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Author Topic: Reverie [Updated 7/1/16; Open]  (Read 2737 times)

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Reverie [Updated 7/1/16; Open]
« on: August 03, 2012, 02:24:57 PM »
Hello -

I'm Peri, its nice to meet you! Thank you in advance for taking a look at my thread. :D

Things to know about me:
* I normally play modern storylines with the fantastical thrown in. I will play other settings as well with the right plottings.
* I generally play straight m x f storylines. I usually play the female role but gender of my writing partner doesn't matter. Recently I have branched out to play other genders and with a mix of gendered characters and writing partners.
* I like drama IC, not OCC. I enjoy being friends with my writing partners but no stalkers please.
* I try to be honest, friendly, and active in plot creation.
* I stray from the PWP? (Plot What Plot?) situations, but do tend to stick to romance heavy SLs. Don't get me wrong I do enjoy sexy interactions as well just not constantly.
* I <3 detail but don't have to stick to post limits every single time. However, I do find that the more you give me, the more interested I am.
* I am in the eastern time zone. My schedule is hectic and gaming by threads is easier.
* Please take a moment to read my O/Os. This contains more information about what I am interested in - partner / plot / sexual elements.
* My posting speed is currently once a week but may be longer. My work and RL time constraints often leave me tired and drained of all creative writing ability so patience is appreciated.

Here are some ways to get to know me more:
* My O/O's
* My A/A's
* Pictures and Plottings

Contact Me
If you are interested in starting up a game with me, here are some ways to let me know:
* Please do not respond to this thread.
Send me a PM:
* And tell me a plot of mine you would like to work on, or suggest your own.
* Give me links to your interest thread / current games / O/O's / A/A's or have links in your signature.
* Tell me generally about your playing style and why you think we would write well together.
* Ask to have a long conversation and work with me on creating an SL.
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Reverie [Updated 4/1/16; Open]
« Reply #1 on: August 03, 2012, 02:29:38 PM »
Here are ideas that have come from my Fleeing Fantasies thread in the F/S forum. Check there for additional ideas. :)

A Love of Smoke and Fire

At one time, long before lips gave meaning to words, smoke and fire were one. But as the world grew and nature established it's laws that governed all things there was a fight as to what part of the all consuming quench was the most deadly and important. Was it the flame or the hot darkness that encompassed it? A schism was created and what was once a seamless phenomenon split and took to their own forms in attempts to gain dominance and power.

And to this day there has been a war between the two sides. Over which comes first, over which is more powerful and crucial to preserving the world in all it's murky and destructive splendor.

Prophecy of all things has told that there will be a time when two of those human forms, born at the same time in the same place, will wage war against each other and decide only once and for all which is truly the ruler of existance (and the ender of it), and moreover, what will the fate of the world be as it begins to burn....

Breath from Stone

A beautiful but poorly taken care of statue is bought by a groundskeeper to be an adornment in the back of an elaborate estate garden. Years later it is rumored that a statue bought around that time was much older than originally thought and sold for a fraction of its true value.

The owner of the estate, greedy and gleeful at the prospect of having and then selling such a wonder at great profit, goes to search his now overgrown garden. (He has since fired the groundskeeper to focus his currently dwindling assets on other more lucrative things.) However it is hard to locate, sometimes appearing in different places and often completely unreachable whenever an appraiser comes to see it.

Almost driven to madness the estate owner pays an investigator a large sum to stake out his property and find the man (suspected to be that said groundskeeper) responsible for trickery and theft of such a valuable artifact.

But what the ex-military man who will do anything for the precious green given to him by his new client finds.... is not a man at all. He must discover the source of the witchcraft that has allowed this precious statue to come to life for one night every three.... and force the mezmorizingly beautiful woman who he has now watched for almost a month to stay once again trapped in stone so that he may finally earn his fee.

So it Begins

It really wasn't how anyone ever really expected. They came for you at an unannounced day and time during your last year of training. You weren't allowed to guess or expect it. And no one was to know when or where you would going either. Death in the family? Loss of a pet? Flash flood wipes out your whole hometown? Nope, it didn't matter. Most people who disappeared never came back anyway. So why bother giving those back at the school any hope?

But really, could you blame them? You.... a lowly human with no true powers or connections, were trying to become part of one of the most clandestine and mighty warlock organizations that the world has never seen! Seriously, almost no-one in the human world knew of its existence. Except a yearly crop of brash and clueless fleshlings who thought that they had the arrogance and raw talent to show the magical world what for.

So here she was, dressed like some kind of Beyonce back up dancer with nothing to her name and a mid-day sun desert to cross. And if the rumors that Magdalena had heard were true, this was going to be by far the easy part.

Popular Demand

There was nothing discreet or subtle about the life of the girl who was a year ago a waif on the streets and now the most powerful oracle that his lordship had ever known. Alithea, who once was utterly forgotten and invisible in the dirt and filth of the village streets, now had all eyes on her from sunrise to set. Either for her beauty or her prophesy, everyone wanted to track her steps towards their own miraculous futures. Which more than not left her locked away in a tower unless she was needed as council to the lord of the land, a Duke who saw her visions as a sign of his divine ascendance to the throne.

Once she dreamed of being whisked away to a world far away from the cold and the smell and the bites of the street, now she yearned to return back to a time when at least her motions were her own. And perhaps her desires were about to come true - for a powerful man from afar, with claims of powers of his own, was to visit and be honored by a lavish ball.

She of course would be set on high as the jewel of the Duke's treasury... but she had other motives. Perhaps the man, the sorcerer would remove her second sight and ease her passage back into obscurity. She only hoped that she could pay his price.

The Plunge

She had put this off for far too long. Her journey to this new land was at an end but she had a shaking suspicion that nothing except his warm embrace would ever feel like home again. Lightly kicking her feet and staring into the foggy abyss below, she tightened her fists in the pockets of her lined jacket. Through the mist was a time and place that never held so much warmth as the sunlight streaming on her face, or the heat of the metal tracks used and baked in the sun.

Her job had been to find this portal, the gash in her world that seems to have snared so many of their people. But once on the other side she started to wonder if this place was the truth of things, her past existence just a bunched up tangle of a universe forgotten in the back of a dank and dark dresser drawer.

She scooted a little further towards the edge of the plank. It wouldn't be hard or scary or painful - the drop. And yet she felt the weight of the relic in her pack tug on her resolve. A vestige of the bridge that once connected their two worlds - taking it back with her would seal this portal, though not perhaps for her own good.

A deep resigned sigh, a scoot towards what she had spent the last month running from, and then a shout coming for the edge of the tree line.

She squinted. "It couldn't be....." She hoped.

Join The Fair...

Sebastian's day was oh so fucked. Well his life was quite fucked long before now, but today certainly wasn't lacking in consistency. Fresh off parole but going to be late for his 'one last chance - you better not be late - I'm so taking you back to court' supervised meeting with his son. So really his only chance (and his previous expertise in how to get from point A to point B in a jiff) was to 'borrow' a car for just a little while. Course it just so happened that this car was one of those candy-on-a-string types owned by the police. And they weren't too appreciative of his unfortunate circumstances.

But lucky him he wasn't a one trick pony! (2 1/2 at best) Before he could smile and say cheese for the camera crew always running around with those bait car rackets, he slipped his cuffs and damn near flew over the nearest fence, running like a bat out of hell who is still going to be late to see his son and his now all too happy to destroy his life ex-wife. Ducking and dodging shrubbery, Bast was about 5 minutes but 10 miles away from doomsday when he stumbled upon a shortcut through a patch of woods that he hadn't remembering being in the warehouse district before.

And it was so.... sparkly.

But one couldn't be choosy while on the run (he had recognized one of the cops as a long lost bud from school and so that was the end of his time off for good behavior) or while late for what was now the last time he would see his child for probably 8-10.

So Bast ran, coming to a crossroads along an alley and down a long path towards what looked like a building. Quick on his feet he took two steps towards what he hoped was a street closer to what was once home when...

"Who the hell?" A woman practically manifested from the very glints of light in the air, causing him to stumble and lean on the chain link for support.

"This road will take you where you wish you go but it will cost you a year in our employment." She poke calmly with a unique lift to her voice that said she often amazed and memorized those to whom she addressed. But he had enough of confidence men in the joint so her act fell hard against his worn-out, tired-ass face.

"A year? Look toots I got like 5, no 3, minutes to get where I'm going so unless you got some time turning tardis behind you... your job offer is as helpful as the cops headed this way." He ears shifted their attention just to make sure he shouldn't keep on bolting down the fence line lest this pretty little detour gets him in even more trouble.

"One year and you won't have to worry about cops or money or Marlene or jail for that matter Sebastian. You have my word." And with that she moved and began to turn back into the dust grains from which she came.

.... How the hell did she know Marlene's name? And more importantly why was he now running after some crazy chick through the glitter woods to catch up?

"Wait, wait! Just wait a goddamn second, will ya?" She stopped and shifted to look back at him once more. "If your serious, I'm in." He had gone along with crazier schemes before, and none with anyone this damn attractive, so what the hell?
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Reverie [Updated 4/1/16; Open]
« Reply #2 on: October 04, 2012, 01:22:18 AM »
Picture Inspirations
Here I will place images that my muse finds interesting but I do not as of yet have a game idea for it. As time and inspiration goes on I will elaborate on each image/character. Please PM me if you think of something detailed and interesting for one of these images!

Stranded with no hope.

Life before the fall.

Begin at the end.

The library.

The wall. 
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Reverie [Updated 4/1/16; Open]
« Reply #3 on: January 23, 2013, 04:41:19 PM »
Concepts Wanted

Here is where I will place concepts/ideas/fandoms/pairings that I am interested in creating a story about. If you have a flushed out idea to go along with one of these, or would like to work with me to build an idea around this concept, please PM me.

Please note that while I am really eager to play out the following ideas, they will need quite a bit of OOC conversation to get them started.

- Vampires
- Death Personified

- Steampunk
- Time travel

-Dark Hunter <3
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Reverie [Updated 4/1/16; Open]
« Reply #4 on: April 05, 2013, 07:54:13 PM »
Post Tracker

WHRT Group Game - Sabine/Patrick, Wyatt/Lex, Amira/Dean Sky, Amira/Emis,
I Do - Mxyzptlk
Not What the Ancients had in Mind - Sir Wolfgang
Behind the World - WistfulDream

Ancient Romance - with Arkaniel
Accident Prone - Damien
Friend or Fiend - with Deamonbane
WHRT Group Game -  Amira/Wil; Wyatt/Wil
Evolved Group Game -  character sheet
Full of Fight and Fury - Arkaniel
The first in a series of Obstacles - with Arkaniel
A Jealous Queen's Revenge - Deamonbane
Hidden - Geraint
This Must Be - Formless
No Peeking - PM Game Intro

Not So Taken with You - Madame Professor
Bewitching - Geraint

Other Writings
Garden Blog - 10/18/15
Fleeting Fantasies - 3/21/16
Everychanging Poetry - 10/18/15
Tell Me A Story - 10/18/15
Random Words - 10/18/15
Word of the Day Challenge - 10/18/15
Storytelling Café Thread - 7/30/2013
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Reverie [Updated 4/1/16; Open]
« Reply #5 on: April 06, 2013, 09:01:49 AM »
Place Holder

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Re: Reverie [Updated 7/1/16; Open]
« Reply #6 on: April 02, 2016, 08:40:05 AM »

- Moved my Post Tracker to this thread so as to not have to make a new one each time in my A/A. Linked my Post Tracking post in my signature.
- Removed some taken story ideas from my Fleeting Fantasies listing.
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