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School isn't just for learning.

Jason Mitchell was not an extrodinary student, nor was he playing any sports. As the new year began, his junior year in highschool, the only thing he had to look forward to was seeing friends. That is until he found out there was a new teacher, Miss Jacobs, working at the school right out of college and he had her for both homeroom and history. Jason had plenty of friends to keep him occupied throughout the day, but he knew he was going to have to make time to get to know this lady. By the end of the first day, Jason had heard many rumors of Miss Jacobs stripping to pay her way through school, even having heard some rumors that she was still stripping, this was something he had to find out. Jason's eighteenth birthday was coming up in a week and he already knew every club in a ten mile radius, it was just a matter of time.

Into the Darkness.

Zekzt Oussep was not the most fantastic warrior among those in the Melee-Magthere. He was a no more than a houseless male in Menzoberranzan, bounding from Merchant clans to stay alive in the great city. Out in the cruel, winding tunnels of the Underdark Zekzt would not have lasted a minute. Luckily he did not have to survive in those tunnels, he only needed to watch his tongue infront of each Drow he saw, to some that would have been a chore which could possibly end their lives, but to Zekzt it was second nature. Illharess Tor'viir, a truely cold hearted Matron of a lower house, had taken him in upon graduation in the warrior's academy.

Note: I am looking for someone to play a noble of House Tor'viir, preferably a priestess.
Dress up.

Kevin and Kelly are two fraternal twins who were always mistaken for one another when they were growing up. To Kevin's relief that had all stopped the moment Kelly had started to develope into the woman, that he occationally found himself looking at. However, those were the least of Kevin's fantasies, it was his mother that he went out of his way for. His mother was everything he wanted in a woman, she had been a single mother since their birth, and she was clearly lonely. He had spent many nights looking through the key hole of his mother's door while she was getting dressed. That is.. until Kelly caught him taking a peek one late night..

Note: I want her chatacter to be controlling, but sly in the way she uses her upper hand by using the information as blackmail to get him to dress in women's clothing.

A Woman figured out

A Feudal Japanese government had trained hundreds of samurai solely for protection of important leaders. Each and everyone of the these warriors were highly skilled in what they trained to do, each of them were sons of a previous generation of samurai, except for one. A female who hides under the armor and helmet of her late father, trying her hardest each day to keep her identity concealed. Thus far, after four years of carefully planning out each step, avoiding everything that would reveal her, she is figured out by a new recruit, a young man barely seventeen years old.


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I would not mind playing the evil twin sister.  ;D
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