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Author Topic: Unlikely Circumstances [Looking for a F]  (Read 873 times)

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Unlikely Circumstances [Looking for a F]
« on: April 29, 2012, 01:54:00 PM »
Hello there! I would like to say thank you for taking your time to look at this request thread here. Firstly, I would like to mention that this idea would also be co-written by Insano along with myself, Timeless and we are looking for someone who would play the third character. Before I would go into details about the idea, here are some requirements set by us to ensure a fun roleplay~

I just would like to state that we both write in third person, and we would prefer our supposedly writing partner would write like so. We also ask for decent to good grammar, along with good spelling. We both are not perfect when it comes to both, but we hope we are not asking too much. Also, we would like to ask for posts minimum of four paragraphs and more - we do not really appreciate one-liners, to be truthful. We post quite frequently in a week, so expect at least more than two posts from us and so within a week, we would highly appreciate if our new writing partner would post around the same speed. Of course, if we could not, we'll make certain to contact you if there's anything to inform.

Other than that, communication is definitely necessary; as I am sure, we both would like to hear ideas and suggestions from your part to add into the story and to make it more fun for all of us! We can discuss it through PMs or IMs, whichever would be easier. Also, if you had lost interest in the thread, please do not hesitate to tell us as we both appreciate the courtesy that way.

If we both still have you interested after reading all of that, I would prefer you to send me a PM rather than answering in this thread about your participation. Thank you once again!

Content: Supernatural, Action, Adventure, Magic, Romance (Possible), Light Bondage (Possible), MFF (Highly Possible)

Setting: A world which adapted the aesthetics of the early Japanese Meiji era or feudal Japan, though the difference would be the warriors being able to either use magic or have extraordinary powers or weapons; also with the existence of demons.

Story: A dastardly duo stumbled onto an opportunity to earn some money when someone came to hire them for a task. The task was rather simple - sneak into the Lord's home unnoticed, search for a valuable treasure which was the target and then bring it over to exchange for gold coins. Sounded very simple enough.

What they did not expect was a dead body laying in the room from where they entered. Even more was that the dead person was actually the Lord himself. Seemed like their luck really struck out when they were caught in that awkward situation and branded as murderers. But they at least had a witness; who knew the truth that they were innocent. Problem was, no one believed her words and now she had to join the duo in hopes to find the real person behind this mess.

What We're Looking For: Someone to play the third character (also the second female character), who's actually the female personal bodyguard of the Lord who was mysteriously killed before the arrival of the dastardly duo.

There was some ideas that she could had arrived and saw her Lord was murdered before the arrival of the other two main characters, and knew of their innocence. Despite her trying to inform the others, the other people ignored her words and thought of her to be working alongside our two main characters and branded her as a traitor. So she could go on her own, to meet with our two characters and join them in hopes to find the real culprit and get her revenge.

As a bodyguard, we would expect her to be a strong female warrior and know her stuff, as well as being noble to her cause and such. In a way, a contrast to Insano's and my character who are more towards the anti-hero side.

Note: Also, you could see that I had highlighted MFF as, in truth, Insano and myself are rather keen on this. But we definitely prioritized story firstly, of course. I just wanted to point that out to make certain that our supposedly new writing partner understand the possibility and would be comfortable in writing like so when it came to sex scenes.
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Re: Unlikely Circumstances
« Reply #1 on: May 21, 2012, 02:28:57 AM »
A small bump, and also that the role for the female personal bodyguard is open for any interest. Please PM me if you are interested. Thank you!

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Re: Unlikely Circumstances [Looking for a F]
« Reply #2 on: May 27, 2012, 03:58:48 AM »
Edited the first post, and a small bump.

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Re: Unlikely Circumstances [Looking for a F]
« Reply #3 on: June 04, 2012, 09:40:56 AM »
Touched up on the first post a bit and giving a small bump.

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Re: Unlikely Circumstances [Looking for a F]
« Reply #4 on: July 25, 2012, 04:05:15 PM »
Just a bump. The role of the female bodyguard is still available.