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Author Topic: To prevent war or to cause it?  (Read 645 times)

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To prevent war or to cause it?
« on: July 23, 2012, 09:13:27 AM »
Magic: Both humans and keidrens have magic and use roughly the same spells. All keidrens can use magic but they most store the mana in special stones. Each stone is only one use and must be recharged by shamans. Keidren magic is almost instant. Humans draw their mana directly from the earth and can do so at will. However, their magic takes time to build and prepare

Keidrens: There are 5 clans of keidrens, feline, wolf, bear, avian and shark. The avian and shark clans are rarely seen, both have retreated to hard, if not impossible places to reach. There are half keidrens, however these are often abandoned at birth or raised by humans as pets/toys/slaves.

The world is divided into two major continents. One belongs to the humans and the other the keidren.
The humans have united into one kingdom. It's ruled by the King and by his army of powerful Templars. The king has been reduced to a mere figurehead by the powerful magic users of the Templars. Templars are taken at birth and raised in a secluded place, they are taught to draw mana directly from the earth to fuel their spells and to be master swordsmen. Being a Templar is like being feudal lord, you own land and have wealth but you must fight for the king. In this case, a king you control

The keidren world is divided. Each of the clans have their own territory and they often fight amongst themselves over it. The only thing the clans can agree on is that the humans are evil. Keidrens and humans have been at passive war for generations. There's never been a true or lasting peace between them.

The humans desire the exotic creatures as slaves, prized for their grace. The 'ferals' who can't be domesticated are put down. The keidrens desire complete free and see the only way to achieve that is through the extermination of the humans.

So, the two species war. The humans will attack a fishing village and take slaves, the keidrens  ambush a caravan and kill everyone.
Both species have built armies and stand ready, but both species do not risk open war. By unspoken agreement, they confine to raids and ambushes.
The keidrens have more to lose in open war then the humans. The humans have one cohesive army and the keidrens army is made of the individual clans. Each clan fight under their own leader and for themselves. They rarely ally and alliances do not last long.

A feline keirden
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We are looking for an all keidren party. The plot can go in a few different directions. We can start by currying favor with other tribes/groups, we can raid the humans to weaken them,  we can attempt prevent open war from breaking out, via any means necessary. Taking out Keidren warlords and sabotaging human plans is just as important as actual negotiations and peace-talks.  or discuss it as a group.

The playable races we have so far are- Shark, Wolf, Bear, Avian, Feline and Fox. If you have another race in mind please message me and I'll see what I can arrange.

Offline Blue Leah

Re: To prevent war or to cause it?
« Reply #1 on: July 23, 2012, 09:29:19 AM »
Some further details:

I will be GMing the game using the Pathfinder RPG gaming system. Each individual Keidren race will have its own unique racial template (which I am currently finalizing and will be added to this post by the end of the day today). We will be starting the game at third level, using a 20 point buy stat-block and giving each player a basic (3,000 GP) magic item to start the game with. All of the primary rule books (Core, APG, Advanced Race Guide, Ultimate Combat, Ultimate Magic, etc) will be allowed.

Expect this post to expand exponentially as a plot is chosen and stat-blocks are finalized. :)

Playable Races:
Attribute bonuses:  +2 dex and intellingence, -2 Wisdom; Feline Keidren are Lithe and intelligent, but their curiosity can overwhelm their better judgment.
Racial Traits:
--Cat's Luck: Once a day, when a Feline Keidren makes a Reflex saving throw, she can roll the saving throw twice and take the better result. He must decide to use this ability before the saving throw is attempted.
--Low-Light Vision: Feline Keidren can see twice as far as humans in dim light
--Curiosity: Feline Keidren are naturally inquisitive about the world around them, though some are more curious than others. Such keidren gain a +4 bonus on Diplomacy checks to gather information, and Knowledge (history) and Knowledge (local) are always class skills for them. If they choose a class that has either of these Knowledge skills as class skills, they gain a +2 racial bonus on those skills instead.
Attribute Bonuses: +2 strength and wisdom, -2 charisma; wolf keidrens are powerful and masters of their surroundings; however, their snarls and long teeth can make them intimidating to others.
Racial Traits:
--Coordinated Maneuvers: All Lupines gain this bonus feat at first level
--Scent: Lupine Keidren all have the Scent ability
--Sprinter: Lupine Keidren gain a +10 foot racial bonus to their speed when using the charge, run, or withdraw actions.
Racial Traits: +2 Constitution and Strength, -2 dexterity; Bear keidren are hulking physical specimens, but their size makes them slower than their smaller kin
Racial Traits:
--Slow: Ursine Keidren have a lumbering gate, and move 20' per round instead of 30.
--Cornered Fury: Ursine Keidren are not to be trifled with; if ever the ursine reduced to half its hit points or fewer and has no conscious ally within 30 feet, it gains a +2 racial bonus on melee attack rolls and to Armor Class.
--Hardy: Ursine Keidren are tough, and gain a +2 racial bonus on saving throws against poison, spells, and spell-like abilities.
--Low Light Vision
Attribute Bonuses: +2 Wisdom and Intelligence, -2 strength; Avian keidren see things that many others might miss, and are paragons in the realm of the mind; however, their hollow bones are a hindrance in combat).
Racial Traits:
--Enclave Protector:Avian Keidren are reclusive, and they guard their Aeries fiercely. add +1 to the caster level of any abjuration spells they cast. Members of this race also gain the following spell-like abilities (the caster level is equal to the user's character level):
1/day—faerie fire, obscure object, sanctuary
--Lightbringer: immune to light-based blindness and dazzle effects, and are treated as one level higher when determining the effects of any light-based spells or effects they cast (including spell-like and supernatural abilities). If a member of this race has an Intelligence of 10 or higher, it gains the following spell-like ability:
At Will—light
--Skill Bonus: Perception
Attribute Bonuses: +2 constitution and intelligence , -2 Charisma; Shark keidren are apex predators, capable of withstanding punishment and adept planners; however, they are even more fearsome than their lupine kin, and it shows in their scarred bodies and wicked teeth.
Racial Bonuses:
Bite Attack: Selachine Keidren have inherited their ancestors' wicked jaws and fangs, and are capable of delivering a vicious bite for 1d4 damage. This is a primary natural attack.
Ferocity: If the hit points of a Selachine Keidren fall below 0 but it is not yet dead, it can continue to fight. If it does, it is staggered, and loses 1 hit point each round. It still dies when its hit points reach a negative amount equal to its Constitution score.
Water Child: Members of this race gain a +4 racial bonus on Swim checks, can always take 10 while swimming, and may choose Aquan as a bonus language.
Attribute Bonuses: +2 dex and Charisma, -2 strength Fox keidren are nimble and sly, but they lack the fearsome power of their lupine brethren.
Racial Bonuses:
-Silver Tongued: Vulpine Keidren gain a +2 bonus on Diplomacy and Bluff checks. In addition, when they use Diplomacy to shift a creature's attitude, they can do so up to three steps up rather than just two.
-Scavenger: Vulpine Keidren gain a +2 racial bonus on Appraise and Perception checks to find hidden objects (including traps and secret doors), determine whether food is spoiled, or identify a potion by taste.
-Fleet Footed: Vulpine Keidren receive Run as a bonus feat and a +2 racial bonus on initiative checks.

House Rules:
--Keidren Mystical Stones replace most material components for spells, and most components are fairly cheap; however, for spells requiring specific, expensive components, the cost is translated into the quality and type of stone. Keidren Sorcerers will fulfill the role of Shamans must still carry a pouch of "blank" stones to cast spells. However, Sorcerers are able to use Spellcraft to "charge" spells for their allies in the field.
--Keidren "Common" and Human "Common" are two different languages in this game, as are each keidren subset's unique dialects. The other languages available are: Aquan, Sylvan, Draconic, Celestial, Undercommon, and Infernal.
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Offline Ghostly Bagel

Re: To prevent war or to cause it?
« Reply #2 on: July 23, 2012, 03:17:31 PM »
Might be interested as either a Fox or feline male character. I'll wait to see the system you have made! :)

Offline LittleKittenTopic starter

Re: To prevent war or to cause it?
« Reply #3 on: July 23, 2012, 03:29:12 PM »
It's basically pathfinder with custom built races using the system provided.
Pathfinder is DnD 3.75
You can find the books here: Paizo Pathfinder
All the books are there, just look to the left :D

Offline Ghostly Bagel

Re: To prevent war or to cause it?
« Reply #4 on: July 23, 2012, 04:17:23 PM »
Yeah, so are you guys going to do all of the calculations since you're GMs? And are we following the system only for certain points or is this going to be just like an actual DnD game? I'll divide my thoughts better:

Say we are in a village and making social interaction/progress with characters and NPCs, will we write it out like a typical RP post? And then we would only use the DnD system of choices, actions and calculations for battle/travel.

Or would we have it just like the actual game and have everything follow the usual system?

Offline Blue Leah

Re: To prevent war or to cause it?
« Reply #5 on: July 23, 2012, 05:04:00 PM »
I will be posting modified races, but all the guts of the game will be Pathfinder rules, with a few exceptions. All the house rules will be laid out as I finish fleshing out the game's plot. :)