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Author Topic: Back and Looking :) [F for M] [Newest Idea added 15/07/12 - #8]  (Read 981 times)

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Please don't reply on the thread. Let me know what you are interested in in a PM :) For extra knowledge, these are all roleplays that I plan to be long term with a plot involved and not just romance. We can talk and discuss more in roleplay. Non of these are NC roles, though, topics of different natures like rape, imprisonment, etc could arise depending on what we plot :)


It was the year 2200 and Essie's coming of age. That meant that she was about to be partnered with a stranger so they could mate and create more children for the military to test at the age of ten and discover whether they'd produced military kids or slave kids. It was all to do with health and fitness, and at the age of ten Essie had found out that she was the weaker twin. Her health was good, but she wasn't physically fit. Her brother had being both, and had also been smart. But then again her parents had invested more time in her brother and making sure he was up to military standards because he was male. 90% of the time females went into slavery and the males went to the military. Sometimes it was the other way round, but it wasn't all that common.

And when the females in slavery hit eighteen, they were partnered with a male to make children. Some got harsh men, some got kind. It was hard to say who you'd get. The way the system worked was a computer based random generator had all the names of the female slaves that turned eighteen that day, and a list of the men that were available to mate with. Sometimes not all women were partnered with a mate, the longer after eighteen you weren't partnered, the less chance you had of being partnered at all. There were generally more women than men and if you hit 21 without getting a partner, then you were left to work in slavery for the rest of time as your ripeness had apparently passed.

Today Essie was picked. And today it was more than likely she'd find a mate. She'd heard that 100 females were up for selection today, and with that 100, there were 62 males. She didn't know how many females had just turned eighteen, but it was more likely that the ones closest to 18 were picked first by the generator, and then if there were any males left for that days selection then the ones that were older would be selected once all the younger ones were gone. Essie just prayed that she got someone nice.

She'd made a few friends in the slave section. One of them called Jade, the same age as her. She was also up for selection. "Good luck, Essie. You excited?" She asked.

"Nervous." Essie told her friend.

"Don't be. I can't wait to be partnered." Her friend spoke.

"You might be ready for all this, but I don't know if I am." She admitted.

"Well you have no choice, but hope that you get a good man."

Essie nodded and the girls parted way for the time being. They were called into the slave canteen once the other slaves had finished eating and gone to work for the day. It was where you were assigned a number before waiting to go through to the auditorium where the generator would begin. Finally, after what seemed like hours of waiting but was more like an hour, they were led out of the canteen and down to the auditorium and onto the stage. There were a number of men sitting, obviously the ones waiting to get a mate. Essie stood uncomfortably, shifting from foot to foot. Her long red hair fell down her back freely and her green eyes stared at the ground. Normally the slaves didn't look all that clean, but the day before their mating arrangements they were pampered and cleaned, made to look like goddesses. Now Essie stood with a white dress on, that was designed to show off her body. It was v-necked, showing her cleavage of her 36c breasts, and clinging to her hourglass figure of her 5'6 frame. She was healthy looking, with meat to her bones and had milky white skin. Someone had told her that she'd probably be the most wanted today, that all eyes would be on her. She wasn't sure if that was true though.

Finally the computer started calling the numbers of the females.

"Number 58." The electronic voice stated.

The girl that had been assigned that number stepped forward. Essie looked down at her number 29. The computer then spoke again, calling out a name of a military person.

"Mark Anderson." The electronic voice boomed.

The soldier who it was stood up and walked up onto the stage to claim his mate before leaving to the right with her. Jade was called not long later - number 8 and seemed to be happy with her partner as she smiled at Essie and left with her man. This continued until finally she heard her number called - 29. Slowly and quietly, as well as nervously, Essie stepped forward and waited to see who was assigned to be her mate. She looked over the crowd of men quietly while the names flashed up on screen randomly until it stopped on one name which was called out.

Scene 2: The President's Daughter

Samantha Wilcox. The name was more than well known. In fact, her name was in the news and/or the headlines at least once a day throughout America. Wilcox was a name that every American knew and it would associate back to her father - Jonathan Wilcox. President John Wilcox. A lot of people liked him. A lot of people hated him. Those that hated him wanted to get him where it hurt the most. And that meant going after his 24-year-old daughter, Samantha - or Sam to her friends.

With other presidential duties, he'd assigned Sam several bodyguards. Most she didn't really talk to. They would just stand there, as still as a statue, protecting her. She hated that. The only one she'd spent time talking and getting to know, was the man that had being their the longest. The one that she found the hottest. Though, she couldn't really tell anyone that. After all, if she announced that she fancied one of the bodyguards he'd most likely be sacked so nothing happened. And she didn't want him disappearing.

But she wanted him to know she was interested in more than just the platonic friendship that they had going. Unfortunately, she didn't know how to let him though that. A lot of the time he wasn't the only guard on duty. She had several. Her father was overprotective of that. Especially after he'd lost her mother and younger sister in an assassination last year. The shooter had missed, taking out the driver of the car instead. The car had crashed killing the two passengers. The driver somehow miraculously survived. It all worked out for the assassin in the end. He'd done what he'd set out to do - kill the wife and one daughter.

There wasn't even a knock to the door as her father came in, her bodyguards at the door and his now there waiting as well. "You're going on vacation, Sam." It wasn't a suggestion, it was an order.

"What? When? Where?"

"Today. I've received another note. I'm not risking it. I'm sending you, two of your bodyguards and a team down to a safehouse that is currently getting set up. I've had your bodyguards briefed already and they're getting ready to go. Now you are, too."

"But dad-"

"No buts, Samantha. I'm not risking your life. You are going until the bastards that are doing this are caught." Her father was still suffering the loss of a daughter and wife. He suffered everyday like she did. But he refused to let the fuckers who did it beat him. He was going to beat them. And it meant protecting her.

"Fine. I'll pack. How long will I be going and will it be hot or cold."

"I'm not sure how long. It'll be hot though." He told her.

"When do I need to be packed by?"

"As soon as possible. You're going in an unmarked car. It'll be here soon. One bodyguard will be in with you, the others and the team in unmarked cars not far behind and in front. You'll be swapping cars at a separate location, just in case someone is following you from here."

"Okay then. I'll be down soon." Sam nodded, giving her father a hug. "I'll miss you."

"You won't. You'll be by a beach, sunbathing most of the day. The place your staying has a private beach. No one knows I own it. You'll have the time of your life." He smiled sadly.

"You're right." She smiled back.

After a few more words, the president left, letting her know that one of the bodyguards that was going in the car with her would come to collect her shortly. 

Scene 3: Protected by the Bodygaurd

Ryleigh finally managed to get the door to her apartment open. She really needed to call the landlord and get him to come and fix it. Every time the key went into the hole, the lock or something jammed and it took five minutes of messing to get into the apartment. And at times like this, when you just wanted to get into the place you felt safe the most, there was no time for the lock to jam. But with a final shove to the door with her shoulder, and the twist of the key, the door flew open, almost hitting Charlie, her black and white cat. Almost.

"Sorry, Charlie." She sighed, closing the door behind her.

The cat came and immediately started purring at her legs as a welcome back - or so Ryleigh like to think. It was more a 'I'm glad your back now get my food' purr. Smiling, she picked him up and carried him into the kitchen so she could prepare his food and then hers. And forget the weird last few days she'd had worrying over what was nothing.

At 32, Ryleigh lived alone. She hadn't found the right man yet to settle down with, but was too busy stuck behind books to look. She had Charlie and in her eyes that was more than enough. In her experience, males were jerks most of the time and she was better off without them. Yes, she dreamed of having a family one day, but that day was still very far away. Working in the library took most of her time because she let it. She could easily find more time to do things, but Ryleigh loved books and loved getting stuck behind them. She had done ever since she was a kid. Today had being her first day back in a week though, all because she'd scared herself silly.

All she'd wanted to do was give someone their paper back because they'd dropped it. They were on the phone so she didn't call out, and she was trying to catch up with them but they were in a hurry. In the end, she'd been led to a warehouse and inside two people were talking. She didn't understand what was said. It didn't make much sense, but the other man - the one that she hadn't followed that had already been there had noted that he thought someone was around that shouldn't have been. After that, Ryleigh fled scared.

She'd worried so much over it that she'd called in sick to work but after a week of been trapped in the apartment, and nothing happening to her, she convinced herself that she'd heard two people talking, nothing more, nothing less. The only thing she'd worried about was that since then, she hadn't been able to find her notebook. She kept the possibility that she'd left it there at the back of her mind. If she thought about it too much, she'd panic herself again.

Once Charlie was fed, Ryles settled down for the night in her chair and turned on the tv while she ate, Charlie curling up behind her on the back like usual. She got her own dinner - a microwave lasagne (she was an awful cook) and planned out her night. Food, shower, bed. Simple.
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Re: Back and Looking :) [F for M]
« Reply #1 on: July 06, 2012, 02:10:51 PM »
Scene 4: Dream or Reality

Katie's head was throbbing and the girl slowly moved her hand to her head. She decided that she must have been coming down with something, maybe the flu. It was that time of year after all, winter. She couldn't even remember much about the previous day or the current day. She just felt generally confused. Opening her eyes didn't help either. Especially when she was blinded by the sun shining brightly down on her.

Sun? Am I in heaven? Have I died? Katie immediately panicked, sitting herself up and looking around. She had felt slightly nauseous before but now it had increased tenfold. Katie was in the middle of a field in the middle of summer and she didn't recognise her surroundings in the slightest.

"Mark?" She called out. "Where am I?"

No answer.

Slowly, Katie got herself up and brushed her jeans down slightly, they weren't muddy but she felt the need to. She couldn't see anyone or Mark anywhere and this started to panic her. Her autumn red hair blew slightly in the breeze and she had to move it out of her face a couple of times it was that long, just so her deep blue eyes could see around her again. There was nothing that gave her any clue to where she was or how she got there. If she was dead then she certainly didn't feel it.

Her memory started to come flooding back to her with the previous night. She'd been walking back from the library before everything went black suddenly. That was weird. She couldn't remember been attacked or falling or anything of the sort, but something had happened because she didn't just skip to summer and end up in a field suddenly. That wasn't right and didn't happen in reality.

There wasn't any choice, Katie had to move and try and find somewhere where someone could explain what had happened and direct her home. All she had to do was find somewhere that looked like it had some form of civilisation and at the moment that was easier said than done. She was still feeling pretty sick and disorientated from whatever had happened. What didn't help was that Katie was hungry to. Her thin frame hadn't eaten since the afternoon before and her stomach grumbled at the thought.

"Is anyone out here?" She called out again, though it was most definitely a hopeless call been as she still couldn't see anyone or anything. Sighing, all Katie could do was move on and hope.

Extra info: This is more along the lines of a light fantasy plot-based RP. I'm looking for it to be consenual, human human RP with the potential for different races and magic within the roleplay. There will, of course be romance between the main characters - I will be playing Katie - but I want there to be plot and story as well. :) We can discuss this more in PM though :)

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Re: Back and Looking :) [F for M]
« Reply #2 on: July 07, 2012, 01:38:47 PM »
BUMP - Still really interested in doing the 'In The Future' role

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5. Getting The Rich Girl

Her parents are rich, powerful and greedy. They have everything they want and if they don't have something can easily get it. They have an 18 year old daughter who is just as spoilt as they are. She has everything she wants, has money to spend, and has everything handed to her on a plate.

So, when the town's bad boy meets with her in a club, he decides that it would be fun to seduce the town's princess to be his. It's a challenge and a game. Her parents would never approve of him and the fun would be in getting her to fall for him and defy her parents.

That is the basic plot. It needs some work on it but I'm sure that that can be discussed in a PM and sorted out more so that we have a solid thing to work from. Maybe she already has a rich, jock/jackass boyfriend too etc or something. I just really like the rich girl/bad boy roles and willing to chop and change to find something we both like.

6. Older male/Younger female

I don't have a plot for this one yet. But I like the idea of a younger girl 16-18 seeing an older man 30-40 years old maybe through an arranged marriage or something equally as interesting. I don't know. Throw me ideas and we can discuss. :)

I love playing the submissive girl. So I was thinking that it would be something that she's reluctant to do at first, but gets persuaded/talked around or something of the sort, but like I said, we can discuss. :) So just PM me.

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Re: Back and Looking :) [F for M] [Newest Ideas added 14/07/12 #7]
« Reply #4 on: July 14, 2012, 06:50:35 PM »
NEW 7. My Best Friend's Younger Sister

Five years ago, you had everything. A best friend, a girl you thought you were in love with, a future. Until you told your best friend, the older brother of the girl you were in love with. James was your best friend - had been for years. You did everything together, caused trouble, had fun, everything. That was until you mentioned that you liked his sister. Then shit hit the roof and years of friendship was destroyed in seconds and you were ran out of town.

Now, you have a decent job, and you've come back to town to win her over. Except she never knew why he left suddenly. Her brother never told her, instead he lied. Now your back to set the record straight.

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Re: Back and Looking :) [F for M] [Newest Idea added 15/07/12 - #8]
« Reply #5 on: July 15, 2012, 07:57:45 AM »
NEW8. Soldier and Girl

I haven't got an exact plot for this, but I like the idea of a military guy storyline falling for a normal girl type plot. Maybe they're in a war torn country and are hostages trying to escape or something of the sort? I don't know. Any ideas you have to expanding this role or you have different plots are welcome. Just send me a PM :)

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Re: Back and Looking :) [F for M] [Newest Idea added 15/07/12 - #8]
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We have nearly same user name! I really love the show! Hope you do, too!  :D