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June 20, 2018, 12:39:17 PM

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Author Topic: (M Seeking Primarily F) JonathanTrick's Roleplay Request  (Read 334 times)

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Offline jonathantrickTopic starter

(M Seeking Primarily F) JonathanTrick's Roleplay Request
« on: July 04, 2012, 04:21:48 PM »
Brief Introduction:
Hello all you there on the forums and thank you for being patient with me while I built up the confidence to increase my posting frequency. I’m jonathantrick, a 20 year old, fairly literate roleplayer. I have been roleplaying ever since I was thirteen and a complete amateur. Right now I’m particularly interested in adult erotic, yet plot-oriented, BDSM roleplays. As for my own writing ability and style, I typically write third person, around two paragraphs of content each post. However, I do mirror post length once an RP is going and can mould my post lengths to match the requirements of the RP.  I’m a male person who typically plays a male character, however I am not overly aversive to attempting to play a female, or blurring my gender role into trans/other kinds of characters. I typically play young males because I am one and that is what I am most comfortable playing as in my own writing style, but as I have made clear I am not aversive to stretching my boundaries with what I play.
About me as a person: I try my best to be very friendly and nice and respectful to anyone. If you do have a problem with me when we’re roleplaying please talk to me and I will happily take any feedback on board. I am very friendly and love to communicate with my roleplay partner to ensure an enjoyable experience for us both. So PLEASE talk to me if you’re in a roleplay with me so we can communicate and ensure a good roleplay. I tend to be on instant messengers a lot so definitely hit me up. I also tend to do one-shot, smutty roleplays on IMs if anyone is interested.
I’m primarily looking for female characters to play with, but I’m not aversive to male characters.

What Gets Me Going:
 In particular right now I’m looking for a ‘soft’ RP to dip my toes so to speak. Something where the BDSM is consensual, mindful and quite a ‘nice’ aspect, should we perform a BDSM RP. I can play either dominant or submissive depending on what my partner wants. To that end, I will be looking for the less extreme of the scale:
  • ·         Plot oriented, but not overly literate.
  • ·         Light/Medium Domination and Submission themes.
  • ·         Consensual D/s scenes.
  • ·         Nothing overly extreme; no scat, watersports or permanent marking in the plot. Anything that crosses the line into ‘extreme’ torture is a no.
  • ·         Patience and communication between both roleplaying partners.
  • ·         Interested in the idea of a reluctance aspect; the submitting character has consented and has come to meet the dominant, but is finding it hard to come to terms with the new, fetish aspect of him/herself and so is trying to push it out of his/her system, only to find that they can’t. More information in the ‘Plots’ section.

 Title-Role Specification (My ideal role-Partner’s ideal Role)
Acceptance (Dominant/submissive Male-Dominant/submissive Female)
The submissive has recently discovered his/her own taboo fetishes and has entered into a relationship with a dominant in order to explore their fetish and ‘get it out of their system’, so to speak. But the submissive finds him/herself wanting more, and has a struggle between his/her fear of the unknown and his/her desires, leading to an identity crisis.
Learning The Ropes (Dominant/submissive Male-Dominant/submissive Female)
Plot Heavy:
The submissive has entered into a relationship with someone who they have known for a long while and greatly trust. The two of them have since learnt about their fetishes and desires and wish to explore this further by transforming the dynamics of their relationship. The two embark on an internal emotional journey of discovery and sexual enlightenment.
Smut Heavy:
Plain old D/s relationship. The submissive and the dominant learn how to push each other’s buttons more throughout the RP, eventually becoming more into it.
Sold!(Dominant Male-Submissive Female)
The submissive, unsatisfied with her/his own life, has consented to be sold off at a slave auction to finally become who he/she desires to be. This RP details the development of a relationship between a buyer and his newfound submissive. Set in a parallel world where consensual slavery is fairly common and used as a ‘commodity’ of sorts.

More taboo plots:
Slutty Step-daughter(Dominant Male-Submissive Female):
A young and supporting stepfather finds himself at a cross-roads after finding out that his (of age, of course) step-daughter is interested in submitting to him sexually. He entered into a relationship with her now-deceased mother at twenty-five years old, when she was thirty, and her daughter was seventeen, as a result of an unplanned teenage pregnancy. He doesn’t know her too well as a father/daughter kind of relationship, being more of acquaintances thanks to the daughter’s already-independent age when the two of them met. Now learning that she is interested in him he struggles to come to terms with his reciprocated feelings, thinking that he is wrong for having such feelings even though he was only a step-father for a little while, with the daughter now moved out on her own and never having needed his guidance or input.
(Quasi, very weak incest. I don’t typically play it but I have had cravings since someone persuaded me to roleplay it with them over IM. I’ve read over the rules and I don’t think this is particularly against anything, but I am still worried, so let me know if it is breaking anything).

More generic plots:
Master/Slave (any side, any role),
 Boss/Trainee Worker
 More taboo relationships also considered.
Please come to me with any suggestions for these if interested.

Well, thank you for reading over this, please get back to me soon if any of my advertisement has interested you. You could always wing me a PM or get my IM details and contact me on there. Thanks again and I hope I haven’t broken any rules posting this. Let me know if I have.
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