Something medical... (F for M or F, possibly EX!)

Started by Beorning, August 03, 2012, 06:45:11 AM

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Here's a specific itch I need to scratch (speaking in the creative sense). It's kind of weird and, most probably, of Extreme nature - so be warned!  ;)

Basically, I'd love to play a character who has gone or is going to go through some sort of brain surgery. The reason for this surgery could be:

  • illness
  • accident
  • experimental treatment for mental unstability
  • punishment
  • mad science at work!
  • something else...

Overall, I'm flexible here. What I would be interested in is a story, where I could play a character who deals with the surgery's after-effects (to be discussed in detail) and / or other people's perceptions of herself (assuming they are influenced by the fact that she had the surgery). If we were to roleplay the surgery itself, I'd be very interested in exploring, if (and in what way) the surgery changes my character's personality.

In such a story, I'd like to play a female character. My writing partner could play whoever he or she would be interested in! Again, I really am flexible here. :)

If interested, just PM me and we'll discuss the details! :)

P.S. If you're wondering what kind of story could feature the kind of character I described, well - here's a story idea I once posted in the One-Shots Forum.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Name: The Quiet Date

Content: Light or Extreme, depending on the point of view...

Scenario: A young man in his twenties (your character) goes to a blind date. His date turns out to be a nice woman around his age. She seems to be remarkably peaceful, though... and, eventually, it turns out that she went through a lobotomy sometime in her past. How will your character react to this surprising news?

Setting: Modern

Requirements: Someone willing to play a more-or-less normal guy interested in dating. I'd be playing the girl.

Of course, it's just one idea!  ;) Our story could be something completely else. For example, it could be about a mad scientist experimenting on a female damsel-in-distress. Or it could a sci-fi adventure story. Whatever suits the general idea of brain surgery patient! :)