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Welcome [you], here will be my detailed, and (hopefully) maintained interest thread. I've got a wide range of interests so lets see what happens. Only PM me, do not post here. I will be using this thread solely for posting ideas.

My only turn offs by the way are:

  • Scat
  • Watersports
  • Mutilation - No limbs getting chopped off. Piercings are okay though.
  • Castration
  • Body modification - Making enlargements of ass, breasts etc. Branding and tattoos are okay.


Really want to try any of these, especially 1 and 2:
Military Man/Civilian - Romantic
I have three ideas for this:

1. He's on leave from the war and back home in America when he spots a girl at a cafe. He knows he recognises her from somewhere and goes to talk to her, it's only when he gets closer, and sees the child that she's with that he realises that it was his comarade's (one of your best friends out there) wife. He died a few months ago and though you never met his wife and child, you saw pictures.

We can add/change/develop the story from there.

2. He's out at war fighting for people's lives and freedom when he's taken hostage by one of the gangs. She's one of the gang member's sisters who is to look after the prisoner and they end up falling for each other. Though she is within the gang, she doesn't agree to her brother's ways and wants out but doesn't know how. The soldier agrees to help her get away and to America if she helps him out.

3. They were best friends before he disappeared and joined the army heading to war. They could have been more than best friends but neither admitted their feelings. He gets injured and is sent home. She's married with a small child in an abusive relationship. Is there any chance that now he's home they can rekindle the love that should have never have sent them in opposite directions?

The Magician's Guild. Fantasy (MxF)
I love the Magician's Guild series and while I know little about magic systems or anything like that, I was thinking of doing a roleplay within their realm. I'd play a rogue magician that is on the run and your character would be one of the magician's from the city. This would have a lot of portential, multiple characters and plots. Good guys, bad guys. etc. I have tons of ideas for this :)

Really want to try:
A Ruined Marriage? Modern (MxF)
They were childhood sweethearts who grew up in the same street. He was a couple of years older than her but they still hung out together all the time. When she was fifteen, he was seventeen and they started to officially date. When she was twenty they got married. To most people their relationship is perfection. They are the perfect couple in love and planning a future together. Unfortunately, it's not as happy as both her and her husband thought it would be.

She's just given birth to their first child. A boy called Jamie. She's exhausted looking after him all the time, getting up for the night feeds. He's exhausted putting in long hours at work to come home only to fight with Mandy or listen to Jamie screaming. Their relationship is almost none existant now and neither are sure of how much more they can take.

So what happens? Is the happily ever after not so happily ever after, or do they find a way to rekindle the love they once had?

I'm looking for someone to play the husband here and the aim of the roleplay is to take the husband and wife on a journey to rekindle the love they once had for each other. The pressure of married life and adding a child to the mix has only added to the strain on their marriage, which problems were showing before Jamie arrived, now they're just enhanced. Her parents - or mother especially - isn't the easiest to get along with. Her mother is interfering, and has always seen him as beneath Mandy, despite them being childhood sweethearts. And their are other added scenarios that can happen.

Does the pressure of their non-existent relationship cause him to stray?
Does she stray?
Do they separate and find new partners for a bit?

Really want to try:
The Affair (MxF)
She's an 18 year old innocent girl. He's a married father in this 30's with a newborn baby. She becomes his personal assistant and they get on great. She's a life saver. He couldn't live without her as she's so organised and helpful, often staying late to help him on his projects and give an extra pair of hands. She has a boyfriend too and everything on her side is innocent. She's flirty, but not meaning it in any way, but the attraction between them both grows. Something is there that neither will admit to.

Then one night late in the office he kisses her and the affair starts.

For this I want to explore the story of a good man and a innocent girl caught up and lost in their feelings for each other. He's not manipulative or blackmailing her, nor is she doing it to him. They get caught up in their emotions and find things they didn't even realise about each other and even get to the point where they want each other and not their partners but they have to make a difficult decision. I want to look at the effects that has. Sneaking around, possibly getting caught, her getting pregnant etc etc :)

Student/Teacher (MxF)
He is her highschool teacher and she's just turning 17. For the last six months they've been together despite him been in his early thirties, married with two children - one that she's best friends with. So many levels of wrong. Though it isn't illegal to be in a sexual relationship at 17, the student/teacher bond broken for good.

So just as people are about to find out, they are heading out for a small weekend away in another country. She's just found out she's pregnant and needs to tell him, how will he react? And when her parents have gotten the authorities involved after finding out, and his wife and children have found out, they don't come back on the return tickets. Are they able to set up a new life together elsewhere? Does he want to stay with her?


Werewolf x Human (NC/EX)
She's out camping with friends when she goes off for a midnight swim while the others sleep. Unknown to her, a wolf is watching her dry her naked body. And he wants her. Before she knows it, she's unconscious and the next thing she knows is that she's coming around, naked, on her stomach with the werewolf over her.

Arranged Marriage (NC)
He's 40. She's 16 - the legal age to get married with a parent's consent. Her father is in a lot of trouble, so trade's his daughter to get out of it, with his boss, agreeing that they can marry, she will be his wife and bear his children. Though he's quite a lot bigger than her in every way, and his cock is very long, enhanced and full of bumps and ridges to maximise his sexual pleasure - but not hers. She is just his toy for pleasure and breeding.

The Enemy's Girlfriend (NC/EX)
Two gangs and your character is the leader of one of them. You've been fighting with the other gang for months to no avail. No one is winning. But then, some of your men come back with a woman, bound and gagged. It is revealed that she is the other gang's leader. You send a message out that your gang has her until he hands over complete control to your gang. While you're waiting for a decision, you decide it's only fair that you and your men have some fun.

I want this to be quite extreme, a lot of pain for her. Not just sex but humiliated and degraded. Anal. Oral. Pussy. Whatever. Things forced into her holes, clit peircings, whatever you feel like. If you are unsure whether I want it done or not, just send me a PM :)

Kidnapping the Straight Guy (MxM NC/EX)
My character is known as the town's homophobe. Despite the town being fine with same sex relationship, my character continues to bully them and even torture them with cruel acts of humilation and violence. So one day, someone decides that it's time to pay the town's homophobe a visit and teach him a thing or two about being gay.

Human Testing (NC/Ex) (FxM or MxM)
An alien comes to earth to look for a new host to carry the next generation. Here they find a human (my character either male or female) where they carry out tests on their organs before impregnating them to see if they can hold their offspring. I am kinda craving this as an MxM role currently as I want to explore anal as well as mpreg.

Be Careful Who You Laugh At (FxFxM) (NC/EX)
Unless I have someone want to play as the extra female and have this as a three way RP, I will either take the extra female on, or you will. It's up to you.

Two girls are at a club one night when a guy tries to chat them both up. All they do is laugh in his face. Getting angry, he leaves, but another night he sees them in the same place chatting away. While one girl is at the toilet's and the other is distracted, he drugs their drinks and waits for them to leave. Once they leave, they're in a state and he easily talks them into getting into his van for a lift home where they pass out.

When they wake up they are blindfolded. One girl is hanging face down towards the floor, hanging mid-air, the other girl is tied against her. Unable to look, they don't realise at first that they are facing each other's pussy. And then he enters. knowing that he is going to teach them a lesson in rejecting the wrong person.

Really want to try:
The Mad Scientist (MxM) MPreg themes NC
He's a mad scientist that is definitely a little more than whacky. He believes that men are superior and whereas women could live without men due to their ovaries and sperm banks, men need to think about themselves and learn how to live without women. For years now he has been researching how to adapt a male human body to carry a baby. For years he's been kidnapping young males and experimenting unsuccessfully. His latest experiment is a major success though. A few months ago he kidnapped a 21 year old male and successfully implanted a womb into him so that the baby could be carried. At 39 weeks a C-section would be done due to the birth not being able to happen. He's given his captive drugs to adapt his anal passage to absorb sperm into the impanted womb.

For this I'm craving it out of curiosity and fun. I think it would be fun and different to play and am looking for a writer of any gender to try this out with me though I'm looking for you to play the mad scientist. Really hope someone can take this up with me even if it's just to experiment with the idea. The idea is not based on the pregnancy and no big details would go into that, except maybe for the fascination of the growing stomach and maybe breast inducing pills to give him breasts. There are many different ways for this to go :)

I will add/change ideas as they come and go. :)




Updated with the student teacher idea which I really want to do.