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Author Topic: One Piece: The Promised Treasure  (Read 987 times)

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Offline BlackestKnightTopic starter

One Piece: The Promised Treasure
« on: July 07, 2012, 01:05:09 PM »

In this epic role-playing adventure, you will roam the sea trying to build an army of like-minded rebels, in essence your crew.  On your quest to search for and defend your treasure from other pirates and the government. Your treasure literally means the thing you value the most, it doesn't have to be a physical treasure such as a chest of gold, it could be friendship, your beliefs, abstract non-tangible things. Your treasure represents your hopes and dreams and the force that drives you as a pirate.

You will meet many people who will provide you with guidance and friendship - and many who will try to crush you under their boots. Let your head and heart guide you, but a word of advice; a sharpened sword and a touch of magic will lead to a longer life!.

Gameplay Info

Devil Fruits
They are known as the fruits of the Sea Devil and the secret to their power is hidden in the Grand Line. Although these fruits are disgusting and tasteless, anyone that consumes one would be granted a great power or trait. There are more than Devil Fruit represent the manifestation of each individual characters " power". It supplements character strength and growth.

Bounties represent the level of threat a pirate poses to the government , they're a badge of honor for most pirates. The higher the bounty, the more respect and prestige a pirate has amongst his/her peers.  New pirates must accept a bounty no higher than 150,000,000.

Types of Pirates

Pirate Captain-A leader of pirates, commands his/her own personal vessel and crew.

1st Mate/Vice Captain- Second in-command.

Navigator- A highly esteemed pirate responsible for guiding the flagship.

Cruise Chef- A pirate responsible for preparing food and drink.

Pirate physician- A pirate doctor.

Pirate musician- A pirate who plays jaunty fare of tunes.

Pirate Canooneer-A pirate who maintains the armaments of a sea going vessel, similar to a sniper.

Pirate Shipwright- They are responsible for the building and the repair of the ship. Most pirates needed them for repair and general maintenance of their ships.

Pirate Hunter- A type of pirate that hunts other pirates for sums of money. Usually possess a highly level of battle skill. Typically are loners.

State Pirate- A type of pirate that works with in collaboration with governments , they are called dogs of the seas by other pirates and are thought of unfavorably.

Social Pirates- A person who became a pirate over societal reasons , i.e. anti-slavery pirates and anti-government pirates 

[size=130]Pirate Crews[/size][/b]

Sparrowhawk Pirates Flag(My Pirate Gang)

Captain: Hyde "Sparrowhawk" Jackson
1st Mate:

The Marines  are the World Government's military sea force, and collectively serve as  antagonists to the pirates. Trying to undermine and thwart pirates everywhere.

Marine Titles and Ranks

Commissioned Marine Officials
  • Fleet Admiral (元帥 Gensui?)-
  • Admiral (大将 Taishō?)-
  • Vice Admiral (中将 Chūjō?)-
  • Rear Admiral (少将 Shōshō?)-
  • Commodore (准将 Junshō?)-
  • Captain (大佐 Taisa?)-
  • Commander (中佐 Chūsa?)-
  • Lieutenant Commander (少佐 Shōsa?)-
  • Lieutenant (大尉 Taii?)-
  • Lieutenant Junior Grade (中尉 Chūi?)
  • Ensign (少尉 Shōi?)-
-Infantry and Sailor Division-

  • Warrant Officer (准尉 Jun'i?)-
  • Master Chief Petty Officer (曹長 Sōchō?)-
  • Chief Petty Officer (軍曹 Gunsō?)-
  • Petty Officer (伍長 Gochō?)-
  • Seaman First Class (一等兵 Ittōhei?)-
  • Seaman Apprentice (二等兵 Nitōhei?)- played by A.
  • Seaman Recruit (三等兵 Santōhei?) or Recruit (新兵 Shinpei?)-
Once a pirates bounty reaches 300,000,000 or higher, they're eligible to join the Zodiac Pirate society.The Zodiac pirates are like a secret society of pirates who would be considered influential in the pirate world, they work much like a government would if a government were ran by pirates.

You don't need to be a captain to join the Zodiac Pirates, although the custom of the zodiac pirates is to have an animal which represents you, my animal is a hawk therefor my alias within the group is "Hawk"

Flag of the Zodiac

Races and Culture


Slave Price
Females: 100,000


(You should know what these are)
Slave Price
Females: 10,000
Males: 5,000


The Wing Clan, sometimes referred to as Fae or what we know as faeries, They are portrayed as human figures with wings that were sometimes angelic, butterfly-like or black feathered. They are thought to be a symbol of good luck and because of that they are highly prized as slaves.
Slave Price
Females: 1,500,000
Males: 1,000,000


Slave Price
Females: 500,000
Males: 800,000


A cyborg is a human or other life form that has been modified with machinery and metal for better functioning. These mechanical enhancements can include cybernetic replacements for missing organs or body parts, metal skin for extra protection, and weapons installed somewhere in the body.
They kinda all ready are slaves...unless they go rogue, I guess.


Slave Price
Females: 700,000
Males: 30,000
Note: ( The Beast rune has no effect on Beastkin)

Merfolk generally dislike humans and vice versa,  all the other races are more or less isolated and don't have much contact with each other except as pirates.

Allied Attacks
There will be allied attacks, however you need to specifiy to me how the attack works and show me how yourself and the other character(s) have a bond relationship(through backstory) to make the combo pertinent.  An ally attack is a special attack that two characters can perform together in succession for great effect.

SKILL LEVELS (keep it below 10 unless you're a very influential pirate, or have a lot of flaws, PM me if you want it more. It will increase after each ark/chapter of the story. Max is 100, min. is 0, use 0 if you don't have a devil fruit)

Hand-to-Hand Ability:
Weapon Ability:
Devil fruit power (if any):
Speed & Agility:
Charisma: (this is also how good you make friends, not just charm ladies, this is the only one you can go above 10 without asking me):

Offline coolhands

Re: One Piece: The Promised Treasure
« Reply #1 on: July 19, 2012, 01:22:08 PM »
This looks quite detailed. You have my interest peaked

Offline Mathim

Re: One Piece: The Promised Treasure
« Reply #2 on: July 23, 2012, 06:04:39 PM »
Yo, hands! Wasn't sure if anyone had jumped ship, so to speak. Good to see a familiar face. Count me in if we get enough peoples.

Offline BlackestKnightTopic starter

Re: One Piece: The Promised Treasure
« Reply #3 on: July 23, 2012, 08:33:22 PM »
Kinda busy with two roleplays at the moment, I may revisit this one but right now I have no plans for One Piece
« Last Edit: July 23, 2012, 10:55:04 PM by BlackestKnight »

Offline coolhands

Re: One Piece: The Promised Treasure
« Reply #4 on: July 23, 2012, 10:06:37 PM »
Hey good to see you here too mathim.
Glad to see there is at least some intrest in this game