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Author Topic: Josu's Corner (M for F)  (Read 846 times)

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Josu's Corner (M for F)
« on: July 18, 2012, 03:20:20 AM »
It is about time that I update this thing. Need to do more work on it, but for now I'm giving it a bit of a bump and adding a couple of cravings. Feel free to take a look at my plot ideas. Some new ones may be added soon.

Let's start with a little about who I am. I am a 24 year old guy who has been roleplaying for a number of years. I write what I feel inspired to write while always aiming for a minimum of a good sized paragraph. I like to write more than that though.

I am a straight male and only play that type of character. I am willing to play multiple characters myself and don't expect my partner to do the same if they don't want to. I am happy to RP with my partner playing multiple characters though, don't think that I won't let you.

I have two major limits that turn me off completely in a story. Incest and adultery. I may be OK with step siblings if the plot is good. Adultery means cheating of all kinds. Even if someone deserves to have their partner cheat on them I can't handle it. Suspicion is fine, just no actual cheating. I am OK with most other things.

I can write through thread, PM, YIM, or AIM.

Important Note: These are not the only things I am interested in. If I seem like the kind of person you would like to roleplay with then send me a message and I'd be happy to discuss new ideas with you. I know that not everyone will find something in my list of plots that they would like to try. Another important note is that the details given in the plots are all up for discussion. Finally, I am fine with writing multiple roleplays with one co-writer.

Now on to my plot ideas. I am not picky about my plots. I like good plots, but the details of them aren't very important. The important part is the actual writing. All of them could really be whatever we want. Long term, short term, romantic, smutty, one on one, multiple characters. Find a plot you like and we can discuss the details.

At the moment I have two cravings. Neither are specific plots. I want to write something where I am a lifeguard. The other craving is something to do with my character working in a grocery store. These don't have to be the main focus of the story. They can simply help guide the idea or help create who my character is and maybe why our characters meet. This could be vanilla and be a love story, or it could be wild and kinky. My character could use his job to get an advantage over your character, take control and be dominant. There are a lot of options.

Now onto the table of contents for the rest of my plots.

The good doctor
The gift
Testing the game
Mistake at the desk
The office bet
Escape arena
Learning the game
Dream girl
Opening up his home
Mismatched partners
The island
The only one not interested
Assuming the worst
Guy and Tora

The Good Doctor
A young man visits a hospital to meet a doctorwho he believes can help him with the illness he has mysteriously contracted. He frequently becomes erect and must find relief. It is creating serious problems for him and he wants to find a cure. After meeting with the doctor a few times she falls for him and they end up starting a relationship.

Some possible additions. The doctor adds a new treatment for him which she must administer. The doctor stops looking for a cure because she likes him having the illness. A nurse finds out about him and tries to steal him or take advantage of him before the relationship begins.

A guy meets two girls and is attracted to both of them. Each of the girls begins to show interest in him and his life begins to get crazy as he is not sure which one to choose. He doesn't want to hurt either of them and struggles to make a choice. What he doesn't know is that the girls are friends and they are secretly working together to get him so they can share him, but they like messing with his head too so they keep their intentions hidden. This makes him feel trapped as they pressure him to commit before they are willing to reveal the truth to him.

(This could be one girl with two guys)

The Gift
A couple has been together for a long time, but neither of them has had sex before. When the guy's birthday (or their anniversary) arrives the girl decides to give him a very special present. Herself. She means it as something figurative, wanting to give her first time to him. He takes it literally and believes that submitted to his ownership. After a few days where there is no clarification he begins to take charge. He won't take no for an answer. Not from someone who belongs to him. She struggles with it at first, but soon finds out she likes it when he is in command.

Testing the Game
A professional game tester is given the first ever copy of the latest edition of a fighting game. They begin to work on it, creating their own character. They are very impressed by everything up until they start a new game. Suddenly the screen flashes and then everything goes black. Slowly light returns and the tester finds that they are in a strange place. They are inside the game world. The only thing they have is their controller. They soon meet a game character and learn that the controller can be used on people inside the game. How will they use this new found power? Will they be able to find a way home? Do they even want to go home?

(This could take place in a fictional game or in any fighting game that currently exists. It can contain multiple characters or a simple one on one.)

Mistake at the Desk
Two people on vacation arrive at a busy hotel and soon learn that they have been double booked. The problem is that there are no other rooms available in the hotel. A few phone calls find that there are no rooms anywhere near there. Eventually a compromise it reached and the two end up sharing the room.

The Office Bet
Two people working in the same office building start betting with eachother to bring some entertainment to their time at work. The bets start off simple, mostly for money. They bet on a number of different things, some in the office and some outside of the office like sports. Eventually the bets become bigger and bigger.

Escape Arena
A new form of entertainment is created in a women's prison. Rather than facing a parole board women are given the chance to earn their freedom by entering a competition. If they can make it through the arena without being caught then they are free to go. The arena is a complex labyrinth with many secrets and cameras everywhere. Each girl is allowed to choose a guide to help her through. Depending on her situation she may be allowed to choose which guard is assigned to be her opponent. There may be more than one guard. None of the guards are allowed to see the camera footage. That is for the public to see. So is the footage that comes at the end. If the girl is caught by her opponent(s) they are allowed to do whatever they want with her. That time together is filmed and becomes the final scene of the pay-per-view event. It is also the reason why many girls don't even attempt the challenge. But it is the reason some of the girls try it again and again, losing on purpose. Those girls become fan favorites.

This could have roles reversed. You can play one or many girls, whatever you want. You can have me play as one guard or multiple guards. The same guard for all the girls or a different guard each time. This is really open for a lot of possibilities. A guard and inmate could start a relationship because of it or use it as a way to get together. A guide and inmate could get close as they work on escaping and continue something once she is given her freedom. It could be something to write a lot of smutty scenes. The idea is pretty much just the background for whatever story we decide to go with.

Learning the Game
The star of a college Varsity team is asked to help out the school on the side by coaching a coed team of novices that will compete in a small league with other schools nearby. He agrees to do it and comes to the first practice not expecting to be attracted to one of the girls on the team who also happens to be a natural. He chooses her for an important role because she deserves it, but can't avoid becoming more attracted to her as he spends time teaching her the new role she has been given.

Dream Girl
A young man is surprised when he starts to have dreams every night about a beautiful woman. The first few nights it is only chance encounters. He passes by and notices her. Yet as the nights pass by, the dreams begin to change. He has visions of kissing her passionately. He dreams of dates to various places. Finally he begins to dream of intimate situations. He falls in love with this dream girl. Yet little does he know that these dreams have been placed in his head. His dream girl is real. She has watched him from a distance for a very long time, always too nervous to approach him and talk to him. She finds a way to place herself in his dreams and make him fall in love with her without him even knowing it.

Opening Up His Home
A man only in his mid thirties has done well for himself so far in life. The only thing he has been unable to do is find a woman he would want to call his wife. He now lives alone in a home large enough for a family. He has enough money to support a family. A family is the only thing he is missing. However, he is not currently looking for a wife. His life turns upside down when an acquaintance of his needs help. Rather than just help her with her immediate problem, he invites her to live in his home and have him help her financially. There are no strings attached. He does not expect payment of any sort from her; he is just trying to help her.

Mismatched Partners
Two of the top figure skaters (or possibly just dancers) are put together for a pairs competition. The problem is that they don't get along at all. Their coach is positive that once they get to know each other they will work well. They disagree. Yet they train together because they are told to. After each practice they completely ignore each other. However they are in a sport where they are pressed close together a lot of the time in nearly intimate situations.

The Island
A clinical psychologist has always wondered about one thing. He has always wanted to know what two people would do if trapped on a small island together. He decided to find out in a controversial experiment that is done in secret. He takes two people of different personalities and sees what they do when stuck together. Many of his first pairings are people of the same gender. He then moves on to test pairings of men and women. Two people that he takes eventually find out what is going on and decide to take action to fight against it.

The Only One Not Interested
With songs topping the music charts constantly, numerous awards for music and performance, and thousands of people always screaming her name, a modern female pop artist can get anything she wants. Anything she wants, except for one thing. The man she has had her eye on for a long time shows no interest in her at all. He doesn't like her music, or the way she flaunts her body on stage. She wants him and he wants nothing to do with her. Will love ignite somehow? Or will a superstar live a rich life without the one thing she truly desires?

Assuming the Worst
A young couple seems to be getting along just fine. That is when a series of seemingly meaningless events leads the guy to think his girlfriend is cheating on him. He starts acting strange, trying to find out the truth. The real truth is that she is not cheating, she is faithful to him. She does what she can to keep him, thinking he is planning on leaving her, which has crossed his mind. It is a plot full of confusion and paranoia.

Guy and Tora
The story of Guy Gardner, a Green Lantern, and Tora Olafsdotter, aka Ice. In my opinion it is DC comics' greatest love story. Guy is one of my favorite characters and I am glad that time has made him much less of a jerk. I am also glad that Tora was found alive after being assumed dead for so long. I have not read anything after mid way through Blackest Night, so the story would take place before it occurs.
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Re: Josu's Corner (M for F)
« Reply #1 on: October 30, 2012, 09:52:40 PM »
I am once again searching for some roleplays. The list is just some ideas, I'm open for many things, so if you have an idea you would like to suggest feel free to send me a message.

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Re: Josu's Corner (M for F)
« Reply #2 on: February 20, 2013, 06:53:16 AM »
Well, I feel it is time again to search for more people to write with. So far I've really enjoyed the people I've been writing with on this site and I hope to find a few more. I hope that I will remember to add some new ideas to my list when I wake up, but that doesn't always happen. In any case, I am always happy to discuss ideas that aren't on this list and to come up with completely new plots that will fit with what both my potential writing partner and I would like.

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Re: Josu's Corner (M for F)
« Reply #3 on: July 08, 2014, 08:23:25 AM »
I've updated the main post. Looking for a few new roleplays.