The Diary of a Married Couple.....

Started by Jester, April 27, 2008, 12:55:14 PM

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I had a couple of games with Elandra that I really enjoyed and would be interested in starting the style again.

The Diaries.

The links to the last games are

I know they don't look like long games but in fact they are. As you can see each person writes a whole day in response to the other and then does the next day to set the scene... Anyway take a look. I would like to have the story start as the following....

A married couple who have have fallen out of love and are on the verge of splitting up decide to try and rescue their marriage and visit a strange counsellor who encourages them to experiment with their sex lives and day by day divulge their dirtiest and filthiest fantasies too each other.

Little do they know that they are in fact perfect for each other but it takes a lot of guts, courage and love to divulge their most hidden  of secrets and desires....

Let me know if your interested.

Also if you have other ideas then please also let me know.



I ... might be.  I think I'd want to hear more about it though, perhaps hammer it out over PMs?
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