Hoshiko's Mass Effect Craving

Started by Hoshiko, July 21, 2012, 09:12:39 PM

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Hoshiko's Mass Effect Craving

I am a big fan of the Mass Effect Universe. Currently I'm craving to do some roleplays based on the Mass Effect setting. I would like to roleplay in the thread forum and not via pm or other outside messaging systems.

A little bit more about me:
- I am a fairly relaxed roleplaying partner that enjoys brainstorming the story as much as as much as writing it. I do my best to proofread my posts, but sometimes errors do escaped under my radar. I have a full time job and hobbies so I am not on 24/7 and don't expect my rp partners to be glued to the screen either. All I ask, is for respect and just letting me know if you will not be available for some time or wish to drop the story if you lose interest. I understand and will feel a lot better than being left hanging. Alright, now let me step off that soapbox and carry on.

I enjoy character development and a story with some depth. Sometimes I crave a quick fling, but for the most part I enjoy a well rounded roleplay with a meaningful relationship between the characters. It could even be just friendship too.

As I mentioned before I love to brainstorm and come up with plots. I am also a flexible rper so if you have an idea please let me know and I'm sure we can work something out. I would like both of us to enjoy the rp!

Please pm me with further questions, requests, or ideas.




-Currently I am leaning towards roleplays with original character made by the partner and I, but I may be swayed to do some short term roleplays with Mass Effect Series Original Characters. I have listed the pairings below. The pairings I would love to do have a '<3'

Mass Effect Series Original Characters Pairings:

((Characters willing to play as are listed first then with preferred paired character))

Female Shepard X Garrus Vakarian
Female Shepard X Thane Krios
Female Shepard X  Kolyat <3
Female Shepard X Liara T'Soni
Female Shepard X Tali'Zorah nar Rayya
Female Shepard X Shiala
Female Shepard X Feron <3
Female Shepard X  Kal'Reegar

-May add more
-May be open to suggestions!

Mass Effect Non-Series Original Characters Pairings:

((Races willing to play as are listed first then with preferred paired Race))

Asari X Asari
Asari X Human
Human X Asari
Human X Drell
Human X Turian
Human X Quarian
Quarian X Human
Quarian X Quarian

-May add more
-May be open to suggestions!


Story Ideas

-Just a few ideas that I have had in mind. I am always excited to brainstorm other settings and stories!

((C-SEC ))
- C-Sec Officers assigned to work together on cases. Maybe this is there first time working together or they have a history of not getting along and are stunned that they have to now work together.
- C-Sec Detective and Huerta Memorial Hospital Doctor must work together to solves cases plaguing the Citadel.

- After ME3, all Reapers were destroyed and Commander Shepard has established The Academy on the Citadel where all races send their brightest to become the next generation of leaders. A place where promising biotics, engineer, and military students along with brilliant scientists convene to learn and prove they have what it takes to lead their races.

- Two Spectres must work together to bring down an intergalactic fiend.

- Vigilantes by night and 'respectable' workers by day.

- More ideas are underway...


The Academy

Nestled into newest remodeled sector of the Citadal, The Academy is the apple of the Council's eye, for here every race will send their brightest minds of the next generation. Students will not only expand their minds, but hone their talent with the specialists of this age, connect with those who will undoubtedly become the next leaders.

The Main Entrance

For the most direct and grandiose access into the Academy, make sure you take the Main entrance.

The Main Atrium

Within the Main Atrium, students can access their classrooms, the Cafe, auditorium, gym, as well as the walkways to other places on campus such as the Dorms. 

The Classroom

The Academy has state of the art classrooms that can be customized to the professor's tastes and teaching style.

The Library

The The Library is is a quiet zone where all students can study, access data, and gather literature for research.

The Auditorium

The Auditorium is where events, seminars, plays, public speaking courses occur.

The Study Hall

The Study Hall permits low noise level so groups can study hear, chat, and work together. Supervisors will toss anyone they deem too noisy and rowdy.

The Cafateria

The Cafeteria caters to all foods that any race could ask for. Levo and Dextro food is available.

The Walkways

The Walkways can lead you to the Gym, Club Nova, Dorms and Faculty Housing. 


Areas Accessed through the Walkways


The Gym is accessed through the one of the Walkways. It houses everything any race would need for fitness and shaped to the size and structure for maximum comfort. It also houses the Sparring Hall, lockers, and showers.

The Sparring Hall

During class time, Biotic courses and hand to hand combat will take place here. Off class hours, the sparring hall is open to students for practice. Annual tournaments are held here.

Club Nova

Club Nova opens in the evening and is a place for students and faculty to hang out. Alcoholic beverages are given out based on legal age cited of each race. Music here is always good, loud, and gets you moving. Talent shows and special events can be hosted here.

The Dorms and Faculty Housing

Students and Faculty can live in campus if they chose not to off campus within Citadel Districts. If one does live off campus, then commuting is very easy. The Academy has special direct routes that bypass rush hour traffic.



Sariyana had set four alarm clocks to rouse her in the morning, but she was already up before the cacophony of alarms set off. Sariyana was too excited that she even had trouble sleeping. Today she was going to her first day at The Academy. Out of all the students in her class she was chosen and at only 100 years old! Though why her school choose her to one of the representatives and attend the Academy was beyond Sariyana's comprehension and made her a little nervous for only the most skilled or brilliant were even considered by their home planets besides accepted after a thorough review by the Academy's Committee. Sariyana was a sufficient Adept, but with a propensity of letting too much power flow out her causing loss of control and spectacular explosions. Now if only she could aim that at the dummies and not accidentally at her classmates. 

But, Sariyana's true passions had always lied in the sciences and the use of biotic powers as well as the possible enhancements with amps and implants. Sariyana was fascinated with biotic potential and pushing the limits that she was able participate in research studies on both asari and humans, testing the latest biotic amps and implants. Her skill, attention to detail, and knack for coming up with novel schematics earned Sariyana a certain notoriety among her fellow researchers. Her prowess in the field even had powerful biotic tech and pharma companies sending her requests to become their top researcher, but then Sariyana was chosen to attend the Academy and fulfill her schooling before making her decision.

Nearly lost in thought, Sariyana began to survey herself in the mirror. Hopefully she had achieved the professional look of her standing for a first day and her first class...which was to start...'in an hour...oh shit!'

Sariyana dashed out of the bedroom...then ran back in to snatch her shoulder satchel off her bed. Sprinting through the mini kitchen she halted and grabbed a slice of buttered toast with a spread of orange marmalade off a plate. Then she hurried off to the foray of dorm, clasping the toast in between her teeth as she hoped around on one foot trying to get her boots on. Finally she was out the door, pausing to triple check that it was locked behind her, rush or no rush Sariyana took great care in security. And then she was off again as she took a bite of toast and sprinted down the hallway, taking a sharp corner and almost slamming into one of her fellow student neighbors.

Sariyana sprinted down one of the walkways, noting that no matter what day it was, the weather was always perfect on the Citadel. Taking a turn into another walkway, Sariyana made her way to the Sparring Hall.  "Ah ha! I made it!" Sariyana cheered at the entrance of the Gym. Then she quickly lowered her arms as she smoothed out any wrinkles in her outfit and entered the gym. Hopefully she didn't look like she had just run a marathon, though she felt like she had. Sariyana tried not to stare at some of the currently exercising schoolmates, maintaining her eyes straight ahead at the door that lead to the Sparring Hall. She gave a slight cough after she heard one of the male humans grunt heavily after lifting lifts.

Sariyana had lived on Thessia all her life and rarely had had to interact with anyone other than Asari. Now she was surrounded by aliens...and was finding them quite interesting. Shaking the thoughts from her head, Sariyana entered the Sparring Hall to only find it completely empty. This was the place for Biotic Training was it not? Sariyana thought nervously as she took a seat on the wooden bench. Setting down her satchel, Sariyana withdrew a datapad that contained the lasted Implant 6 that was still a prototype by the Sirta Foundation. They had asked her to review the schematics for any irregularities that may cause complications, Sariyana might as well start on the review now while she waiting.