If One Wished to Change Their Username....

Started by Praxis, July 09, 2012, 02:41:11 PM

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Uhm...not sure if this is the right place for it but...

How does one go about changing a username...or display name?  So if "bdgb" is out.  And...something else is in...whom do I contact?

Is there a charge?

Must there be a compelling reason that exists in order to change it?

Will it hurt?


You can send me a PM and we can get the process started. >_> It only hurts if you want it to. >:)

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In reference to this --- do we just PM you Oreo? I ask because I am interested in... the name change sans the pain... but even that is negotiable...

Thank you in advance!!!

Beguile's Mistress

You can PM any member of Staff:  Siren, Satyr, God or Goddess.


Ohhhhhhhhh.... thank you Ms. Beguile's Mistress....

You know... of late you've been ~extremely~ helpful to me and I want you to know that i appreciate that very much!!!

Beguile's Mistress

Thank you. ;D  I'm glad I could help you.  It's my job but it's one I love doing.  I was the lucky one to get the queries you sent.  You'd have been just as fortunate with any other Staff member.


Oh of that I have no doubt!!!!! And I appreciate them too!!!!