Betting the Wife (M seeks F)

Started by Jester, July 09, 2012, 09:00:50 AM

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I had never really gambled much. But my friend said that he did it all the time and it was helping him to pay the bills.

So I went along and had a few games and I started to win. The next time I went I started to win big and well I was delighted. I then hit a bit of bad luck. First one game and then a few more. I was pretty sure that soon i was going to get a break. But I had run out of money. So i didnt think it would hurt.

I bet the wife. She would be the winner's for a weekend. I checked my hand and was pretty sure I could not lose. I lost.

So now I have to tell my wife and I hope she is not mad.......

Seeking wife to be the bet. We can discuss who and what happens. But I am thinking it would involve multiple males and lots of dirty nasty sex.