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Author Topic: 2 Ideas from Sabbat  (Read 1187 times)

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2 Ideas from Sabbat
« on: April 28, 2008, 08:05:01 pm »
Idea 1

Two Satyres have been in love all their lives, soul mates since fouls. They live a secluded existance in their grasslands with only the two of them, not needing anyone else. However, they're also feircely competitive, and almost everything can and will be made a contest, with bragging rights the biggest reward. The mating season is rolling around, and their love is yearning to become a physical one...

However, they're refused to give in. Its become a game, like everything. To win, they have to tease, taunt, tempt and lure their lover into giving in. They're sex life will start then, but neither wants to be the one to lose...

These Satyres are a special race, communicating through mind voice, and reading their partners auras to gage their moods and feelings. As lovers, their auras are always connected, but whenever one aura begins to dominate, the other Satyre will feel naturally submissive. These two are fiery, however, and neither has the upper hand long. They also project their own emotions and visions, making it possible to tease eachother with steamy visions in their minds.

Cute creatures, playful, with a ridge of hair that trails down their back to a tufted tail, goats legs, straight horns and the dropping ears of a goat.

Idea 2

Satiracorns are a proud, war like race, living in tribes and always fighting over land and hunting areas. Almost identical to humans, they are far taller, terrifyingly strong, and have all manner of horns. From the embarrasingly small stubs, to the status claiming antlers, to rams curled horns, to massive, sharp bulls horns.

The Greathorn is a tribes leader, often a woman, who has fought and defeated the previous Greathorn. She has many male partners, the strongest being the Warhorn, leader of their wariors. There are many other positions, but the lowest of the low are the Hornless.

Because of the Satiracorns genes, girls are born more often then boys. To balance this, they hunt male humans and use them for breeding. A side effect is that sometimes a half breed is born, called a Hornless for their lack of horns. Smaller, weaker, tamer, many of these Hornless live hard, short lives. The only reason they aren't killed at birth is because they serve a unique purpose.

Hornless cannot impregnate the Satiracorn woman, and so are used as sexual servants without the risk of uncontrolled breeding. These Hornless are never given a proper name, often called an insulting title like "No-Horn"

One such Hornless, called No-Horn, is the son of the Greathorn herself. While she shows no love for her weak son, she does extend a small measure of protection to him, though she will also turn a blind eye to most cruelty directed at him. He has had to fight to survive, and when he is not on the Outskirts, huddling close to hated enemies to survive the cold, he is being brutally ravished by much larger, stronger Satiracorns.

He is a toy, an object to be used for pleasure and passed on. He's accepted his fate. A young Satiracorn woman, born of a Satiracorn and human union, though thankfully Horned, has fallen in love with this fragile thing, and they begin a secret relationship under the guise of using him as the other do.

I'd play No-Horn.