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Author Topic: (F for M) Fun times, anyone?  (Read 628 times)

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Offline hanamarTopic starter

(F for M) Fun times, anyone?
« on: July 30, 2012, 03:19:58 AM »
About RPing with me.

 The story is most important. If I wanted to write the whole story, I would – and leave the RP to others. Sometimes I do! But I love the give and take of roleplay. I love being surprised by a plot twist, or surprising my partner with one. I love not knowing what will happen. I love throwing a couple characters together with no set agenda. No “He will fuck her and she will hate him for awhile and then start liking him, and eventually they will fall in love and he will marry her.” No, I want “Boy meets girl. I wonder what happens?” In my story ideas I try to throw out some questions that indicate some directions the story may go, but feel free to do something you think of instead, and no you don’t have to tell me. As a matter of fact, I do not even need to know that much about your character at all in the beginning of the roleplay. Me and my character can learn about him as the roleplay progresses.

A small sample of my roleplay since I am new here. This is NOT a full post. My posts vary from 3 paragraphs to three pages. NC/
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Tears can be beautiful. Small glittering diamonds trickling down pale cheeks, salty little bits of the pure essence of sorrow. Tears are doubly beautiful if they adorn a half-naked woman being led around a dusty circle by a thick iron chain. A thin layer of dust coated her bare breasts as she staggered behind the swiftly moving auctioneer who tugged pitilessly on the thick chain attached to the iron collar around her frail neck. Sweat produced from the glaring sun trickled down her flat stomach to the moisture-darkened garment that was little more than an imitation of an ancient loin cloth, two flaps of tan cloth tied around her waist by a string, fluttering with each movement she made. The crowd gathered around the auction circle watched appreciatively, each man there imagining himself between her spread legs.

She was terrified, too frightened to scream, too frightened to do anything but try to keep up, her hands fluttering up to hide her breasts, only to pull back down again when the auctioneer jerked her forward. She was achingly young, in her late teens, surely no more than nineteen. Angel-blond hair that hung plastered to her sweaty naked back, her panic-stricken eyes a beautiful sky-blue framed with perfectly arched thick golden lashes. A sprinkling of sun-freckles frosted her small delicate nose and pale cheeks. But it was her mouth that drew the lusting eyes of the watching men. Full plump rosy-pink lips that seemed to cry out for a swollen cock to be slid between them, lips made for kissing and sucking cock. Slaves were cheap these days, but a slavegirl of this caliber would certainly not be cheap.

Story Ideas:

Story Idea 1: Western
Man leaves East in the early 1850s to establish a farm in Colorado instead of find gold. But it is a hard, brutal life alone, and he decides to order a wife from England. A mail order bride, driven by some desperate circumstance in her life to wed and live with a man she has never met, she comes. Will they get along? Fall in love? Hate each other? Will she be little more than his sexual slave and house bitch?

Story Idea 2: WW2 Germany
A seventeen year old blond girl born from a Polish man of Russian descent and a Jewish mother, Elise obtains false papers right after Germany invades. She gets a job working as a secretary in a munitions factory, using the money and rations obtained to help support her mother who is in hiding, using information obtained there to aid the Resistance. Her father vanished overnight but they knew he had went off into the forests to fight with the Partisans. All is well for a couple weeks, until the factory is taken over by the Nazi’s, and an SS officer sent to supervise the factory for the Third Reicht. Will he take her as his own personal secretary and use her for his own desires? Or will he simply ignore her and she will end up falling for the enemy. Will her papers withstand the experienced scrutiny of the SS officer? Will she still be able to support her mother, and what will she have to do to continue doing that? How will she continue to be able to work for the Resistance under the SS officer’s watchful eyes?

Story Idea 3: The Cult
Twin girls, inseparable from birth, went to college together. At college one of the twins started dating a weird  guy in a cult, and one day after a month the twin and her boyfriend disappeared. Determined to find her sister, the other twin starts investigating the cult and discovers it is a “free-love” cult. All the females are expected to submit sexually to any male – any time. Undeterred, the twin tries to infiltrate the cult to find and rescue her sister. Will she succeed? Will she stumble across the boyfriend and he recognizes her? Will she find her sister? Will she begin to believe the cult? Do they secretly know what she is doing, and are making preparations to prevent her from succeeding? Will she become lost to her own lust?
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Re: (F for M) Fun times, anyone?
« Reply #1 on: July 30, 2012, 04:33:26 AM »
Sent you a private message reguarding one of your stories

Offline hanamarTopic starter

Re: (F for M) Fun times, anyone?
« Reply #2 on: August 12, 2012, 06:14:17 PM »
Alright so I had some interesting replies to those, but only one seems to have come off successfully. The other was in my messages and honestly I don't know what happened to it, so if you are reading this and I was RPing with you in messages, I am so sorry:(

ANYWAY to prevent that confusion from happening again I am only RPing on the forums now.


I have a new idea based off a brief world summary I wrote for another story idea I currently have going on. However I have a new story idea for that world I wanted to play. Here is the world summary:

Angels and Demons

Angels and Demons are real. Come now, you didn't really think they were just fantasy, did you? Angels and demons have existed in nearly every human culture in some form or another, in every epoch of human history angels and demons have been acknowledged. What makes you so smart, to think all of those other people are wrong?

Let me tell you about angels and demons...they are real. But they are not children of god, there was no forced exodus from heaven, there has never been little red evil critters running amok trying to get people to do bad things. We do bad things quite on our own, thank you very much. Have you ever heard of parallel universes? Well, they exist. Multiple universes layered on ours. Don't laugh, schmuck! I've been there! I know! You have no idea how beautiful they are....

What? Oh...yeah...parallel universes. They live on one. And they are one of the few universes who not only know of the existence of the others, but can travel to them. They have their own cultures, their own battles, their own loves and hatreds. They are real, after all. The demons, they like to come here, they have ways of adjusting their body, fitting in. They are kind of like humans, but...more beautiful. And the wings...they have wings. Not little fluttery ones, but big heavy wings that can carry their bodies, can carry humans...

Like I was saying, the demons come here sometimes. They like us, consider us to be amusing pet-type things. You see people got one thing right. The demons are mostly evil, the angels are mostly good. I say mostly...there is a lot of enmity between each other, but there are some that are more neutral, can go back and forth between the two societies. They aren't in open war, but it comes damn close sometimes. Angels don't bother with us much, but sometimes they come here chasing after the demons, or running from them. Sometimes they are brought here. See angels don't keep slaves, they think its wrong. But demons do...oh god do they ever. And sometimes they catch angels and keep them as slaves. Not often, doing that is enough to start a war. But if they bring them here, sometimes the other angels don't find out. They live a long time, you know. I know demons who have lived here on the earth for hundreds of years, go back once in awhile to visit family and such. But here they are so damned powerful. They can hide their magic but its still there, seducing folk left and right. And their angel slaves here...they strip the angels of their magic, so the angels can't fight back. Physically they are weaker than the demons, weaker even then us. But if they ever get their magic...woooo! Look out!

This story idea need not ever come to modern day Earth, but if you like it can. It is the cliche of good girl/bad boy. Basically an envoy of demons come to have peace talked or whatever with the Angels in their capital city of Hasana. While they are there,, a young angel (17-19 angel years) falls in love with a demon. It is one of those love at first sight things. I won't tell you what your character - the demon - is like. Perhaps he falls in love with her as well, and they end up flirting in Hasana and she leaves with him. Perhaps he sees her love for him and takes full advantage of it - after all she is the daughter of an arch-angel, a high ranking official amongst the angels. Perhaps he wants nothing to do with her, but she follows him when they leave, and shows up begging for him to accept her as a lover.

Another bit of background - angels don't have "marriages" so to speak, but they do have life-long mating pairs, and this is what my little angel wants. What YOUR demon wants would be entirely up to you.
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