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June 26, 2017, 07:12:14 PM

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Author Topic: Amative Compositions in the Dark  (Read 640 times)

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Offline RaptTopic starter

Amative Compositions in the Dark
« on: April 22, 2008, 09:54:13 PM »
Music is the one thing that binds us all together, even those without the gift of hearing may still feel the rhythms and the beats through their skin. Amalthea is a rather unique student of sound, as she has a perfect ear and can recreate anything she hears but once. Indeed a virtuoso of the piano but she is blind and has been since birth. Her mother found that playing the piano for her little girl helped the child relate to the world, and one day sitting at the piano fiddling with the keys Amalthea replayed a little song for her mother perfectly. After that Amalthea's whole world became playing the piano, utilizing digital recording devices and advanced computer programming to write her compositions. This is where we pick up Amalthea, in her first year of college at school dedicated to the arts. With her first student performance she picks up an most unlikely and rather devoted fan.

So here is what I am looking for: A crazy, stalker, type who is an artist himself. He maybe a student of the school, he maybe not. I am open to making this an exotic thread ie vampire, werewolf, etc etc.

If you have read my other posts you know that I prefer descriptions, slow build up, and plot. Yes I fully expect there to
adult situations as of course the character is not overly familiar with the ways of the world, she has been protected pretty much her whole life.

Maybe this will tickle somones fancy.

Offline Tom

Re: Amative Compositions in the Dark
« Reply #1 on: April 23, 2008, 03:26:36 AM »
I'm kinda intrigrued by this one. I'm picturing a spin on Beauty and the Beast and Phantom of the Opera. How would you like something like this:

Baudechoun Waryn slept in his coffin. Although sleep might not be the proper word to use. He was not dreaming. And he was not indulging the dayly rest that his undeath kind used to keep away the pain of the radiant sun. He was hibernating. Or maybe he had accepted his final rest. It was something ancient lore told that vampires sometimes did. Tired of life and death, they'd just lay down one day and let centuries pass. A few of them woke up again. Some didn't. After millennia, they'd become pale statues that could not be told apart from alabaster or white marble - although Michelangelo himself could not have reproduced their beauty.

Something made Waryn stir. It was a deep vibration that penetrated the cellar of the building, layered with lighter notes that danced effortlessly over the melancholic base. It touched him. He opened his eyes.

Offline RaptTopic starter

Re: Amative Compositions in the Dark
« Reply #2 on: April 23, 2008, 03:49:01 PM »
Ok Tom your on....