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Started by Jag, July 05, 2012, 05:21:53 PM

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Usually I don't have trouble resizing my gifs, but this one keeps coming out all grainy and I don't like that. I usually use GIFmagic to resize/crop my gifs, but it's just not working out for this one. I do not know how to use GIMP or photoshop or anything like that. Photobucket fails me with it. So yeah, I need someone to make this gif avatar size for me.

Please? GIFmagic is making it all warped and grainy. I can usually tolerate a little bit of that, but this time it's pretty bad.
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Have you tried irfanview?  It's very easy to use and absolutely free.  Open the image with irfanview, click on image, select resize and enter the dimensions and select the unit of measure or a percentage of the original image size and hit apply.  Undoing it is as easy as clicking edit and undo.  Just don't forget to save when you have it where you want it.

I apologize.  It doesn't seem to work in that program with moving images.  But for ordinary ones, it works fine.


Michi No Sora, it looks like you got it working!  What program did you end up using?  I am an Irfan user myself but resizing gifs like yasarra said is another story!
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