reivenn

Re: The Return of the Dragon King
« Reply #30 on: August 13, 2012, 04:31:47 PM »
Name: Melanie Ballard
Age: 18
Sex: Female
Race: Human
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Class: Bard
Weapons and Spells:
Not particularly physically inclined, Mel only carries two weapons, which she only gained after crossing over. The first is a curved dagger, with an eight-inch blade of elegant craftsmanship. The handle is wrapped in white leather and some sort of emerald seems to be inset into the base of the blade. It came with a simple leather sheath, dyed a dark green. Mel wears the sheath secured to her belt and right hip. She rarely draws it except to examine its craftsmanship.

Mel’s second weapon appears to be a small, but sturdy mace that fits perfectly in her hands. It appears to be a solid, three foot shaft carved of dark green stone. The shaft is wrapped with dark brown leather, with a second small loop of leather attached to the end of the hilt. The head is carved to resemble the snarling face of a lion-dog. The weapon usually hangs from her belt at her left side.

Mel’s primary means of attack and defense are her voice and her glamours. So far, she’s learned that she can alter her appearance at will and that given enough time or familiarity with a subject, she can mimic that person’s appearance and voice. She can also temporarily disguise others, although she’s limited to purely cosmetic alterations with others and the changes tend to fade after a few hours. She can also cast illusions on objects making them appear as other then what they are. Mel can also throw her voice, mimic any sound she’s ever heard and summon brief distracting illusions of light and sound. So far none of her illusions have had the ability to inflict physical harm, no matter how real they appeared.

By singing, Mel can inspire a specific emotion in others, typically inspiring others to more heroic acts, but she can also sow fear, confusion, bliss or even rage in those who listen to her songs. The enchantment seems to quickly fade as soon as she stops singing though.

Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Skin: Golden brown complexion
Height: 5’ 6”
Weight: 122 lbs.
Mel appears to be a slender young woman of Asian descent, with a short black pixie cut, bright green eyes and a naturally golden brown complexion. Not particularly tall or curvy, she still carries herself with an unwavering self-confidence and almost always wears a bright smile that gives her a greater presence then her physical size.

Mel usually dresses in bright colors, favoring light blouses, self-embroidered jeans and sandals for her casual wear. Almost all of her clothing has some embroidered embellishment that she added herself, oftentimes flowers or butterflies and sometimes simple geometric signs. Both wrists are usually adorned with charm bracelets and she always wears a jade pendant around her neck on a crimson ribbon. The pendant itself is a simple disk of jade with a hole in the center where it’s strung on the ribbon.

History: Mel has always been rather outgoing and outspoken. The middle child of three siblings, she has always craved the spotlight and is active in local theater, both on stage and behind the scenes. She helps out with set design, choreography and even making costumes. Over the years she’s taken classes in dance, acting and singing. She enjoys unwinding by doing karaoke, cosplaying and sitting quietly in her room designing her own clothes and jewelry.

While she seems focused on her own goals, she’s more then willing to set things aside to help out her friends when they’re in need as long as it doesn’t involve cooking. She tries hard, but her experiments in the kitchen never go well for some reason.

Offline Sasquatch421Topic starter

Re: The Return of the Dragon King
« Reply #31 on: August 13, 2012, 05:47:38 PM »
Half elves are in the world as well...I just kinda accidentally forgot to add them to the list. It has been corrected as well as adding the race of my character in it....

Name: Elfire Wingsong while he is on Earth he goes by Zach Reynold
Age: appears 18
Sex: Male
Race: Dragonborn
Sexual Preference: Straight
Class: Sorcerer
Weapons and Spells: Elfire uses the shifting weapon known as "Tiichi di wer Darastrixi" The weapon only shifts into a bastard sword or a Chidori Jumonji Yari type spear. His spells include Magic Missile, Fireball, Ice Darts, and is being taught a spell from a villager called Bigby's Intrusive Finger. His Draconic blood also allows him to shapeshift and gives him access to a breath weapon attack twice per day. In extreme cases he can shift into a full formed dragon, but must remain in the form for at least a day and can't take the form again for at least 3 days.

Tiichi di wer Darastrixi as a Chidori Jumonji Yari
Appearance: In his true form Elfire stands about 6'2" and like his father he has bright Emerald scales. His eyes are amber colored and have a draconic appearance.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

History: Elfire is the son of the former Dragon King. While he appears to be only 18 he is actually well over a 100 years old making him the equivalent of a 18 year old. He has spent the majority of his life learning how to be a good ruler and is just now coming into his magical skills. Elfire's skills with sword and spear are much better.

When the tyrant Xi-Yi started his onslaught his father forced Elfire through a portal to the strange land of Earth. He was directed to find hero's that could come an fight the Witch King. Sadly his father was slain before Elfire could make his return with the friends he had made. At the moment he knows that his father is dead and isn't sure of what has happened to his sister....

Here's a quick pro for his sister. She'll be a minor character and our resident healer if no one wants to be a medic....

Name: Untryr Endor
Age: 250
Sex: Female
Race: Dragon
Sexual Preference: Not interested
Class: Healer
Weapons and Spells: Being a dragon she gets a bite, claw and tail attack. She also has access to fire and ice breath weapons. Magic wise she has only learned healing type spells to help people.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
History: She is the older sister of Elfire and a full blooded dragon. She does not care for fighting so she avoids it at if she can preferring to heal her allies. In the beginning she is distrustful of her brothers friends, because she is extremely protective of him.

When Elfire was cast through the portal She stayed behind to see what she could do to help their father. Unfortunately she could do nothing and was cursed into being stuck as a small dragon. Her healing magic was unaffected from the curse, but now she awaits her brothers return....
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Offline Panduhmoanium

Re: The Return of the Dragon King
« Reply #32 on: August 13, 2012, 06:35:25 PM »
... I don't know what the hell happened, but I just had a CS, tapped my keyboard, and it's all gone now. x_____x

I'll get back on later tonight and try and put it back together. /wrists

Offline wolventears

Re: The Return of the Dragon King
« Reply #33 on: August 13, 2012, 07:22:29 PM »
Hope this is alright. :)

Name: Deleilyn
Age: Appears to be in her mid twenties
Sex: Female
Race: High Elf
Sexual Preference: Pansexual
Class: Archer/Healer
Weapons and Spells:
Elven long bow and a single long blade that hangs on her left hip
Also able to call upon the earths powers, mainly in healing and the like. 
History: Deleilyn was born many many years ago deep within the forests. As she had grown up, a happy child within her village, she was trained as were the others to become an expert archer. On top of this, she took to healing, able to call upon the earth and use it strength and energy in a positive way. She became a highly regarded healer and after the evil tyrant came, throwing the Dragon King from his throne, she found herself becoming a warrior, fighting for what is good and right.

She decided to help even more when the Dragon Kings only son took to the human world in search for heros. As a native of their world, she has taken a vow to help these children, training and initiating them to make her world right again.

I am going to assume she knows Elfire in their home world.

Offline Sasquatch421Topic starter

Re: The Return of the Dragon King
« Reply #34 on: August 13, 2012, 07:38:33 PM »
They're all looking good so far... Yes many of the natives will know Elfire, mainly for the fact that Dragonborn are rare. Then the blade he carries is the only thing past to the heir and it is recognizable in it's many forms.

Elfire's little older sister will take a backup healer role just in case....

Offline Panduhmoanium

Re: The Return of the Dragon King
« Reply #35 on: August 13, 2012, 08:25:40 PM »
Name: Athradien Eylose
Age: 23
Sex: Male
Race: Native Avariel
Sexual Preference: Straight
Class: Ranger / Spell Caster
Weapons and Spells:
The Bow Of the Sky Goddess, Atahansic
Long Sword and dagger.
When at full draw of his bow, Athradien is able to channel the earth's electricity into his arrows, varying in potency. Potency can range from paralyzing anything the broad head hits, to a full fledged crater, decimating everything in its range. Potency has a direct correlation with how much of his energy it takes from him.
Along with this, he's able to control wind currents and speed at a whim. You can hardly tell he's doing this until you notice that he's not blinking. In order to do this he almost has to physically see the wind (if there is any). As with his power with his bow, he can change the winds from a light breeze to hurricane force winds, though they both have devastating effects on his ability to do much else. In conjunction with this ability he can also control both the speed and direction of his arrows, along with his own flight.
One of the gifts said to be blessed to him by his alleged mother (Atahansic), upon touching the ground his wings fold back into his shoulder blades, entering his body and becoming tattoo's on his back. The wings turn into streaks of black on his back, though they seem to glow at all times.

History: (W.I.P., I  have to leave for a little while and I don't want to have this deleted again... XD)
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Online Brittlby

Re: The Return of the Dragon King
« Reply #36 on: August 14, 2012, 06:35:29 AM »
Name: Lycia Burkett, Standard-Bearer to God Empress Vincinia of Kress

Age: 34

Sex: Female

Race: Half Orc

Sexual Preference: Lesbian

Class: Spearman/Berserker

Weapons and Spells:

The  Breaker - The weapon of her father, it is her only inheritance from the orcish side of her lineage. A hefty stone blade stolen from the grip of a statue of a long dead kingdom, it is not mystical in nature... it is simply quite dense and heavy. Its tip has long been missing, the entire weapon measuring three feet in length, only two of it "blade", if it could be called such. Blunted from years of disuse in the hands of her father and his father before him, the stone blade is more a bludgeoning weapon than anything else.

Banner of Kress - The once proud colors of a kingdom trampled underfoot a decade ago adorn Lycia's weapon of choice. The verdant green and blue of the flag are long faded, but the crimson remains impossibly vibrant... as if frequently refreshed by the blood of her enemies. The business end of the halberd is dull and dirty except for the gleaming and frequently sharpened edge.

Stalwart - A gift of the God Empress, her armor was forged by dwarven crafters commissioned by Vincincia herself. It is well made and light despite its massive size, and is otherwise unremarkable save for a peculiar spell placed upon it that makes it always close at hand when Lycia has need of it.

Righteous Fury - A gift of her heritage, despite the rigorous training and discipline of her human upbringing, the wild viciousness of her orcish side smolders inside. When she is set upon a task in battle she is unstoppable, ignoring all but the most telling wounds until after the battle haze fades.


Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Hair: Red
Eyes: Black, though they are said to glow blue when she is in the grip of a frenzy.
Skin: Dull green
Height: 6' 9”
Weight: 230 lbs.

Lycia is a roadmap of pain, reddened scars are strewn across her body, their origins as common as blades to some which seem suspiciously like bite marks. Her face remains untouched thanks to the habit of wearing her helm into battle to protect her eyes. It is the only part of her toned frame that has not been pierced or burned by the caress of war.

Despite her roughness, when not in her armor, she dresses in a manner befitting a knight... though like her body, the elegant velvets and silk are heavily disused. Stained and tattered, her garments were likely once exceedingly expensive before she wore them to numerous battles. When questioned as to the nature of the suspicious stains and tatters across her vest, she tends to explain it away with a demure, "You should see the other guy..."


The Island Kingdom of Kress stood untouchable for three hundred years, its God Empress appointed by mandate of the Five Lords at the corners of the world. Over a decade has passed since those words held any meaning. Lycia Burkett stood at the side of the God Empress Vincincia when Kress was laid low, her years of devotion and discipline leading her down a long path to failure.

A missionary of Kress, Lycia's mother traveled the world of Sileona, spreading the gospels of her homeland. The Five Lords that protected the Eternal Kingdom surrounded by the sea and stone walls that had not been challenged in centuries. It was outside these walls that her mother was raped by one of the savages of the Unenlightened Lands. The fruit of the coupling was born within the walls of Kress, and were Lycia of a lesser family, she would have been put down as a nameless shame. But her mother shared the name the God Empress once owned before she was elevated to the throne and given her divinity.


And though half the blood in the babe's veins was that of a monster, noble blood weighed down the other half of the scales. Thusly she was raised as all women of the holy lineage, bearing the burden of a life of discipline and honor. Forced to restrain her orcish tendencies, she still found solace in the blade, excelling at combative arts far more readily than her other courtly studies. Devoting herself to a life of duty, her mixed lineage keeping her from raising too high within the noble hierarchy, she began a career in her early teens as a Retainer to the nobles and missionaries of Kress who were sent abroad.

The silent shadow of Kress' vocal nobility, she soon garnered a reputation on both sides of the wall, one that eventually saw her recruited into the personal guard of the God Empress. She was given the honor and privilege of carrying the standard of Kress, a banner that had hung over the head of the God Empress in all of her previous incarnations, back to the beginning, when the first stones of the wall were laid out. She would have spent the remainder of her days in this task no doubt, guarding the standard and its unending Empress... until the Tyrant came.

Unchallenged for centuries, the sheer power of his forces overwhelmed the arrogant city that was so long protected by the sea. The God Empress gave Lycia her final task as the flames grew higher, a list of missionaries and nobles who were beyond the wall. Amongst them she would find the one worthy of the banner and the seat of Kress. The Empress was unending after all. The Five Lords who held up the corners of the world had already chosen Vincincia's successor. Lycia need only find her...

Eleven years have passed, Kress largely forgotten except in snide jokes amongst those of the Unenlightened Lands. No one speaks of the Five Lords or the Corners of the World. No one knows of the glory of the God Empress or remembers her warm smile. It only took Lycia three years to confirm that all of the people on her list were dead and that the Lords had abandoned the people of Kress, assuming they had ever existed in the first place.

The faith of her homeland had been a fanciful story. There was no reward waiting for her loyalty. She was the sole survivor of a kingdom three miles across, that had arrogantly thought they were the favored children of gods that didn't even exist. The philosophies and ethics she had spent her youth learning were based on myth and wishful thinking. Yet this revelation hardly gave her a moment's pause.

Even if her God Empress was mortal after all, Lycia had known her. No one was alive to speak for the glory of the Five Lords or Kress, and the world was well rid of those lies. But Lycia had known the warmth and secret fears of a woman who had been a Goddess to her people. If she were not divine and beyond the reach of blood, Lycia would have called her grandmother.

No one spoke of Kress anymore... but they still spoke of Lycia and her banner. They would speak of her fury. And so they have, even as the tyranny spread and darkness looms, there are those who still talk of the vicious last daughter of Kress. She hides amongst the half-orcs, rallying troops on an impossible crusade of vengeance. Not one for pretty stories and fables, she still pays heed to the Dragon Kings and has come out of hiding once more to see that the spark of hope these new heroes bring is fanned.

Offline Sasquatch421Topic starter

Re: The Return of the Dragon King
« Reply #37 on: August 15, 2012, 06:32:48 PM »
Ok the characters look good, I'll give it another day the put up a character and OOC thread on Friday when I get home for work.

Offline Sasquatch421Topic starter

Re: The Return of the Dragon King
« Reply #38 on: August 18, 2012, 08:41:48 AM »
Alright the Character and OOC threads are up... Character thread. OOC