Looking for playful partners (M for F) [F/M, F/F and more]

Started by Urpleasure, July 18, 2012, 11:21:24 AM

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Hi All,
I love to rp, and all I ask for from my partner is to try and post at least once every 2 days ( I am not too harsh).

I would like to play only with females (sorry).

I am a switch, but much more sub than Dom (Although in the right scenario with the right person Domming could be extremely satisfying).

I love to play D's/BDSM roleplays, but also enjoy others.
If you have an rp in mind, feel free to pm me and suggest it.

For the time being I am starting with one crave of mine, in the future maybe will add more.

Please PM me if interested and do no reply in this thread.

The Game
A Master and a Mistress meet in order to play a game. Each brings his/her slave. The Master has a female sub and the Mistress has a male sub. The game is as follows. Each Dom has 5 minutes (Or a different amount of time) in which s/he instructs her/his slave what to do to the other slave. And then they switch turns. The goal of the game is to make the other's slave cum first.

This could be with a wager, like the winner get's the loser's slave for a week (And we could continue the rp into that week).
Because there are 4 characters I think the ideal would be to divide the male roles to me and the female to you (thus each gets a chance to dominate and be dominated. But It could also go as me being both subs and you being both Doms.

Note: I could also play this with two Mistresses or/and two female slaves.

The Contest
A Domme is searching for a new sub/slave and is debating between two candidates, instead of coming to a conclusion she decides to take them both in for a limited time, notifying them both that it is a contest, and only the best will survive.
The subs could be both female, both male or one of each. I would like to play one of the submissive or both.
This could also go with 3 writers, if there is good chemistry all the way around.

Open to any ideas you have about it.

Hope to hear from you,