In God We Trust. (M for F) A story of submission and innocence.

Started by Montagne, July 22, 2012, 11:26:14 AM

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Hello all. A little bit about me before we get onto some of the game idea I have. I'm currently living in Britain, which means I posting around 6pm-2am GMT time, that's 5 hours ahead of the eastern seaboard, and 7 ahead of the western seaboard. However, if you're available at those times, I'd still love to hear from you, regardless of where you're living. I tend to try to post every other day, although I can do daily at a push, or longer gaps between posting for people who like a slower game. Now then, the idea.


Your character is growing up in a hyper-religious family, and with the advent of the internet smut is everywhere, smut that produces…impure thoughts. Retreating away from it you found a haven, a site for people like you, people who believe it is wrong to have dark, sexual thoughts. My character stumbles upon the site one day, reading through forum posts from men and women trying desperately to fight their sexual urges. “I saw a young woman today in a low-cut top…Cannot get the image from my head.” Some chide the posters on their lack of resolve, most give support and encouragement. It drives me wild to think of them clutching tight their bed-sheet as they toss and turn in their sleep, trying to fight the impure thoughts.

My character signs up, masquerading as one of them, working my way into the community in the first few weeks. He finds a post of yours, a long, detailed story of your trials to stay chaste that day. I notice you are still online, you receive a message in the private chat. “Hi…Do you want to talk.” Your character spills her heart out to mine and mine to yours. Your character has always known the way she had been taught to act was wrong, and my character teaches yours to accept her body.

Two possible progressions are playing out in my head for this story for the moment. The first is one in which my character learns that you are living in the same town as him, and sets out to meet you, a romance beginning to kindle through their talks. He starts out with a plan to seduce her for his own ends. The story may end with a romantic theme as they fall in love, or a heavy D/s theme as he turns her into his own personal toy. Or somewhere in between.

The second idea is a hidden worlds style scenario, in which my character is a Demon, who moves to seduce and turn your character into a devilish creature. Again with a heavy D/s element. Your character would be towards the younger end of the Elliquiy rules age range (16+). I prefer playing older characters but I am flexible to playing younger men.

If you are interested send me a PM. along with any themes and plots you wish to explore. I would like to start with the post my character finds of yours. I can write in first or third person, my preference being first, but either is fine. I look forward to hearing from you!