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Author Topic: Skies of Arcadia: Interest Check (2 Females Needed!)  (Read 11040 times)

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Offline Oreida Wesker

Re: Skies of Arcadia: Interest Check
« Reply #125 on: July 20, 2012, 08:13:03 AM »
Alright, some test and thoughts about the home brewed for Arcadia. Keep in mind that this is only the very simplified version of a possible system. A real one with stats would work similar to what i'm offering now, only a bit bigger with things for every player to keep track of. This is the small one, my beta. I call her 'Molly'. ^-^

Action Points [AP]:
Earned by combat or certain events I have yet to figure out.

Duel earns .5 AP [If it's a good descriptive and appropriate length combat, even if a bit playful, without breaking into sex, then give yourself the 1 AP]

Solo Combat earns 2AP
Solo Combat against squad: 4AP
Solo Combat against Boss: Death???

Party Combat earns 1 AP &100 coin to each part member
Party Combat against Squad: 3AP & 300 gold to each to each party member
Party Combat against Boss: ???

Social quests: Another possibly way to earn AP, scavenger/explorer/seeker solo missions, maybe. Pretty much grunt work that will give more money, items, and maybe 1-2 AP. Only way 3 AP would be a dangerous Social Quest like ambushes and kidnappings and might require a party. A chart will come later when I think of some Social Quests.

How to Spend:
  Players can choose where to assign them.

 Allotting 1 AP will allow you to upgrade one of the following:
- Gives 5 points to: Health [HP] or Mana [MP]
- Permanently adds 2 Spirit Points [SP]
- Adds 5 points to Moon Spells
- Adds 3 Damage to Weapons

Gather 5 AP for the following:
- Gain a precious gem [Worth: 1000 gold]
- Signature Move gains +8 dmg, raises cost by 3 SP
- Raise Critical Dmg by .5 and raises cost by 2 SP
- Weapon Augment gives +2 dmg more when spending AP to weapon
- On one spell, action, or move; reduce  SP cost by 2
- Gain another Spell

Gather 12 AP for the following:
- Moon berry : Allows you to make an additional signature move
 - 3,000 gold[/quote]

                       ~*~              ::|::                           ~*~  ~*~                                ::|::            ~*~ 

Spirit Specialty Chart:
*Can only spend SP on one Spirit Specialty per round*
Cover Fire [5 sp] – [group only] Flash bomb goes off near a foe, allowing all whom wish to run a safe exit.
Boost Attack Damage [5 SP]– Gives +1 bleed dmg [per 5 SP] for 1 round, stacks on target.
Power Block [10 SP]- To avoid Physical hits, cost raises +1 when you upgrade SP
Gale Dodge [10 SP] – To avoid Magical hits, cost raises +1 when you upgrade SP
Signature Move [14 SP] – Character’s personalized move.
Critical [15 SP] – Damage inflicted is x1.5
Epitaph [30 SP] – Party of 4 or more; combines the characters’ magic to bring a Cosmic Moon down upon their foes and cause heavy damage to all. Does damage + 30% more to Boss battles, if there are any. Instant kills 1/2 of total foes and leaves the living with ½ life.

                       ~*~              ::|::                           ~*~  ~*~                                ::|::            ~*~ 

Basic  Setup
Health: 40
Mana: 40
Spirit: 20
Weapon [10 dmg]: Trained fighters gain +3 dmg
Signature Move [15 dmg] Trained fighters gain +5 dmg
Spells: 1  [Mages start with 1 of each property under their color]

                       ~*~              ::|::                           ~*~  ~*~                                ::|::            ~*~ 

Basic Beginner Party/Solo Combat
There will normally be 3-8 foes. We can roll a d10. If you get a 9 or10, reroll. *** If you have a higher roll like the following and your know your no match, Roll again and pretend you didn’t see this. If you post it down that you face them, then battle on until one of your expires.***
1-2 are vicious enemies, health 110 -155, Cannot run away without taking half their health
 3-8 are Normal enemies, health: 70-90. Run away is an option.
9 is a Squad of Leader and drones; 1 Leader with Health 155, 6 drones with Health: 80.
10. Boss. Health 300-500.

                       ~*~              ::|::                           ~*~  ~*~                                ::|::            ~*~ 

Average Combat Reward Chart
Defeat an enemy and gain 2 AP and roll a d10 for looting.
1] Black Map
2] Gold ** [Roll for Gold chart]
[3-5] Eldritch Concoctions [Mana restore 35]
[6-8] Soothing Salve [Health restore 35]
[9] Soul Remedy [Spirit restore 35]
[10] An old piece of inked paper and roll again

**Gold Chart:
Roll a d10 and post result.
1. 800
2-3 600
4-5 400
6-7 200
8-9 500
10 700

Monster's Rare Item Chart

1. Liddel’s Mirror [ Party: Hand mirror that will deflect each again one magic attack]
2. Red Moon Stone: Striking the ground erupts a wildfire hitting all foes. Freely upgrades the weapon by +3 every time weapon is upgraded. [Weapon Damage/foes = area effect damage]
3.Green Moon Stone: Adds +3 Poison with every hit [stackable]. If you hit an ally, damage is converted to health
4. Yellow Moon Stone: For a moment, damage is converted into Electrical damage to stun enemy for 1 round. [Recharge rate: Once every Three Rounds].
5. Blue Moon Stone: Grants double strike and lowers all SP costs by 5 [If SP Cost is under 5, then cuts to half]
6. Purple Moon Stone: may frost a enemy in place [ Once every three rounds].
7.Silver Moon Stone: Grants a critical to instantly kill an enemy or restores a fallen comrade with a third of health. [ Pick only one every three rounds]
8. Black Moon Stone: Adds +3 Bleeding Damage per hit and instantly makes one foe too afraid to attack.
9. Gold Moon Stone: Instantly Charms one Enemy that fights with you until you attack or leave it.
10. Moon Berry: Allows character to gain knowledge of a new Signature Move

                       ~*~              ::|::                           ~*~  ~*~                                ::|::            ~*~ 

Will be quickly adjusted upon approval of the Molly System
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Offline Oreida Wesker

Re: Skies of Arcadia: Interest Check (2 Females Needed!)
« Reply #126 on: July 20, 2012, 02:02:48 PM »
Oh shit.. Um.. Okay. Red Lobster, our GM, is regrettably dropping out due to time issues. Nobody panic. ::Flails.::

Okay, if you guys want to stay in, Corbin will be an NPC Captain and if any of you guys wish to be Captian, then this first mission will be the NPC's Captian's first and last. If we do get a new captain, everyone, except my engineer is capable upon reading their stories. We can also have a vote, in which I nominate Laughing Hyena the Helmsmen, as he is also the most knowledgeable about Skies of Arcadia as well as piloting a ship, with Dorian in Second since his is more military backing.

And I wouldn't mind co-GMing since I've been mulling it about lately to start my own, but I would like to keep it open like a council if someone has a plot or story they want to get in the future, then that will work and we can chatter and chart them down.

If everyone approves or would like alterations, be it suggestive change or more for complexity, to the system, please let me know and then once this is done, I'll set up a OOC with the Chara Profiles, system,  and crap on the front page for easy reading.

Offline Calison

Re: Skies of Arcadia: Interest Check (2 Females Needed!)
« Reply #127 on: July 20, 2012, 02:30:20 PM »
Really unfortunate about Red >.< Wish him the best and hopefully in the future he may be able to join us again.

I'd still be interested in staying on personally. Maybe we can decide through a poll in the new OOC thread who we want the Captain and Second-in-Command to be. Though, I do second Laughing Hyena's nomination.

The system looks great Oreida! So AP is experience points? As for Spirit Points, it looks like we don't get them over time like in game, so we start out with a pool of them and use them according to the chart?

Offline Oreida Wesker

Re: Skies of Arcadia: Interest Check (2 Females Needed!)
« Reply #128 on: July 20, 2012, 03:11:03 PM »
Yes. AP is XP.

Well, you can gain SP over combat if you one or all your AP to gain it. I wanted this to be simple to understand for everyone, but also keep in mind how things could easily become outbalanced with power as SP nearly controlls all the characters potential. So I thought it best to be able to set limits and upgrades and that chart will grow as we play.

Regular attacks don't take any SP to move, of course.

And Spells will be up and tweaked. -noses Calison- And Gigas will come later too,  I'll still have to make up a Black and Gold for both too.

Online Laughing Hyena

Re: Skies of Arcadia: Interest Check (2 Females Needed!)
« Reply #129 on: July 20, 2012, 05:20:14 PM »
Just remember that continuity wise three gigs were destroyed by Vyse and Company so the Yellow, Blue and Silver Gigas are not an option.

Oh and I would point out a few corrections to make Oreida. As I depicted earlier that I gave info on the six moons in question and the spells they pertain to. Also the weapons can carry elemental affinity if one has a moonstone inlaid into their weapon. With elements holding a superior advantage over an enemies elemental affinity. Heres what it was in the main game.

Green is strong over Purple, but weak against Red and Blue
Red is strong over Green, Purple and Blue but weak against Red and Yellow
Purple is strong over Red but weak against against Green, Purple and Blue
Blue is strong over Red and Yellow but weak against Green and Purple
Yellow is strong over Green, Blue and Silver but weak against Yellow
Silver is strong over Yellow but weak against none

Every other element that was not mentioned was doing normal damage when paired against the other.

Also I should note magic of any kind in this universe uses only one Magic Point per spell due to the fact that magic points are not in huge quantity. However Magic also consumes the parties Spirit Point with the stronger spells consuming more to cast. Heroes had to share their Spirit Points.
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Offline Oreida Wesker

Re: Skies of Arcadia: Interest Check (2 Females Needed!)
« Reply #130 on: July 21, 2012, 05:23:04 AM »
-quickly scribbles down those notes, especially about 'str & wk' elements- Alright, I can really use that.

About Gigas, would we like to use them anyway or create something similar to the Gigas idea given the game is based more on the setting.  Given that if we ever have 8 players, unlike Acardia, we would have eight moons, but the black and gold are far from sight or aleast I figure a black moon in a black universe might be hard to find, period. :P

About Elemental Affinity, when these particular weapon modifying moon stones are found and assigned into a slot, they will carry that Stone's main element, but in a text base game, I can only do so much that would make sense, other then adding damage, though I shall edit it to be clear. -nods-  Yellow, I made like a taser. ^_^. I will use the str. & wk. now i know what they are, so I strive to make those weapon modifications reflect what they stand for. Very helpful, your a good choice already..

About Magic Points, yep. I saw that in wiki.Would you like it to be that way, cause I could turn the number down to 2 MP on the Base values.The limit would be like, what, 10? -scribbles more notes for alterations-

About Spirit,  SP sharing would be interesting, if not mysteriously tricky to set up, but given you gave me a key component, I could give it a good shot with little effort. Though Magic also takes SP, you say. -rubs her chin- Alright, I could see that. Before I tweak all the spells, i'll post up an example.

Thanky you lots. your better then wiki. -nods-

Online Laughing Hyena

Re: Skies of Arcadia: Interest Check (2 Females Needed!)
« Reply #131 on: July 21, 2012, 05:48:47 AM »
Makes more sense to follow the formula to an extent. Especially concerning Magic and Spirit Points since that part of the game is kind of fundamental to it all. Besides, sharing Spirit Points will encourage better teamwork.

How? Because you cannot just go nuts with it individually and it forces you to fight smarter.

Actually theres a few items I can point you towards for guidelines if you wish. Magic Drop gives back 1 MP whilst Magic Dew gives back 10 MP

Also Typical Healing Items are named after the spells they used in the form of crystals. Heres the One Shot Healing Items for you as a small thing. If you'd like a more comprehensive list of one shot items you can make use of which already exist then I can Pm you them.

Sacri Crystal         Restores 500 HP
Sacres Crystal       Restores 1000 HP
Sacrum Crystal     Restores 1000 HP to whole Party
Sacrulen Crystal    Restores Full HP

Oh and Katra we wait upon you! ^_^

Offline Oreida Wesker

Re: Skies of Arcadia: Interest Check (2 Females Needed!)
« Reply #132 on: July 21, 2012, 06:21:30 AM »
Fundamental to the video game in fact they have a more complex system, bare in mind this isn't a game redo, it's based on Arcadia and could have started in the past or future of that game. I mean, I doubt we'll have a cham eating goo pet following anyone around, ya know.

I'm changing the MP 40 to MP 5, mage/cleric base characters would start with +5 MP more.

Be better? You can't exactly go nuts with the way I wrote it out, if so, you'd faint before getting through the first battle. -nods- It's why I made the charts like that. You could only use like two special moves in combat at this stage, if your lucky.

If I raised the health, i would have to raise all the weapon damages too. -tilts her head a little at it- Tis also having to make a shop later for weapons. I just didn't want to be too close to the game.

Sky ships, floating islands, treasure, bounty hunting, monster hunting, recover missions, keep it loose as not everyone played it, but it'll still be fun. -nods-
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Online Laughing Hyena

Re: Skies of Arcadia: Interest Check (2 Females Needed!)
« Reply #133 on: July 21, 2012, 06:56:23 AM »
Im flexible so I can deal.