Girl at the Frat house [Using scrapped work; sandbox setting, M for F]

Started by paladincarvin, July 26, 2012, 12:11:34 PM

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Alright, so I started a One Shot and went a little overboard. I had to scrap that RP, but I liked much of the work, so I'm wanting to use it for a One on One.

Originally this was intended to be a NC where the girl would be assaulted by one character than 'passed around'. This scenario still would work for that. I suppose it would also work for something similar except it being consensual. Of course, there is no reason why that sort of idea is needed at all. But, I'm digressing.

What I have written up describes a very detailed party at an Engineering Fraternity house. It has a bunch of nerd flavour, but it isn't overwhelmingly nerd. Party attendees include traditional frat boys, gamers, geeks, nerds, 'normal' people and some females. Some females are girlfriends of attendees, some are unattached. Every character mentioned has a little bit to them; a hook. There is description of every character at the party and that is over 20 characters. For ease, every character mentioned has a first name starting with a different letter of the alphabet. There are 26 characters mentioned, but a few are not present at the party.

These are the possible kinks/themes set up easily:
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Non-con (physical, manipulative, drugging), multiple partner, swingers, drug use (willing, forced, 'Mickeys' [drugged without knowing it, such as in a drink], drunkenness, geeking out, drinking games, sex games (spin the bottle, 'strip' games), redheads, goths, role play within role play, lesbian experimentation, strap ons, orgies, femdom, femdom of female, athletic builds, skinny builds, larger builds, Intelligent characters, naivete, wealthy characters, almost any sexual characteristic or act, safe sex, unsafe sex

These are possible kinks that would work well, though there is no set up for them:
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Naughty photos, voyeur, 'porn shoot', whoring (sex for money or other gain), crowd voyeurism (a group watching as characters have sex; could be in the room or through hidden or obvious cameras), bondage, S&M, humiliation, blackmail, competition, piercings, notepadding (writing on someone; usually degrading, can be willing or unwilling)

More information on the setting itself is in the next post.
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There are two characters that [insert your female character] knows that are part of the story. Todd, her gay best friend who won't be at the party, and Jim, his older brother who is her connection. Jim is the one who 'lays the pipe' in the story (or did), telling [iyfc] who everyone is. [iyfc] is still in high school and is attending against her parents wishes. All of this can be modified, of course, but it will help you understand the upcoming posts.

This is from one post

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{{say hi to jim 4 me!}}
  Todd decided to call it a night after that text, leaving him to wonder what the party was like... but he knew Jim was a terrible liar and his brother would never keep the secret from his parents. He chuckled thinking about it... it had worked out well, actually. He'd never have come out to his parents if it wasn't for Jim blurting it out, and they couldn't be more supportive.

  Jim was in his room, one of the few not partying. He didn't mind the noise, but he wished he could join in. He had to be satisfied with a Yuengling and his ten page paper for English lit.

  The frat house was that of ΛΩΛ, the local chapter of a Computer Engineering fraternal order. In spite of the nerdy nature of the frat, it was still a frat. Some were nerds, yes... in fact, many were. But they were the most sociable nerds. ΛΩΛ was an exclusive frat; those in it needed to be smart, but also interesting enough. The awkward were not welcome. And they threw some great parties. The reason was because it was more than just drinking and beer pong. ΛΩΛ had the best TVs and video games, and there was often great movies to watch drunk.
  On the biggest TV a group of four were playing the new Smash Brothers; winners taking shots of Crown Royal, losers forced to drink cheap bourbon shots. In the kitchen, along with a keg and lots of liqueur, there was a large plate of Jell-o shots with a warning sign 'Made with Everclear: ONE PER PERSON, those who break the rule will be punished with lots of puking'. A girl with short brown hair was mixing Jägerbombs for herself and two other boys. She was extremely attractive... all the more noticeable because of the diving neck line of her shirt (though she had less of a chest than [iyfc**note, this detail can be changed]) and the exposed, perfect mid-drift. In another room a bunch of people, including a pretty blonde sorority type, a stunning redhead and very cool looking goth chick, were watching Star Wars: The Empire Strikes back. [iyfc] was just in time to see Vader slice off Luke's hand; the crowd cheered and everyone took a drink. In another room it seemed a bit more of your average party, with a bunch of guys drinking and chatting. It seemed a few of them had their girlfriends with them who actually seemed pleased to be there. On further inspection, it seemed they were playing some board game: the box read 'Settlers of Catan'. Someone said something about 'needing wood' which was met by drunken laughs. A girlfriend that was pretty wasted laughed so hard she fell backwards over the couch she was sitting on. She had a messy looking fall, but she just kept laughing.

  Upstairs was a bit more calm it seemed. It was all bedrooms, and the 'hallway' that connected them was actually a lofted styled hallway. All the second floor doors were visible from the first floor. A couple doors were shut. One was Jim's (and his two roomies); Todd told her she could figure out which was his because he had a huge Bioshock poster on the door. There were a couple open doors, but only one had a light on. A suspicious cloud wafted out of it, as did high pitched laughter.

If the set up of the frat house is confusing, let me describe it a bit better here. There are five rooms on the main floor. Gaming room, media room, lounge, bathroom and kitchen. When entering, you first are in the gaming room. To the immediate right is the lounge. You must go under the stairs to get in. At the base of the stairs, on the same wall as the lounge, is the bathroom. On the opposing wall of when you enter are the doorways to the kitchen and the media room. On the right is the kitchen; on the left is the media room. The media room has its own door to the kitchen. The kitchen has a back door that opens to the back yard. The game room is actually two stories tall; you can see everything happening in the game room from the lofted hallway for the second floor and vice versa. Obviously, there is a railing to keep people from falling. There are five doors. One belongs to Jim; it is closed. Another is a room where people are smoking pot, and the door is open there. There is one more closed door and two more open.

This is the second post. It is very long and contains info on essentially all the characters. Feel free to skim the longest paragraph.

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Jim heard someone come into his room. The room was a bit dim; a light was on, but his monitor seemed to produce more light. His computer had a case with no manufacturer on it; another in the room was like it and had a huge cooling system attached; the last in the room was the distinctive Alienware case. The walls were covered with posters of video games, comics and TV shows; they were very actiony, and many featured sexy women.

"Listen, Nate, I can't party tonight. I told you this. You can pun-" Jim stopped when he turned around and saw [iyfc]. "Oh, it's you! Ha, ignore what I was talking about. Todd told me you were coming but I wasn't sure you'd make it."

Jim let [iyfc] tell her about her concerns of feeling 'out of place' at the party [note: if this doesn't fit with your character, it can be altered]. He wasn't too surprised; many people felt that way even if they were used to partying. Jim then lead her back out to the balcony outside the room. From there they could see the board game room to their left, the movie room to their right and the video games right in front of them.

The blonde and a boy, both holding on to each other, made their way out of the movie room. They were stumbling a bit, so they paused and chugged down the beer in their plastic cups and placed them on the closest flat surfaces. They then continued, climbing the stairs to the observer's left to make their way past them.

"Hey Jimbo, got a Jimmy hat?" Jim just shook his head. "You're too drunk, you won't make it two minutes." Jim went back in the room and picked up a condom from a jar on his desk, then returned to hand it off. By this time the blonde had already made it into one of the empty bedrooms. "Pfft, what do I care. Did you see those huge... tracks of land?" He made a hand gesture with a grin. "Enjoy Mike, and make damn sure that thing is on, alright?" Mike made his way into the bedroom. "Sorry 'bout that [ifch]. I managed to get a bunch of free condoms and apparently I'm now the go to guy. At least most of them are using them." It was clear from the way he talked that this wasn't a bunch of nerd virgins. It made sense; even drunk, Mike was quite cute, and he wasn't an exception.

"Anyway, I can't be distracted too long, but here's the run down. If tonight's party is like usual we will have some good eats. Skylar has been getting into these weird things on youtube, so expect a lot of bacon. Before you drink, you should eat. Skylar is the one with the wavy brown hair playing Smash." He pointed him out. "To his right, with the short beard, is Alan. He's usually pretty quiet, but he's real interesting when he finally does open his mouth. To the left, the guy with the long blonde hair is Fenix. His parents were hippies, sorta. He plays guitar at a local cafe couple nights a week. The last one, the Asian boy, is Gary. He's nuts about video games... he's probably going to get much of that Crown Royal they're playing for. Mike, who you just saw, is a lady's man. I don't know who the blonde is, and I thought I saw a red head I didn't know in the movie room too. I did see 'Raven'; it's what she likes being called. She's pretty cool... but can get kinda crazy. I'll bet Brent, Chad and Dave are in the back yard... they aren't too keen on most of the nerd stuff, but they are computer engineers. I frankly can't tell them apart all of the time... white people so often all look the same." His own pale skin reflected the irony of his jab. "They are pretty much dude-bros. In the board game room will be the usual... Nate will be there. He's the handsome one with the brown hair and clean cut. He's the chapter president, so you might want to talk to him. Paul and Olivia will be there. They aren't part of the frat, they are just friends of Nate... they'll probably be passed out on the couch soon.  Haley and Erik are there too... I don't talk with either of them much, but they are uh... swingers. Floating around either watching the movie or getting a drink is Quincy, who goes by 'Q'; he's got brown curly hair and glasses. I hear girls find him adorable. Vanessa Mac is our bar tender of sorts. She doesn't go to school, but she brings a lot of the booze, and we give better than she'd make in tips to have her here. Leroy is the bigger fellow you'll see. Probably the only black guy here will be Zack... I've not talked with him much, but he fits in here well. Inside that puff of smoke is Xavier, a real yuppie asshole and Kim, his bitch girlfriend. Ian is probably in there too... Ian is your normal pothead, and can't stand Xavier, but will never say it because he gets free weed this way. Wendy might be in there too... Ian's stoner girlfriend, but not likely. She usually won't smoke with Xavier. And there you go. Now, get something to eat, get drunk, and if you have to spend the night I will offer you my bed and I'll sleep on the floor."

Jim smiled, patted her on the shoulder and went back to his room. "Oh, and hey" Once he had her attention he tossed her a line of a dozen or so condoms. "In case you have a lot of fun." He laughed; he was only trying to get her to blush. That done, he went back to his work.

This is the list of characters

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
A Alan--- Quiet, gaming room
B Brent--- Frat boy, outside
C Chad--- Frat boy, outside
D Dave--- Frat boy, outside
E Erik--- swinger, lounge
F Fenix--- hippie child, gaming
G Gary--- Asian, gaming
H Haley--- Swinger, lounge
I Ian--- pot head, pot room
J Jim--- Friend's brother, poster bedroom
K Kim--- Xavier's gf, pot room
L Leroy--- Bigger guy, media
M Mike--- Lady's man, bedroom
N Nate--- Chapter president, lounge
O Olivia--- Paul's gf, lounge
P Paul--- Olivia's bf, lounge
Q "Q"uincy--- Curly hair, wander
R Raven--- goth, media
S Skylar--- Cook, gaming room
T Todd--- best friend, not at party
U Ursala--- Redhead, media
V Vanessa Mac--- bar tender, kitchen
W Wendy--- stoner girlfriend, pot room (maybe)
X Xavier--- Yuppie, pot room
Y Yvette--- Blonde, bedroom
Z Zack--- 'Token' (yea, I can admit it, and I suck for it), media

And there you go.
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I believe this is some great work here! I want to express my interest by telling you I would love to play the girl character in this plot. It can be a whole lot of fun if played right.

Hope to hear soon from you!

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K, sent you a reply. But I'm willing to try this out with multiple people, so this is still open.
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