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Author Topic: The Black Knight Mercenary Company  (Read 540 times)

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The Black Knight Mercenary Company
« on: August 03, 2012, 02:54:30 AM »
War within, War without, War unending. This is a phrase that had been used to describe the continent of Blagotha for more than two centuries. It has been engulfed in civil war for more than those two centuries, and neither side has come to an agreement yet. These sides are the Monarchy, which seeks to maintain its hold on the continent, and the Rebellion, which seeks to overthrow the Monarchy and usher in a period of Democracy. Each side seeks to tip the balance through use of Mercenary companies. Their loyalties are as fluid as water, loyal only to the next highest bidder, and will gladly betray their side for a sack of gold pieces.

The Black Knight Mercenary Services were formed by a man who is now called Master Garrick, a man reputed to have a strict code of chivalry, and the skill to uphold it. The man gathered people of like-mindedness, and formed a roaming mercenary band which acted in a Robin Hoodesque manner, defending the weak and punishing the strong who tried to push around the weak. Eventually, Garrick learned that his band of mercenaries, however chivalrous, would be unable to keep with the demand of help that the people needed, and so, he decided to expand it into a company, recruiting people of pure intentions and strength of arms to his side. It was said that one of his companions, Mervar the wise was able to divine the intentions of even the most practiced disassembler, and sent away those who held corruption in their hearts, and Garrick himself tested the new recruits' strength at arms.

Eventually, Garrick died to old age after decades of helping the poor, and his legacy lived on in the mercenary company even after he died. The soldiers held his teachings of chivalry and protecting the weak close to their breasts, and sought to emulate his actions, defending the weak and asking for nothing more than thanks. Now, its at its 3rd master, and it has expanded to a large operation operating out of the centre of Blagotha, defending against occassionaly raids by both the Monarchy and Rebellion. The position allows them to come to the aid of anyone in the quickest time possible, and its numerous teams are constantly on call, only ever returning to replenish supplies, and occassionally drawing new recruits from the approved ranks to replace any losses.

Unlike most Mercenary companies, "Black Knight Services" stands apart from the brutish, animalistic fighting. They are a company that has a strict code, not to help either of the sides win against each other. They are hated by Monarchy, and Rebellion alike. They take missions in order to better the lives of the regular citizens, oand to save lives. These include eradication of beasts that have taken up residence in a village, the protection of a merchant convoy from bandits, the preservation of sacred grounds, and even denying armies entrace to a village. The warriors that make up the "Black Knight Services" all have a strict code of honour not to attack those that cannot defend themselves, and to finish the job, no matter how hard, and no matter the cost.

The internal structure of BNS is divided into teams. These teams make use of different specialists to complete a contract. Usually, these teams consist of a technician, a medic, a close quarters trooper, and a ranged trooper, but variations have made themselves known. Technicians are the soldiers who specialise in utility, such as opening doors, diplomacy, and occassionally even interroguation. They are the most useful members of a team, and priority of choice is often given to those teams who are more active. Medics are self explanitory. They keep the team up and running, and heal weounds, or at least delay the onset of death until tehy can get to a proper facility. Because of the conditions under which they must work with, medics are also trained in combat. Close quarters troopers, commonly called Melees, are the members of the team who do the brunt of the work, holding the line, cutting through it, and defeating the enemy. They constitute for approximately 70% of the medic's work. The ranged trooper usually specialises in either single-target elimination, where they pick off the leaders of an army, or they specialise in crowd control, picking off multiple enemies at once from a distance to make it easier on the melee troopers. While those form the core of a team, other variations, such as a Magus, are rare, but known. Magi in Blagotha are followed by a prescence of both fear and awe. These magicians are able to conjure up different things, depending on their powers. They can crush the minds of their opponents, turning them into a lifeless husk, or even summon great beasts to defeat their enemies. These, however, are a rare resource, and are kept in an inner circle that is called the Arcanus Majorum. They almost form a separate entity of their own within the BKMS, but they are by no means exempt from regular work.

Yes, I am aware that this is also on the Story-telling section of the site, but, this is how the Black Knight Mercenaries story began, as a multi-chaptered Roleplay, and believe me, it was a good roleplay.

I intend to re-emulate the previous success by bringing it to a whole new crowd, new characters (Except mine, of course) and new players, I suppose we'll have to tone down the violence and what-not a little now, but, not a lot we can do about that is there.

The above wall of text is the brief synopsis, if you will, I'd like to see how many people are interested before I decide how many teams we're going to be using, but six is the general size for a team of Black Knights, we'll see how this goes.

Post here if you're interested and wish to know more.