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June 23, 2018, 10:48:15 PM

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Author Topic: Plots, stories, One Shots, and rambling [M for F]  (Read 451 times)

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Plots, stories, One Shots, and rambling [M for F]
« on: July 31, 2012, 07:53:36 AM »
RP ideas

I've been away from Elliquiy for a while, but back now. I've had the privilege of playing here with some amazingly creative people, and I'd like to continue that.

These are some of the ideas rolling around in my head, though I'm definitely open to discussion, elaboration, and riffing on a particular theme. All of my story ideas are Male x Female pairs, some can be done easily and quickly but most can be built out into full stories, including other characters.

He's the young scion of a powerful man, a bit arrogant but with a good head on his shoulders. She's his father's mistress; married, philanthropist, alluring and forbidden, part of his father's life in a public way. He knows his father's nature and has suspected the affair, having observed occasional dalliances as he grew up. There has always been a kind of unacknowledged chemistry, something between the son and the mistress, but one night the situation changed dramatically… past a tipping point. He discovers that he shares his father's dominant streak...

His buddy's ex ( dark ) - He runs into her after a few years, she's new to the neighborhood, but the memories of how she mistreated his best buddy still linger. Of course she says something bitchy, but has no idea of what she taps into when she does. After a bit of planning they figure out where she lives, steal into her place, drug her, tie her down, blindfold her, wake her up slowly, amuse themselves with her body until they're satisfied their buddy has been righted. To continue down this already dark path, maybe he sees her afterwards and she's afraid, unknowingly warms to him and seeks his solace, his protection, even He "protects" her of course, setting her up and visiting her again. Where will it stop? Will he breed her? Make her dependent on his ruthless visits?

New slavegirl - in Rome, in Gor, or in some scifi, steampunk, or even modern-day setting, she's new to a collar and her status as property. Has she submitted freely, done so to save her family, or was she taken by force? She's discovered at auction, examined by an interested buyer, purchased, papered, branded, whipped, clothed, and trained. Is she property, livestock? Does it stay that way… or does he develop a fondness for her? Will he breed her, or keep her only as a pleasure slave?

Incubus - The sorceress has made a mistake, whether it was her newness to The Art or her attempting magic of a power new to her. She hasn't summoned the benevolent entity she's thought, and of course her circle has an error he can exploit. Does he assault her outright, make total use of her… or does he toy with her, slowly trapping her within his influence? You're the sorcerous, I'll play the summoned demon.

A bit beyond normal

Warrior and a ghost - He's a warrior of some kind - a roman legionnaire in the woods, Knight Templar in the plains, French Legionnaire in the desert, a Delta operator separated from his unit. She's a ghost, succubus, genie, fey, dryad, nymph, muse, Fate, or elemental… what have you. He's dangerous, but alone and in unfamiliar hostile territory, she's an otherworldly woman who feels him come into her area. He settles in for the evening, she asserts herself. How do they circle one another, come together? How does it end… or does it?

Catgirl / neko - she's been bred explicitly for the feline traits, and is that sensual cross between female and feline. I'm not sure why this is so alluring, but it is. Oh yes, meeeee-ow. You'd play the catgirl, I'd play the human male. I'm open to various levels of feline-ness, from almost feral and clearly animal cunning to a neck that could pass for human if it wasn't for her tail, her ears, and the way she loves milk all crouched down. She can be bred, transformed, or a migratory spirit taken solid form. Some examples:

- beastly beauty and the warrior - a wounded, lost soldier is found by a neko ( and her intrigue? ) and nursed back to health as only they can
- too tempting -  His wealthy family acquires a neko, an exotic pet gifted from a family friend. The son is unable to resist her allure.
- trainer - His friend's neko needs to be trained; he shows him how to dominate and discipline the frisky girl

The age dynamic - mF or Mf

She's a friend's mom, neighbor wife, Teacher, or some other older woman. Confident or vulnerable, wild or innocent, older women paired with younger men are a biological win for everyone.

Got milk? - She's lactating, needs relief. He's drawn to her, unable to resist. It starts with his eyes, but becomes more of a compulsion.

Rub down - She's a massage client at a very exclusive spa, he works there. Is it her first massage, or just one of many? There's a talk beforehand, disrobing, her rubdown…  possibly shaving, and more in-depth relaxation. All part of the service. It can go from zero to 60 that first time, or progress over a series of visits.

Messy - his friend's mom is a little slutty, and a little more drunk. She heads out on Friday night, and when she comes back she's alone, and it a bit of a state. He's sleeping over or sitting the kids, and a progression starts. A kiss, blowjob, hard fucking… does he seduce her slowly, taking advantage of her, or does he just steal up to her room to make hard use of her?

In need - She wants a child, desperately. He overhears a conversation, and comes to her with an offer to help. How long before he convinces her? It's all clinical at first, a simple act. Of course it needs to be done more than once, "just to be sure". Over time his visits become more urgent, the afterglow more pronounced. In time she's pregnant. Then what...?

young artist - He's a patron of the arts, a wealthy man recognized in cultural circles as someone who can secure gallery showings or performances that propel young artists to renown with but a word. She's the eager, talented young girl who catches his eye at the opulent reception. "We should retire somewhere more private, and speak about your work..." he says into her ear, with a smile. How does this go? Does use her? Do they fall into D/s? Or is it more touching, where they fall for one another?

Buglers can't be choosers - She's the daughter of a wealthy family who left her to go on Holiday. She comes home and surprises a catburgler, who promptly does the only thing he can - ties her up, force orgasms from her with toys he's found ( whose? ), and generally have his way with her. It could be dark, where there's knifeplay, a threat to return, impregnation.  Or it could turn gentle…  these things happen, yes?

Loud Noises - the simple truth is, she's terrified of storms. One night she's over, and a powerful storm hits. She steals into his bedroom, looking for comfort. An alternate here is that he's recently back from service overseas, and she knows somehow he's still edgy around loud noises. Here it's he that needs solace, and she steals in to provide it to a hurting former warrior.

bad influence - She's trying to get daughter to smoke, right there on your back patio. Of course he proceeds to give her one hell of a spanking before letting her go. Soon he catches her doing something else, and disciplines her again, more intensely this time. Very soon,  she comes back for more, confessing to the latest thing she's done.

Money - her boyfriend is in debt with wrong people, and they really have nowhere else to go. Does she have to beg? Will he please give her money? She can't pay him back, but she can offer him something else.


caught out after lights out
caught nosing about in his office
cheating- a serious transgression

magical schoolgirls

Hexed - Fiddling with forbidden magic, a student is afflicted with a condition, perhaps an embarrassing one, but definitely a situation that needs to be remedied. Someone confides in one of her teachers, and it turns out that in some cases a powerful climax can break the hex. Does she try with her boyfriend  or roommate? Eventually she'll need more capable help, someone she can trust…

Haunted - a variation on "Hexed", this girl is afflicted with possession or an unwanted visitor in her room. Whether it's humiliation, disrupting her life, or outright use of her body the offending entity needs to be banished. To do this her teacher needs to see it happening, identify the entity and perform some ritual to banish it. The girl will then need to be purified and then protected from further assault. Is the teacher kind and understanding, or an opportunist just as the entity is, and she merely swaps problems?

Transformation - A girl has finally gotten hands on some body altering magic... an ancient spell, device, potion, etc, that will help her make the change she's wanted forever. She knows the spell is beyond her capabilities, even beyond her circle of friends, and she needs to confide in a teacher she trusts. Will he help her? Can he usher her into this new state?

Trouble - The student has acquired a new tattoo… unfortunately from the wrong grimoire of ancient magic. The nature of the trouble ( spontaneous orgasms? Drawing dark entities close? A preternatural need for cum? ) is increasing, and she needs surcease. She or a friend of hers reaches out to a teacher rumored to be adept at removing such trouble… can he be convinced?

Amping - She can't quite get a piece of difficult magic to work. There's some nuance missing, or else her own personal level of power just isn't enough. After some conversation and research, she discovers a way to amp her personal power…   but it involves giving herself over to someone she trusts with a great deal of knowledge and skill. A teacher, most likely. He'll need to draw the power from her, amp her body somehow so that it focuses the energy, discharge it and then store it for her. She'll need to be trained to reach this state on her own, in oder to perform this crucial bit of magic, and the training won't be easy.

Unlocked - She's plateaued; before she advances any further in her studies, it becomes clear she needs some sort of blockage removed. With a bit of research she discovers an ancient ritual. She needs to be deflowered, in all ways, to let her natural power take hold. She'll need to convince a capable magician to help her in this most intimate of ways.

  my O/O thread, here