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Author Topic: Longterm game. Magic, adventure, a gender change [VAN]  (Read 2322 times)

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Offline King_FurbyTopic starter

Longterm game. Magic, adventure, a gender change [VAN]
« on: May 01, 2008, 11:21:59 PM »
Name for the game is pending but i will probably use one of Greenthorn's suggestions unless we can think of something else.
(A Gender Change Game) - This is a game with action, adventure and plot.

If you want to know how i RP either check my recent posts or check some of the games in my corner. link in sig.
There is a gender change involved in this game, so I will play with either a male or female player as long as you think you can play the role I want. This game is mostly story and plot as sex won't happen for a while. This is a long-term idea. I would like to try to get a rate of 2-3 times a week. Hopefully more.
Imagine a fantasy world were that is an overabundance and overflow of magic. Magic has became part of society across the world and to every race. In the since how technology has become woven into everyday life in this world magic has done that. Homes, weapons, transportation and even people all use magic in this world.
In this world magic is so common place there has to be a way to enforce it and make sure it isn't overused or misused. There are four main powers in this world, the world government, the rogue wizards and witches, organized crime, and those who have done taboos involving magic. Of these the world government is the most powerful and they have created a division that investigates taboos and stops them and arrests the person who created the taboo. Taboo hunters have been give special training, have a degree of wizardry training and have special weapons and gear to help combat the taboos. Their bodies have special abilities that are either taboo, border on it, or can be used for taboos. The government overlooks it as it is for the good of the world.
The characters. I will play an archer who now is in his 30's who is a taboo hunter. He is calm, collected and has a lot of experience. However he likes to be alone do to an experience he had with a former comrade of his. He isn't very willing to open up to people because of this but he does hide behind his job, tries to always act professional but isn't always good at it.  Now the other character which will be explained in a small story.
A young boy of only 13 was saved from a taboo when a village chief used a potion to gain control of all the villages populations minds. One day the taboo hunter came, an archer who put an end to the situation. But before he could the person in control of the taboo had all the villages kill themselves. The archer managed to stop the young boy and sat him free. Lucky the boy didn't remember anything. The archer left as he knew a cleanup crew would come, but the boy followed him for days as a little tag along. When the boy collapsed the archer took pity on the boy and fed for him. It turned out the boy was very smart and had an uncanny ability to learn. The archer took him along training him as the boy eventually because a hunter in training. By time the boy was a teenager he had started to lose interest in girls and fell in love with the man who saved him. Knowing how homophobic the archer was he hid it. But one purchase would eventually change his life.
At the age of 17 the boy was given money to buy something for his own birthday. While looking through the market an old  crippled women with a kane approached him. She opened her coat and produced a golden locket. She dangled it before him, the boy followed it as if dazed and it almost called to him. In a shaky voice she spoke "This..this young man has the power to get you what you truly want." The boy not knowing what to make of that bought it because it looked nice.
Just a year later he would remember those words. In a fierce battle involving a powerful taboo the archer went to shoot at the taboo user, but at that same instant the now young man went to tackle the archer to the ground to save him. But the impact caused the archers arrow to release, striking his friend in the heart. The archer held the boy as he died telling him he was sorry and he would morn his death forever and never forget.
Now the twist. The archer buried the boy thinking he died which he did. But the locket would open and give the young man the power the old women promised a year ago. The locket resurrected him there, gave him a new life a new a women. The locket disappeared and the now young women would be forced to get used to the changes and live as a female. As time went by he would take a female name and eventually come to fully accept the role.
Now the story takes place 5 years later with that character being a young women of 23. She searched but eventually gave up on finding him but she still thought of a plot to be with him even if she never told him. So she trained to be a hunter too but never made it. Instead she became a hunter drop out and went to work at a brothel and resort of sorts for the world government in hopes of someday finding him. And eventually she would though he was at this point in his mid to late 30's but still handsome as she remembered. She would not tell him who she was but becomes his kind of companion at the resort spending time with him and making sure his needs are met and he relaxes. At this place young women aren't only there for sex. They are there mainly to just be a companion, someone who the men of the world government can talk to and relax with, but sex is common. Story will start with them meeting here.
They would spend time together and he would find comfort near her never knowing who it was. But something in the world happened an organization of taboo users and causers raised up. The government recalls all their units and dropouts to boost their hunter forces. Though this they are paired up and she would try to get him to love her. In hope of telling him..someday. Eventually she may tell him but i don't want that happening for a long time in the story. As resurrection is a magical taboo.
She would not really have too much of a special ability as only full hunters are given that power. I am more thinking she would have recognizing skills as she/he was a smart student and studied up on many types of magic and how to dispel them. This would make a good team as my character is more battle suited. He has a special ability to multiply, for example shooting and arrow and in flight making one arrow become more. His ability can be used to create taboos for example a taboo would be to multiply money or his person. They will become a team and invistagate magical taboos. Some missions may be action and some may just be invistagation.
This is an adventure game.
So Questions, ask here or send me a PM.

I want to talk about this. I have some ideas for what i want in the female character. Mostly looks wise.
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Offline Greenthorn

Re: Longterm game. Magic, adventure, a gender change
« Reply #1 on: May 06, 2008, 09:52:40 PM »

A Second Chance

To Win His Heart (mushy I know)


Offline King_FurbyTopic starter

Re: Longterm game. Magic, adventure, a gender change [VAN]
« Reply #2 on: June 01, 2008, 02:56:55 PM »
Thanks for the name suggestions

I am still looking for a partner to play this with. Please PM me or post here if interested.

I am looking for someone to play the "female" in this game.