Action, intrigue, incest and more! (seeking M)

Started by assionpay, July 04, 2012, 03:52:26 PM

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I have a larger roleplay request thread, but I found it necessary to include my most recent desires here. A short synopsis of what I'm looking for is as follows: post at least 3 paragraphs as I will always try to do the same, post at least once a week and be literate. I don't think I'm too demanding :). Enjoy!

1) A young woman has just moved out of her parents house and is living on her own in a college dorm. Somehow, amongst all the stress, she starts to hear voices that aren't her own. Is she going crazy? No, what is really going on is that some dormant telepathic ability has surfaced and she has not the slightest clue on how to deal with it as well as the unusual load of school work. Can she get control of her abilities before they control her? Looking for a male character to play opposite me. There is a lot of flexibility to this scenario. A male could be a teacher, frat guy, regular student, some random bad boy type who doesn't go to school and any of them could have an ability of their own. Does he help her or take advantage of her? Pm with proposed character if interested in this one.

2) When a young woman is woken in the middle of night by the sound of broken glass, she fears the worst. When she moves to look downstairs, all she sees is a dark figure looming over her parents before he fires a bullet into the back of each of their heads. They always told her to be prepared and without a second thought, she rushes out of her window and down to the driveway where she escapes in her car. With an emergency bag of clothes and a secret stash of cash, she needs to hire someone to help her. She needs to hire the best, a mysterious and seductive man that her parents always told her could find anyone. Even their killer she hoped

3) A new life, a fresh start, everything was going to get better, she thought. She had ran away from her possessive and rather physically abusive boyfriend in the cover of night, living with a distant relative across the United States where she could finish college and have a normal life. The problem is, he finds her. He finds her and has never taken no for an answer. This wouldn't be NC, but definitely a bit on the extreme I'd say since I do want there to be physical abuse, in and out of the bedroom.

4) He was always the trouble maker, in and out of jail throughout his youth. She excelled in school and sports, the apple of their parents eye. As adults, he comes to stay with her, the sister he has always cared for despite his troubled past. She accepts him, the brother she had always wanted to help. When he realizes she is much more grown up than he remembers, he finds he can't help but pine for her, eventually planning out the ways he can make her his (I'm open to blackmail, NC, cohersion, etc. here)

5) A woman has recently divorced, leaving only her and her soon to be adult son in the house. The marriage had been rough and she and her son had known it. Yet, it wasn't until after the father was out of the picture that she started to notice her son taking an interest in her. Driven by hormones and curiousity, he soon finds he wants to have his mother in whatever way he can. If need be, he is ready to call in a favor to a friend (I'm open to NC, cohersion, two men played by my partner, beastiality, etc. here)

That's it for right now. Please PM if interested :)
If I've usually posted by now, but haven't, check my absences:


Seeking number three now more than all others. Please Pm if interested.
If I've usually posted by now, but haven't, check my absences: