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Author Topic: Knock me down a peg or ten (F seeking mostly M)  (Read 1235 times)

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Knock me down a peg or ten (F seeking mostly M)
« on: July 06, 2012, 11:34:23 PM »
Hi :) I'm looking for a couple scenes to play in the forums, with a good 2-4 paragraphs at least 2-3 times a week.

Please check out my Ons/Offs.  The key thing I'm after is sort of a downward spiral to my (notably curvy) character, her life being kind of sidetracked or taken over by sexualization. Princess to porn star kinds of things, you know.

I'm having trouble writing down scene ideas, but here are some old ones.
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New Life New Rules (MxF, dub con): My character worked as a junior accountant in the office of a big time mob accountant, and definitely helped commit some crimes. When the FBI task force scooped her up and it looked like she was going to be the fall girl, she flipped and agreed to testify in exchange for immunity and witness protection. The private company that handles the witness relocation and protection contract gives her a new name, a new look, a new city to live in, new stuff -- a new life. To her chagrin it won't be glamour and money. Maybe she is 'paired up' with another criminal to pretend to be married. Maybe she gets put in a trailer and assigned a job at the strip club out by the airport.

The Family Business (modern, Fxf, prostitution, interracial): When you're the oldest daughter of an infamous madame, there's an expectation that you will become a madame too. "Fuck that!" said my character, who went to college and did her best to escape the gaudy trashy life of her mother. Unfortunately, she failed, and now finds herself penniless, PhD-less, and fiance-less, moving back home feeling sorry for herself. The middle sister is kind of a flake and slut, but her youngest sister has become a serious woman. She's the heir apparent now, and sees the threat from my character who was always the oldest and favorite; maybe she can help her big sister out by proactively finding her a place in the family business?  I imagine all the sisters as Asian-American, by different fathers, often hanging out in their mother's Southern California mansion.   This is a scene about a younger sister engineering enjoying the degradation of her older sister from glamorous favorite child to her subordinate, and a whore.

Dream Prince (fantasy, MxF, dub con): My character is a princess, and during a diplomatic visit, she got a crush on a handsome prince from a faraway land. He gave her a necklace, and told her that if she wore it to bed, she could visit him in her dreams. It works! It is awhile before she works up the courage to try it. Maybe what she doesn't know is that the prince's affections moved on, and the necklace connects her to the dreams of the other kingdom's court magician. Maybe she finds herself doing things in dream to train her for marriage, or prove her readiness.
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