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Author Topic: A taste of the Dane (A Japanese Dane Ideas, request and OC thread)  (Read 591 times)

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Let's start out by saying this: On here I am bisexual out of desire, but out here in the real world I have no physical attraction to the female gender. It is purely a mental attraction. I have tried but can't get have sex with women.

Right, back to the task at hand. I am willing to PLAY both female and male roles, as well as play with male, female and anything in between as long as they have a friendly attitude.
I am a big fantasy and sci-fi fan, with a lot of fandoms which will all be shown here.

My cravings will be be bolded so you can tell. I am open to most things, but please check my preferences.

Amongst my many, many OC's and character and species ideas there are specifics which will be Italicizeded, these I am ALWAYS craving as so very, very few people know of them or feels able to roleplay them properly.

Fandoms, OC's and Character ideas
Naruto (ONLY M/M and never with Naruto!)
One Piece
Lord of the Rings
Mass Effect
Dragon Age
Final Fantasy VII, VIII, IX, X, XIII (XIII-2)
Warcraft (Post and pre WoW, and I do not see the events of WoW as Canon btw)
Star Wars (OC's ONLY!)
Shin Megami Tensei Persona (Again, OC's Only!)
Halo (Again, OC's Only!)
The Elder Scrolls (Again, OC's Only!)
Command and Conquer (Again, OC's Only!)
Shaman King (Again, OC's Only!)
Warhammer fantasy & 40k (Again, OC's Only!)

Character Ideas
Qunari Ben-Hassrath or Saarebas. (I've been wanting this for a while, and thanks to Lady Avacyn I feel I'm ready to request it!)
Forerunner pairing (M/M, M/F, F/F, doesn't matter to me)
Pre War of the Ancients night elves (WoW, Again, the gender pairing doesn't matter too much to me

Apostate x Templar DA2 (who plays who doesn't matter to me, could include Non-C if blood magic is introduced)
Imperial guard colonel (WH40k, partner can pick whatever roll they want to play)
Stormtroopers (M/m or f/f)

Name: Lord Inquisitor (Lady) Diabella Hormstrung
Fandom: Warhammer 40.000

Raised on the paradise world of Tyrnia, Diabella was groomed to be the next lady of the prestigious and wealthy Hormstrung family. At the age of 19 her entire family died in an accident in one of the family's factories on another planet. Left alone with her family's vast network and unbelievable wealth Diabella fell into despair. One night she prayed to the god-emperor, begging him to give her purpose in life again. Her answer came when a black ship stopped by the planet, and she was visited by a lord inquisitor who had seen her in a vision from the emperor. Diabella was brought into the Ordo Hereticus of the Inquisition and quickly excelled at hunting witches and mutants. Her mentor died on her 25th birthday, and unprecedented, Diabella was promoted to Lord Inquisitor and took over her mentors doings. Now amongst the very most powerful of the galaxy Diabella secluded herself in research of the warp and of saints.
Personality: Diabella is to the naked eye a cold and calculating woman who pays little attention to those unworthy of it. She abhors mutants and heretics, and have only a small amount of remorse for the unfortunate psykers who are given no choice but to serve.

Spectre Status: Active
Name and Rank: Rear-Admiral Tycus Aurelias
Turian Hierarchy Status: Indefinite Hiatus
Off the records reason: Introduction into the Special Tactics and Reconnaissance
Known Background Information: Tycus Aurelias was born into the renowned Aurelias military family on Palaven. During his youth Tycus proved him superior to his fellows by possessing a keen intellect and willingness to go to great lengths to secure success. He was in all intents and purpose the perfect namesake for his forefather the unification war hero Primarch Tycus Aurelias. At the age of 15 Tycus was sent to the army and quickly advanced through the ranks, preferring warships to ground battles he was put in charge of the Turian Dreadnought Aurelias Flame named after the flagship of his forefather. He has so far been most successful defending the planets of the Hierarchy. He was awarded with the rank Rear-Admiral after he defended a fleet of Volus tradeships from Krogan pirates. He was stranded on a remote planet following his kidnapping at the hand of the Eclipse, when he returned with intel of Cerberus activity he was invited to join the Spectres 


The Qunari Magisters - Dragon Age (M/M, M/F)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
We are two Qunari who were captured by Tevinter Magisters after they found we were attuned to the flow of magic. Growing up as a Magister instead of a Saarebas gave us a life and a measure of experience seldom seen amongst the Qunari. The two Magisters who captured us raised us as apprentices rather than servants and as such taught us great secrets of the magical arts. I recently slew my Master, using an ancient Tevinter spell to steal the powers of several Pride demon, and took over his network and his influence. Threatening your master with torture and death if he did not obey, I ordered him to send you to me, but not to tell you who you were meeting, or why you had been sent here. You arrive at the spire I call home and are greeted by a host of servants who take your belongings and guide you to my study.

The One takes control - The Matrix
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
In this alternate reality Thomas Anderson was born with the memories of the abilities from his past self. Instead of choosing the same path as his predecessors, Thomas saw the flaws of the Matrix. Instead of letting himself become a red pill he started changing the Matrix from within. He visited the architect and with the power of his Prime Program took over the old programs role and power. Now Neo as he called himself could mold the Matrix as he wished. He used his new found powers and understanding of the Matrix to fix the bugs that allowed for the red pills to import weapons and other equipment. Neo, now communicating with the Deus Ex Machina of the Machine gave the Red Pills this ultimatum "Stay out of my world and I will spare Zion, continue to intervene and Zion will fall" The failure of the Prophecy made great parts of the resistance doubt their chances, doubt their choice of leaving the Matrix. Neo gave these people a choice "Come back to the Matrix, let me erase your memory, and you will be important, and you will worship your new god!"

She chose to to accept his offer, to accept his patronage and his godhood. She had always been unsure of what Morpheus told her, she had liked it in the Matrix, there she had options to alter her body, outside she was flat chested her skin was overly sensitive, she crooked teeth and couldn't put on weight. He offered to change all that, he would give her back her old Residual Self Image, he would make her beautiful again. In return, he asked for her obedience and adoration, and this he got. When she ventured beyond Zion with the rest of the group that wished to rejoin the Matrix she was taken by Sentinels back to her old pod, back to that warmth she had missed, back to her home.

This story has been on my mind for a while now. I'm searching for a girl, to play the role as the young woman, who chooses to come back to the Matrix to serve Neo. I'm not looking for the story of how she became obedient, I'm looking for the story of how she serves him, how she tries to please her god, please ruler of her world after her memories were wiped.

The girl as I picture her (Appearance up for debate :D)
and here
and here

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Re: A taste of the Dane (A Japanese Dane Ideas, request and OC thread)
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Re: A taste of the Dane (A Japanese Dane Ideas, request and OC thread)
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