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Author Topic: SB and Unverified members.  (Read 4731 times)

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Offline SheronaTopic starter

Re: SB and Unverified members.
« Reply #50 on: April 27, 2008, 08:48:08 AM »
THat was my point when I said "Some people's idea of pg-13 does not always match other people's idea of pg-13"

In movie standards, since that is how you explained it, pg-13 is Kissing, Hugging but no touching intimate parts. Shooting  is allowed but the actual body is not shown (not a lot of blood in other words) For example you could show some man holding a gun and firing, but no tthe victim getting hit by the bullet.

To me Groping is touching intimate parts...when was the last time someone groped an elbow? or a Nose?

I happen to like the 2 sb idea, as long as both (some probably won't want to have the public board open if they already have private I am sure) are easily turned off by individuals. Seems to be a nifty solution.

Edit: I once again I would like to say I didnot make this suggestion because of offense or what not. I made it so that the unverifieds that might or might not be of age could not see sexually explicit material. I. myself, am not offended by what goes on in SB as they are all consenting adults, and I can easily close it when E. isn't being snarkish at me and forcing me to post on SB to refresh main forum page. As I said, I quit using the SB when it became nothing but groping during my primary time on E. and a few HI's were met, as Elvi said, with unrequested gropes or even once had someone out right "fondle" my breasts. THat hasn't happened in a long time, so really, it doesn't bother me to just close teh SB. But then again I am a verified member and I am well over 18 years of age.

The reason I close it and I dont just ignore it, is simply because sb is one liners. My duaghter is 8 years old and can now read. The large walls of text of my stories discourages her from reading, and I can just scroll up when she wants to come in and chat with me...bu tI cant scroll up if in SB "Undefined pulls Undefined2 in his lap and begins groping her" is boom right there..I used to post when I was turning off SB, not to be passive aggressive, but just to let people know that they can't get ahold of me that way any more...but I don't do that any more as most of the people who would try to get a hold of me by saying "Sher!" On the sb do not use it any more either.
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