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April 19, 2021, 08:46:59 pm

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Author Topic: Looking to tell stories, cravings (F for F, M)  (Read 723 times)

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Offline KismetTopic starter

Looking to tell stories, cravings (F for F, M)
« on: July 20, 2012, 09:07:08 pm »
Hello, loves! I’m looking to get back into the swing of roleplaying again. I have a lot of ideas, but I want to make sure that my roleplaying partner is just as enthusiastic about the roleplay as I am. There are a few things you should take in consideration when roleplaying with me, which are crucial if we’re to tell a compelling story together.

To Keep In Mind

» My sole concern in a roleplay is not sex. I want to tell a good story, I want to develop our characters, I want to feel for them when they’re angry, sad, jovial, confused. I’m not in this solely for smut and sex— I want my partner to be someone of quality and taste, someone who will help plot out the story and push it along, and someone who is just as interested in the story as they are the characters. If you’re someone who’s simply into an RP for the sex, then I don’t think I’m the right person for you.

» I really want to stress that I’m looking for someone who is just as enthusiastic about writing as I am. I really love being able to look forward to my partner’s posts and getting really excited when I see that my RPing partner is online. In general, I’m very passionate about writing and stringing words together in general — worldbuilding, char dev, and all the sticky things that come along with it is something I’d like to be able to share with you. I’ve got snippets of ideas, but really, I’m dreaming of a RP partner who can help me flesh them out into something spectactular! I don’t want to have to do all the work in an RP, and I shouldn’t have to— so let’s work together, shall we?

» Right now, I’m looking to play submissive female characters (except for the plot, Settle Down, Soldier). The ideas I have can easily be fleshed out so my females can be played with males or females (or anything in between), but I’m not looking to play male characters at the moment.


I should like to stress that these ideas would probably need some more fleshing out, but that’s where you would come in. If anything catches your fancy, please PM me (or post here and PM me if you wish, to bump my thread— but only if you wish) and we can discuss things further— or debate if anything even needs to be discussed further at all. You’ll notice that most of these plots, if any, do not revolve around sex— but obviously, I want to stress that it will happen, but they’ll be doing a lot more  Hopefully something here catches your fancy!

Take note that, while I would like to play as a female for my role, your role may be male, female, or anything in between — I love F/F and F/M pairings equally, so whatever you’d like to play as, be my guest.

Sky Pirates Don’t Die
» Steampunk, sky pirates, action, adventure

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

I really want to do a steampunk roleplay, with sky pirates, and a huge sprawling crew. My plot is simple, but has the potential to grow, I think. Basically, a band of sky pirates has one of their crewmates taken by the Countess. The Queen of this world has gone mad over the years— she has lost contact with the reality of everyday life for her people, and her Countess (who is acting as a “shadow queen” of sorts) has used the queen’s madness to take power for herself, overtax the people, etc, etc.

The sky pirates bust out their friend, but along the way, the queen’s mechanic, who does work on the royal fleet (perhaps your character) gets caught up in the mess. The mechanic’s information on the queen’s status leads the sky pirates to amass more ships and a better crew to take on the queen and her fleet, to get to the countess and free the land once more. This roleplay would be a lot of travelling, adding more characters to the fleet (so doubling would be integral, although we can work around that, if you’d rather not), having a lot of different people somehow getting along to tackle this phenomenal task— it has a lot of potential, I think.

Carpe Noctem
» Dark medieval fantasy, action, drama

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

In this world, all of the dark races— vampires, demons, werewolves, members of the unseelie court— have been oppressed by those who claim to live in the light, by the humans, elves, and seelie court. Those of dark races, now dubbed shadowlings, have been enslaved, no longer fit to own their own property, not seen as people by the rest of the world. Some shadowlings have banded together to form an underground society, in order to take back their freedom, and fight against the monarchy of the light.

This roleplay could go in many directions, I think. I envision this world being ruled by a monarchy of either humans, elves, or the seelie court (“light” fae). What I wanted to try doing was playing a shadowling who was captured by the monarchy of the light, and was presented to the heir of the throne, to be their plaything, servant, slave, what have you. It’d be interesting if the heir, at first, was smug towards the shadowling, but eventually sympathized with their cause. For the heir’s sympathies, they are disowned and the monarchy pretends as if they are dead. The heir and the shadowling would then set about to join the underground society, to gain followers and resources to take back the world that the shadowlings have been cast out of.

If not, I was thinking we could both play members of the underground society instead, perhaps the leader and the leader’s trusted partner, if you’d rather be more straight forward. Either way, I do think it’d be interesting, and I’m all for meshing out ideas with you, should you have another way you’d like to take this.

Settle Down, Soldier
» Futuristic fantasy, coercion, cops and corruption (I wish to play a dom female, here)

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Humans thought they were the only intelligent life forms in the galaxy— until they discover Etalyx, the planet of the elves. Jealous of their advanced technology, which seemed to coexist naturally with the nature of their world, the humans warred against Etalyx, and were promptly defeated within the span of ten years. In such a short amount of time, the planet Earth became unsuitable for living after the carnage wrought against them by the elves in self-defense, and the remainder of the humans— what little were left after their humiliating defeat— were allowed to live on Etalyx. It is not so different from Earth— their technology is better, their air is cleaner, but they are treated like second-class citizens.

Your character was part of this war, was one of the most dangerous forces that the Etalyx elves had to reckon with. You’ve been placed in their custody, not allowed to die, but you are barely living either, locked up in a cell with no sunlight or warmth. My character, a security officer, trained to deal with human threats like you, has watched over you for a year since the war. She is harsh, demanding— abusive of her position. She sneaks in your cell to have a bit of fun with you when she knows the others aren’t watching—but one day, decides to let you go. You’re under her control and watch now, soldier, but she needs you for something— for a cause that would benefit the human race.

Finding Nirvana
» Medieval fantasy, kidnapping, tension, innocent sub

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

In a struggling world where there is no sun, where everything is eternally dark except for the stars that twinkle in the forever midnight sky, there is one woman, the Aureate, who is the embodiment of light. Without her living, the world would eventually fade out, for she is, nearly, a living substitute for sun. Someone steals her away — kidnaps her, knowing the Church will pay good money for her safe return. But the Aureate — does she want to go back? The world is so big, and vast, and she’s never seen it before with her own eyes. Suddenly her kidnapper becomes accustomed to her, and cannot bring her back, even if they were to give the kidnapper all the money in the world…

Bride of the Belligerent
» Futuristic fantasy OR regular modern, kidnapping, harem life

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Her mother hated her for her beauty, her father for her refusing his advances— they abandoned her, the daughter they sheltered from the world, at the age of nineteen. They left her for dead in the middle of the big city, thinking that she’d never be able to make it through the night alive— the city, it’d eat her whole, as it’d eat anyone whole, they were sure.

They were wrong, however, when a “kind soul” decided to take her in, as he has with so many other girls… Little does she know that she’s now part of this mysterious stranger’s harem, forced into working at his beck and call. But something about her in particular captivates him— she’s never known freedom, and now she’s his, but can this monster find it in her heart to give her a better life, one she actually deserves?

For the harem portion, I can play other members of this stranger’s harem as it sees fit, for potential scenarios involving three people. I also realize that the character pictured looks very much like Snow White— and I do see this roleplay encompassing many parallels to the story (the original, not the new film). Eventually, I think it’d be interesting if my character’s mother were to go looking for her and her patron, the twisted version of the “huntsman,” as it were, making their life more complicated than it already is.

Turns to Gold in Sunlight
» Modern-ish fantasy, magical school, lighthearted romance, humor

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

In a world where magical creatures live secretly amongst humans, a young fae/human halfling has joined Helia Forde University, a school in which magical creatures attend to learn more about their powers, the history of magical creatures, and so forth… The school, however, has been burdened with bad luck— some have been hearing voices creeping through the walls, and others have sworn they saw apparitions, ghosts haunting the halls. The school has sent a paranormal investigator to take care of the problem, but the fae can’t help but feel as if the ghosts are trying to tell them something, that they should be listened to, instead of banished. Together, the investigator and the fae try and solve the mystery surrounding Helia Forde, and perhaps learn something about themselves in the process.

Shoot a PM my way if anything takes your fancy!

I would also like to apologize if I do not get to your PM right away. I set up a search thread before and was busy soon after, so my apologies for anyone who might've been ignored during that time. I've got loads of free time now though, and I don't plan on disappearing anytime soon, so if you're interested in setting up an RP with a great story and just as great smut, please, let me know!
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