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May 23, 2018, 01:46:47 PM

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Author Topic: Dark, Gritty mood. Yes: NC, GM style. Possibly: Bestiality, Character Death  (Read 666 times)

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Offline MelodicTopic starter

Basically I want to try some GM style NC rps.  The player will be female, and will for these ideas, be abused in various ways depending on the plot.  I am looking to play in either role, preferably both in different (or even the same) RPs.

GM meaning, one person plays the "character" in the story, while the other plays "the world".  The people, the setting, the plot... we can either talk about the plot, or talk about what we want to happen and let the GM decide to guide it.  Whatever.  I actually prefer the GM "surprising" the player as much as possible.  So talk about what we want for kinks, and then take off.

NC meaning, the player, does not want it, but somewhere deep in side likes it.  But even in these cases, doesn't want to like it.  So it is genuine NC, but there is pleasure mixed in.

Sadly at this time, I can only take on a few more RPs.  Like, 2 more, ish.  But go ahead and send me a message and if I like what you've got I can still contact you when more time opens up or if one of my RPs die and I'd like another.

For a better idea, check my sig, but if you want  to get an idea before looking any further, here's what I'm looking for.  What mood I'm in for these RPs.  And just because I put something in ons, doesn’t mean I’m always hoping to include it in every RP.

General Ons: NC, Humiliation, Blackmail, Kidnapping, Character Breaking ('training'), Clothing(!!)
More Ons: Light bondage, breast play, sex toys (strap ons, gags, cuffs), flexible females, pictures in the RP (esp for characters, awesome for other things (like outfits) as well (but not necessary) 

About Domination: Both sexually and physically.  In these RPs, the heroine will be beaten and ravaged.  Beating is not mandatory, but ravaging will be.  They are NC ideas after all. 
About Clothing: Yes it gets it's own section.  Clothing is a huge on.  Basic descriptions, some clothes on during any kinky action, clothes being ripped apart or torn up/off...  Or better yet...  Some action with clothes on, and then slowly ripping clothes off as things progress.  A sort of escalation is created and it's amazing.  Straight to naked characters... boring.

Offs: Moderate to heavy bdsm, scat, vore, obese characters, godmodding, oral too often (so like, once, an RP.  Unless special circumstances)

Settings: ALL of them.  Just no mystery.
Characters: Dynamic, develop as the RP goes on (maybe some exceptions for RPs more based on smut)

Character Death
Normally, I don't care for it.  But, if we have multiple characters, I am okay with it for some or many of the characters.  Some characters can die, but then we still have more left so.  I don't like it bloody.  But if you are into character death, let me know what you have in mind.  Depending on the plot idea, I might be more open to more brutal deaths - otherwise I'd like it modest.  Blood is okay, but not too excessive please.  But anyway, let me know.

Plot Ideas
Like I said, I've got time for about two.  Some I'm more interested in right now than others. And this by no means is a limiting list.  If you have an idea solely from the GM and NC premise, I'm sure I'd love to hear it.  All pictures are examples, not must-have's for the RP.

Title: Misadventures of a Heroine
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
RP type: Fantasy, Player (heroine) x GM (everyone else)
Possible Kinks: Torture, NC, Humiliation, Physical Domination, Clothing Damage, Bestiality, Switch

Sort of a basic theme for this idea.  Plots can vary from RP to RP.  Basically, a heroine is on an adventure, but for one reason or another, she gets targeted for repeated abuse and NC.  Why?  Maybe she is cursed.  Maybe she is the daughter of a succubus and when males see her they just want to rip off her clothes and pound on her.  Maybe she is branded a slave and has no rights.  Princess of a land that gets overthrown, and those who take over decide to throw her to the wolves.  Maybe she's on an adventure and for no real explained reason, monsters and bandits or whatever want to make her scream in both pain and pleasure.

A lot of possible kinks can be involved in a general plot like this.  Bestiality with humanoid gnolls, goblins, lizardmen... Switch, where the heroine can also enjoy some NC with those she defeats (female victims please).  Or... whatever else I guess.  Let your imagination take over. 

Title: The Serenity Games
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
RP type: Fantasy, Player (heroine) x GM (everyone else)
Possible Kinks: NC, Humiliation, Physical Domination, Clothing Damage, Bestiality, Switch
An example of what the plot above could be:
War once ravaged the land.  War, became the sole occupation for hundreds of years and blood and death more common than ever before.  Until finally, the necessity of the wars end brought a treaty.  But in order to quench their thirst for violence, the Serenity Games was born.  People would amass in a large tournament hall and watch others fight, and possibly die, in the arena.  The sport grew, and became the capital to their peace.  Gladiators were born.  Slaves would be entered, prisoners forced to fight, beasts would be thrown in to battle the challengers.  And for many of the beautiful women, losing meant being ravaged by their superior, in front of thousands in the arena.

This RP has potential for Bestiality, and Switch also, if the player wants to win on occasion and do some dominating themselves.  I would love clothing to be descriptively destroyed during the fight or during the ravaging, depending on the fight.  Magic could be involved for some change of pace and NC fun, so on so forth.

This RP could take place entirely in the arena, battle to battle.  Or, we could get some plot going out of the ring.  Perhaps some NC abuse from an owner, or rival gladiator, or having her attempt to escape...  An example of a more interesting plot, have a sister (maybe a twin) who can at first, be an ally, but then betray her for freedom, NC incest (or twincest) the sister and force her into the service of someone vile.  Or otherwise, have a sister the player could betray.  A lot of options here.  And though I shot that out randomly... I kinda like it.

This is a good RP for those of you who are into character death.  The player can have different characters, or a new one when they die (when they want to die of course, no surprise deaths), or the GM characters can die... whatever.  If it's your thing, we'll talk about it.

Title: Psychic Humiliation
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
RP type: Modern, Player (heroine) x GM (everyone else), In this case, I'd like to play the GM
Possible Kinks: NC, Heavy Humiliation, Psychological, Possible romance, Physical Domination, Physical Manipulation: Forced orgasms in public, clothing tampering, minor mind control (no godmodding)

High school or college theme.  A girl has psychic powers from her family.  A family of witches.  She has great mastery of her power, and has resisted using them.  But as her powers grow, so do her thirsts.  In this case, her thirst for her best friend (pic).  In her family, this is normal.  It's a phase that is seen as unavoidable, but she takes it a little farther than is usual.  She has a thing for public humiliation, and her appetite only grows as she feeds it, getting progressively worse as the RP continues.  At first, she simply forces clothing malfunctions, or stimulates sensitive areas.  It turns her on, but slowly her friend breaks down.  It gets worse, causing her friend to orgasm in class, and then even bends a school bully into raping her.  Finally her friend breaks down and collapses in the witch's arms.  Where she realizes the more she pushed her, the further her friend was driven into her arms.  So she continues it, with the new aim to make her friend hopelessly devoted and dependent on her.  Having the bully rape her again, but this time recording it to use as blackmail later.  Could also push teachers to do it to make it worse, or family for those of you with family related kinks.

As I said, heavy humiliation in this one.  For this RP, I'd like to start in class when the witch decides to push her friend for the first time.  But we should probably still go over kinks and where we want the plot to go a bit, just so we're on the same page.

Title: Succubus Training
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
RP type: Fantasy/Supernatural Modern, Player (heroine) x GM (everyone else), In this case, I'd like to play the GM
Possible Kinks: Torture, NC, Humiliation, Physical Domination, Clothing Damage, Light Bondage (chains, cuffs), Forced Prolonged Orgasm
Demons are real, unfortunately for the beautiful actress who caught this one's eye.  This succubus (pic) saw immediate potential in her, and kidnapped her.  She intends to 'train' her.  Not to become a sex slave.  But out of the sheer amusement it brings.  She has no plan for her, only to have fun.  And whatever happens, to make use of her somehow afterward.  If she can.  Really, it's not important.  What matters, is that it's fun now.

A fairly straight kidnapped RP with a supernatural twist.  Possible kinks would be torture (plain or pleasure), simple domination or humiliation, or more.  The succubus could use her dark powers to force an immediate orgasm, one that lasts for a long, long time, causing her fluids to spray out violently and pro longingly in a physics defying way.  The succubus can change forms and abuse her however she wishes, through violence, or NC, or whatever strikes her fancy.  A lot of possibilities for this RP.  Tell me what your kinks are and I'm sure they'll fit somewhere.

Title: Kidnapped Graduate
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
RP type: Modern, GM (me)x Kidnapped (you)
Possible Kinks: NC, Revenge, Humiliation, Torture, Kidnapping

Example:  Fresh out of high school, she planned on flying to a far away place to save the world.  She was popular, beautiful, preppy, but she humiliated the wrong person.  He didn't forget, and he waited for the perfect moment.  In the airport, he switched her company's number to his own phone, leading her down a lonely path.  Then he kidnapped her, at gunpoint, going so far as to have his way with her in the woods.  From there he kidnaps her, and brings her to a dungeon full of people like him and their chosen captives.

Can be more smutty, but I would prefer some real plot at the very least, among the smut.  Some character development, explanation of how the kidnapper gets messed up, the victims attempts to escape/make it easier on her/breaking.  Can also have scenes where she talks to nearby people in the dungeon, some already broken, some new like her.  Also more plot with his allies, some offer her an escape in return for sexual favors, only to leave her there anyway.  Or some to simply force themselves on her, or merely interact with for more depth.  So on, so on.

Has potential to be different things depending on preferred kinks.  So, can be a lot of things.  If you have a different kind of plot in mind, perhaps for a different kind of character, let me know.

Title: Blackmail
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
RP type: Modern, GM x Blackmailed
Possible Kinks: NC, Revenge, Humiliation, Blackmail, Drugs

Example:  She has the school eating out of the palm of her hand.  And the kicker, she doesn't even try.  She is genuinely positive, kind, and delightful... just genuinely likable by students and teachers alike.  She is the perfect student, beautiful, intelligent, honest, ambitious... but someone wants to destroy her.  They drug her so she cannot fight back, with an aphrodisiac that would make any sound she tried to make into a scream of intense pleasure.  And more so, they record it.  Record it, so she'll never forget, record it, so that she will follow their bidding.  She would go to almost any length to keep that footage out of the public, things she normally would never do.

Another flexible plot.  Please include preferences if you like this one.

In order to save time, I thought I'd include... well, a sort of application thing.  They are questions I'll ask you anyway, so please just include the following when you express interest.  And please express said interest through PMs.  Don't have to be in a list like this, but it would be helpful.

RP Plot: Do you like one of my ideas?  Or do you have your own?
RP Plot specifics: Don't just tell me which idea you like, tell me what you want to do with it.
Role: Which role would you like to play?  Player or GM?  No preference?
Plot vs. Smut: How would you prefer it?  From would like a very good plot to just in it for the smut.  Or do you care at all?
Thoughts on the player: If you have any thoughts on the player, played by me or you, let me know.  If not, nevermind, this one is optional.  In some plots more than one character is possible, let me know if that interests you.

Kinks:  Which kinks do you want to include?  Some of mine?  Do you have your own?
NC specific: How do you feel about NC?  Are you more hardcore about it?  Would you like some violence, beating, etc?  How severe?  Or do you just prefer dominating strength and ravaging.
Player domination:  Depends on the idea.  But do you want the player to have a turn dominating?  Switch basically.  Or do you want the player to be the victim the whole way through?  If I'm player, depending on the plot, I may request it, but we'll see.
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