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October 16, 2019, 12:40:58 AM

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Author Topic: "The year is 2073. The worlds superpowers in their search for more dominion...  (Read 1583 times)

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Offline OcksTopic starter

...have wiped off a fifth of the global population, two thirds of the fauna, and vast deserts now ravage the soil where civilization once stood proud. It was nothing more than a a size up competition for land gain. The Last Standing War of 2058 was the turning point of a new stage in humanities niche in history. Soon after the seize fire began, guns had been rendered obsolete and outlawed, the new wars are fought as the armies of old settled disputes: with giant platoons that ran up to each other with weaponry that could split a skull in two. Funny that it takes centuries of technological advances to realize we're nothing more than barbarians.

This new system of warfare did the planet good, it gave it time to heal and regain some balance...but not the results the big governments desired. This lack of patience was all the incentive the company Nemesis needed to produce and, unknowingly to the other governments, sell to all of them a weapon that would turn the tides of war in favor of the user. Thus project Ragnarök came to be in the hands of those who would seal our fates.

2063....... Ragnarök is deployed.....

The compound blast creates devastation to the point that no life will ever emerge from ground zero, and this was the straw that broke our Mothers' back. Forth came creatures that to this day we don't fully comprehend, Titans that can run through a group of men and decimate them with a vicious animal ferocity. We call them Swarms.

On year 2065, the world superpowers banded together in a perpetual cease fire and truce, their armies compounded into one to help push back the Swarms, with every resource shared. That year the Collective Allied  Platoons marched into Ground Zero with a whole planets arsenal.....all for naught. Wave after wave of CAP's reduced to bloody puddles of mud and matter, and not a single enemy casualty....until a private stabbed a bayonet into one of the creatures.

The year is 2073. My name is Nelo, and i am the newest recruit into the CAP's of Ground Zero. An elite force that is tasked to stop the first few waves of Swarms. We chose a weapon of our highest proficiency to wield into the front lines, we train with them, we live with them...they never leave our sides. Being a relatively new organization, we're still trying to find a niche for ourselves in history, make up our weapons. Yasha is propped against my shoulder, rested with it's tip on the floor. A heavier than normal, double edged beast of a sword that only I could work up to wielding. It's been a long bus ride to the middle of nowhere, through the Wasteland towards the outer rings of Inferno in Ground Zero. We're headed towards the military base........Divine.

I wake up with still a bit to go to a voice asking me: "Hey, this seat taken?"

"No...go ahead...umm..."

(if interested, introduce your characters name on your post and take off from there.)

Offline OcksTopic starter


The more I read my post, the more I realize it could play out like FFVIII. Not what I intended and will do my best to steer it away from that.

Offline OcksTopic starter

wow...almost 10 months later and it still sounds like FFVIII.

Offline Mahtanus

Greetings, this RP still up? As its a intresting back story which I would like to give a shot..