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Author Topic: My freeform character ideas looking for a home  (Read 429 times)

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My freeform character ideas looking for a home
« on: July 23, 2012, 09:32:41 PM »
Just putting it out there that I'm looking for a place for a migrant character to stay; started this thread after I was approved, and any are welcome to rp in this. I would like to have a permanent home for him in some kingdom somewhere in which there's some sort of dark force trying to overtake the kingdom. I prefer a rather long story line, and players who embellish the preparations or events setting up the small altercations that make up the war.  I don't like god moding, and choose not to play that way. I'm not opposed to sexual content in any story, but I really don't like porno plots. Here's my character ideas if anyone is interested in them.

20 year old male anthropomorphic bovine of mostly brown color and a little white (mostly on face)  (player is 43)

A former slave to the dark elves, is now roaming in the general direction of Krultos. has been forced labor and stablehand. Unsure of his orientation.

character descript and abilities On two legs, he stands 7'4" and weighs about 550. He is very muscular and generally large like any herdbeast would be. (basically a minotaur.) He has many battle scars as well as intensive scarring on his wrists. He is capable of fooling most anyone into thinking that he is a non-sentient regular bovine unless they inspect him closely.

Offensive: He is average proficiency with melee weapons, and limited range weapon ability other than throwing knives and darts.
horns (he has enough weight to force his horn(s) to thrust completely through a normal human shape causing major damage and possibly
       incapacitate victims)
hooved hands and feet (**hurts a lot to get hit with hooves**, A blow to a joint can cause major sprains or possible breakage
        causing major pain and limited use to complete inability to use the limb, A blow to any bone structure can fracture or even break the affected
stomp (major injuries and/or death can result from his weight on any single hoof when there is no where for the victim to move.)
horse tranquilator darts
stampede (can cause a stampede in herdbeast type animals that are near him, also capable of bull rushing victims.)
dark elf enchanted bracelets (has quite a few amazing abilities, unremovable without the correct words (barely movable on his wrists))

Thick hide (Inherent ability of high tolerance to pain, injury and head butts 33}:)
Leather or chain mail armor (a very accomplished blacksmith could probably make him some 'special' plate mail armor, but that would be an
        extremely hefty price and he wouldn't be able to afford it.)
dark elf enchanted bracelets

Background: Taken at age 7 by a black anthropomorphic horse, he was unwillingly morphed from a human boy into a rather scrawny anthropomorphic bovine, and forced to do hard labor on the small farm that the horse creature inhabited. He never learned the true nature of his first master's intentions believing them to be just about doing his hard work. By age 14, he had developed into a larger framed creature with above average muscle build. It was at this time that a major spellcaster battle began between the horse creature and the dark elves of Ironwood forest. Having successfully killed his first master, these elves who, after finding him hiding form the battle, placed the bracelets upon his wrists, and they trained him in the job of stablehand. He learned the names of most of the family who claimed him from the horse creatures home, but he never spoke while he was living on his second master's land; they had to name him themselves, and that is how he got the name Ruminant. If asked to spell it, he would be unable, having only learned to read and write in the small common everyday life words.

63 year old dark elf also known as the drow(player is 43)

Last surviving son of the previous master to Ruminant. Prefers strong muscular men.

Character descript and abilities: He stands at 5'6" and weighs 135. Non descript dark elf having green and brown skin presumably an evolutionary effect to blend in with their natural forest type settings.

Average proficiency in melee weapons, but expert marksman.
short bows
medium bows
firestarter (capable of using the elven word for fire to cause spontaneous combustion in or on flamable materials.)
enchanting (familiar in his families traditions of enchanting weapons and armor during their crafting.)
book of enchanting (a complete record of enchants created in his family for armor and weapons)
low light vision
magic arrows

Floating disk
Firestop (can cause fire to stop on combustable materials as well (water based))
teleport (up to 300ft-one turn, up to a mile-two turns, between neighboring kingdoms-3 turns, 500 miles-5 turns, can teleport by touch,
       long distance requires full concentration)
physical shield (protects against damage to the caster from melee or ranged attacks until destroyed from too much damage.)

Background: He has lived with warring tribes for most of his life, and now is no exception; the tribes were preparing for battle again. Having been raised on the family farm, he was familiar with all aspects of running one. In addition, his family was involved in blacksmith work and enchanting weaponry and armor. While having been around the smithy, he really had not learned much of the trade aside from how the enchantment process works during the creation of the item. enchanting had become his specialty in the family, learned from his mother. The family kept a book of enchanting records in which was written over the ages the various enchantment rituals learned and performed by them; it was entrusted to his care.

The Evil Dark Horse's Brother

might include this one too if the story advances that far.

Game Limitations: site and player limitations
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Offline TaurusBeresfordTopic starter

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Re: My freeform character ideas looking for a home
« Reply #1 on: September 02, 2012, 04:59:52 AM »
still open for placement