On the run

Started by Alexander, April 22, 2008, 02:21:10 PM

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Gabriel had been working for a crime boss for a long time… his nights spent as his bodyguard, his defender from anyone that would do him harm. He was a killer, through and through. Though he had a softer side as well, a lover of music to be exact. He loved playing the Violin in his free time. He was called the “Song of Judgment” by some, because any that heard his song, but didn’t see him, was likely to die. His skill as an assassin was known, but there was something that happened one day that he did not expect. The man whom he had pledged his loyalty to, had kidnapped a woman on her school trip, taking her hostage because of her wealthy father. Gabriel was a man of his word, and he didn’t voice his dismay of the mans taking a woman captive for money… he was an assassin, a murderer. Something like that didn’t seem so bad. The girl was charged to his care.. Putting his Bosses “Bargaining chip” under the protection of the best killer he had. He would look after the woman, take her out, and protect her. She was a lovely girl, and had a wonderful personality. As the days went on she had even made love to him, taking comfort in the only man that seemed to care about her. Several nights he had snuck to her room in the Bosses mansion and slept with her, his evenings spent playing his violin for her, and comforting her in her ordeal. But as the weeks pressed on, he became worried for her safety. The boss had grown frustrated with her father, not paying when he had demanded, and now he was threatening to kill her. Gabriel wouldn’t allow it… He had followed a strict rule in the assassins creed… his own rule. Never kill an undeserving victim. He only killed scum… drug runners, pimps, people like that. Now he would make the biggest decision of his life… he would take the woman out, and he would flee his contract. He would fight the fight of his life to get her home… no matter the cost.

-This one has a pretty thick plot. Though there will be passion involved ;)
-need member to play the captive rescued woman
-doesn’t mind a little action. Fighting, gunfights, Bit of killing, all in the name of preserving life.
-likes thick and tightly woven plots.



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yet again another great idea from you if you don't mind role playing with me in more then one role play I'd be happy to take the part.

I think I'm going to take you and make you mine because your ideas are just so great.   :P :-[


This looks rather interesting...
"Take me from this earth
an endless night-
this, the end of life.
From the dark I feel your lips
and taste your bloody kiss."

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This sounds awesome. I'm definately in....what do you say? Want to be my first and pop my E cherry? :) :-*