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May 17, 2022, 12:04:48 pm

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Author Topic: Creative Itch? Male Seeking a Female Writing Partner  (Read 681 times)

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Creative Itch? Male Seeking a Female Writing Partner
« on: July 23, 2012, 10:58:02 pm »
I am really craving an interesting game.  I have some freetime comming my way and that means more creativity.  Now when I say I want an interesting game, two things have to happen.  1) There needs to be a good plot... with depth and motion and action and feeling.  2) There has to be a lot of very fun and extreme sex.  If you mix these two in the proper proportions you have jet fuel and we can fly anywhere with our plot.  Too much sex... its like why are we even doing this anymore.  Too much plot... same thing.  Maybe its just me, but when I look back, the best stories I have written followed this simple fuel/air intermixing formula.

Oh, another thing.  I cant always be the badguy.  The stories about a guy capturing a girl and raping her daily is just... like spiritual rat poison on my soul.  I mean, such situations are very extreme and as such exciting, but they have to be spaced out and paced... with time to relax and recuporate between.  Other scenes... action, humor, even drama and friendships... should unfold between such intense sexual scenes because otherwise I have to ask myself why any of this matters.  Sex without interesting characters and situations involved... ultimately becomes like watching a rivitor nailing steel together or detailed description of beating an animal...

Here are some examples.

Precious Alicorn
This is a wonderful romance between a unicorn and a princess used as bait to trap her.  Because she had to remain a virgin throughout, we had sexual problems and such, but she always escaped untouched, until the ending.  My partner was intelligent and talented.  This is an epic battle between arcane superpowers over the final sparks of creations fire.  This is my golden seal achievement is to finish such a wonderful story here on Elliquiy.

Here There Be Dragons
This is about a very strong woman whom is led to become a sacrifice to a modern cult of vampiric dragon worshipers.  If you like hentai, La Blue Girl, maybe some Laura Croft, I thought it was a neat mix.  My partner liked my style and so trusted me completely, just responding and playing to whatever dark impulses I had.  It was just about to get interesting... a main badguy was going to show up and her almost love interest sniper was going to be captured... could have been fun.

Anything To Survive
This one was about a post apocalyptic world where women are a rarety.  It was wonderful to break out into action to move along the scenes... especially in a Mad Max world with canibalistic irradiated zombies.  The first one was written with a wonderful writing partner with a watersports fetish... very rare treat to engage such a strange fetish.  The second one was written with two male characters.  One is the thinker... a nice younger intellegent guy to befriend the girl but who cant touch weapons... the second is a military guy with shellshock who ends up raping the young woman the first time he is left alone with her.  The idea was that she is paired with two guys who need and rely on each other.  One is kind of cool, the other a jerk, but I wanted the threesome to strike a wierd balance over time... which could have been fun between shoot outs.

Slave Princess of Orkus
This is about a princess who is captured by a dirty planet filled with sex crazed goblinoids who spend the rest of the story trying to break her, find her, etc.  I havent been able to get a good mix yet, but ideally I would like the female to be a powerful and cleaver warrioress.  Imagine she is captured, the king has his way with her, but she escapes.  She ends up occationall fighting or almost raped... has to make a deal with some small time goblin smugglers... with the only thing she has with her they want.... her body.  She has to dance for and seduce a minor ork lord to get passage out of here but he betrays her to the king again.  The smugglers come through, springing her and she battles the king and kills him, inheriting the Orkus kingdom by combat and comes back to her beautiful home of Druidia with as a new warlord with the smuggler survivors as her concubines and advisors.  These are just the ideas I keep throwing around in my head.

The Havens Internship for Young Women
This is my answer to the ability to be extreme and have fun but not have to be so nonconsensual.  Though such a situation could happen here, it would be a one time incident.  It is a place where beautiful and educated women are paid vast sums to spend naked friendly time with very influencial and powerful individuals.  They hold themed balls and the Sponsors will be as twisted and dark as the tastes of the Interns player.  Ive started it up a few times, but so far it hasnt been able to go over yet... which stinks.  I think it could be a lot of fun to see a long tern relationship occuring within such terms.... growing into mutual friendship or even marriage when her contract is finished.  Just some thoughts for a more social game with the least violence or kink, if such interests you.

The Black Swan Hunt;all
This is about living vampires.  They dont like sunlight or religious objects... are stronger and faster than normal people... have vast amounts of psyche and willpower.  They dont just... eat blood, though.  They have to 'possess' someone.  They must have a willing person and use them sexually, make them submit to them physically, and then seal the deal with a few drops of sipped blood.  This process of claiming power from someone like this replenishes thier own power.  Black Swans are people who are lost in their life who are drawn to darkness and draw pleasure from the possession process.  Oh, this is a threeway part.  A male vampire, his old black swan, now his wife, and thier newest prospect.

By now I think you can see a trend comming.  I have a wonderful relationship in RL... so my fantasies take me... 'other places'.  I like to get exotic or nc or even extreme, but I have to vary things.  I need something interesting to do or talk about around our lovely sexual encounters.  I respect women and enjoy foreplay and such.  I think of men as the priests of sexual situations... and the women as the temples of fertility and sensuality.  I like to shoot and fight... I like to smooze... I like to use magic.  I like to have my stories go places I can never go.  Take my hand and fly with me on naughty pixie dust.  Lets see if we can fullfill some fantasies and do something magical and creative at the same time.

I will be adding to this thread as I come up with more ideas.  Please PM me if you are interest.  Thanks for reading this rather long post.  Peace.