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Author Topic: Smoking Sulfur (Canon M/OC F or Canon M/OC M) (Fandom)[Light: Exotic]  (Read 423 times)

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Offline JagerinTopic starter

It's going to gnaw at my brain till I write this out. Damn my plot bunnies! Damn them!

I would like to play a game with Nightcrawler (who is a Neyaphem Mutant) and an OC angelic mutant (the Cheyarafim mutants). I really like the idea of the whole demon/angel thing. We can use whatever version of Nightcrawler my partner wants, but I do have a leaning towards the X2 movie (both in appearance and personality).

I have always liked the X-Men: The Animated Series background for him. Being kept safe by monks and such till the X-Men take him in. Him being a devote Catholic. Maybe even wanting to study to be a priest.

After being with the X-Men for a while, a new mutant is brought in and Professor X thinks it would be good for Kurt to show him/her around. Kurt is, currently, the only mutant at the mansion who has a noticeable mutation (we're going to fudge the story a bit and pretend like there aren't any others there at the time). The Professor thinks it would help the angel winged mutant to be shown that there are others with physical mutations.

I don't have much of a story beyond that, but it is something I would really like to work out and play. I'm willing to play either Nightcrawler or the OC F/M.

When the leader of the Ifrit tribe is banished as punishment for crimes that exceed their rules, a new leader steps up to govern the largest tribe of Djinn on the 'evil' side. His goal is to not only upset the balance of good and evil in the world, but he intends to convert (by force, if necessary) all the Djinn of the remaining good tribes to his side. This is no easy task, but he knows once the balance of good and evil is thrown off balance far enough, they will have no choice but to join him.

In the past, the evil tribes have used casinos to inflict bad 'luck' upon humans to gain strength. This isn't good enough anymore. The new leader realizes that if he wants complete control, he will need to do more than give a little bad luck. He intends to start with something big. Something that has happened in the past and failed other Ifrit leaders. He intends to crash the stockmarket and then the banks of the world.

To accomplish this, he needs to ally himself with people who are more technologically advanced than his people. He goes so far as to do the one thing Djinn hate the most. To be bottled and placed in the service of a human. Much to his own good luck, the human who finds and frees him happens to be a Gamma-Level Mutant with a grudge against the world. The Djinn reveals himself for what he is, evil desires and all. He promises to punish the normal humans for their mistreatment of the mutant kind in exchange for access into the places he needs. By going this route (being the 'slave' of a human), the Djinn does not break any real laws among their kind. No matter what sort of manipulation is used to make the mutant wish the things he does, the fact is that the human wished it and the Djinn must grant it.

While these dealings go unnoticed to the normal, human population, they do not go unnoticed by the mutants and Djinn of the world. Both sides see the threat happening, but do not realize that the other is involved. Save for one mutant. Charles Xavier. He knows of the existence of Djinn and is on rather good terms with the leader of the Good Djinn. He asks for their help in the situation and is sent one of their elder members and younger members. The younger Djinn is a halfbreed and niece (or nephew) to the elder one. S/he is their apprentice and their powers have only recently emerged.

While at Xavier's institute, the young Djinn is told to walk around and get familiar with the setting since they will likely be there a while while Xavier and the elder Djinn discuss the situation. It doesn't take long for a familiar, and comforting, scent to catch the Djinn's nose. It's the smell of sulfur and flameless smoke. The very things they owe their kind's existence to.

Following the scent, they come upon a rather strange sight (even for them). A blue skinned demon doing acrobatic tricks in a tree for some young mutants entertainment. Not only does he move with great agility, but every so often a strange noise that can only be described as 'BAMF' fills the area along with the smell of sulfur as the demon appears in a new location in the tree.

At first, the Djinn mistakes the blue mutant to be an ancient Djinn since her/his uncle tells stories of how Djinn looked in the past, but breeding with humans for so long have made them more human like. This causes the Djinn to berate the mutant after the children leave for using his magic so frivolously.

Yeah, that's what I go. Of course most of that is up for change if need be. We don't have to have the Djinn snapping at Nightcrawler as their first meeting or anything like that.

An important note, while I am willing to play either Nightcrawler or the Djinn, I am more inclined to play the Djinn because I do not feel others can play Djinn the way I wish for them to be played.

If I've gamed with you before, then I am more likely to give you the role of the OC. If I have not gamed with you before, do not PM requesting to play the Djinn. It's not going to happen. Sorry.

I also have a few substories. Fun and serious things to happen between the two of them. I do not plan on following any canon storylines, but I do want Nightcrawler's history to be kept canon. He's deeply religious, but that hasn't stopped him from romance or violence.

Anyway, PM or post here with interest.

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Offline JagerinTopic starter

Re: Smoking Sulfur (M/F or M/M) (Fandom)
« Reply #1 on: July 27, 2012, 05:17:47 PM »
I suppose I should add in that I am willing to let other people play the Djinn even if I have not gamed with them, I will just be more inclined to let someone else play the Djinn if they have other games and an O/O page for me to look at. I would love to play Nightcrawler.

Offline Saku

Oh. My. God. I would love to try out this plot as Nightcrawler!
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Offline JagerinTopic starter

Re: Smoking Sulfur (Canon M/OC F or Canon M/OC M) (Fandom)[Light: Exotic]
« Reply #3 on: March 24, 2013, 04:38:34 PM »
Added another plot bunny.