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Author Topic: Vin's plots  (Read 938 times)

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Vin's plots
« on: July 04, 2012, 12:10:43 PM »
"Let's Play a game, shall we?"

[My main character will always be male and dominant]


There's just something about the addict Lin had arrested for personal possession of unprescribed pills. He was somehow caught up in a weird drug bust she'd been put on to and she just still couldn't fit the pieces together on how he fit into the equation at all. At first she thought he was a rat for the local Yakuza or even the Italian mob but then she learned he had good ties with the both of them and was even somehow connected to the mayor of the town. Then he suddenly disappeared under the radar. She was abruptly put on another case concerning the increased drug and weapons trafficking in a neighboring city that ended up in several bloody murders. And thus they meet again but this time on the streets and he has some interesting intel on the events that links them together in a weird partnership of mystery.


There's a new professor at Heavenward's school medicine and he isn't the most normal mortician instructor. Everything he does is out of the ordinary and it is quite the sight to see him speak about death so whimsically or how poetic he sounds when talking about cutting the organs out of a cadaver. The new year begins and all the freshmen who've just entered the school are bombarded with several rumors surrounding the new mortician specialist whom lives only for the death of mankind. A is on an internship, her last year of schooling before she is to be a coroner. A couple of students had committed suicide recently but somehow the rumors all pointed to the man. It is only when A meets the man and is assigned as his progeny that she truly sees that something is off about him after hours in the mortician lab facilities. Coming late to turn in a paper she discovers one of his many oddities that not only scares her but sparks a strange pique of interest in the man that starts a weird relationship between the two that leaves her wanting to know more of his strange ways and if the rumors of him were really true.

murderer x victim:[See Audric's personality/Intro in second post]

An innocent bystander witnesses a murder and just barely escapes his grasps. A couple of years later a strange figure is seen always in the dark watching B and she is put into the state of paranoia and fear of the night she saw the silver haired male murder the girl in the woods. She never saw his face just the color of his hair. She hires a private eye to find out who was exactly stalking her. It is then that she is sent weird notes and even photographs of herself in the mail entailing that he was keeping a watchful eye upon her. She tells her private eye everything and even hires another man to find out if it was the serial killer she saw a while back. This man promises her that everything would be okay and that he should keep a watchful eye upon her to better investigate her problems. His warm personality and assurance, unlike the other private eye, soothes her and she ends of opening up to him leaving a gap for a small close friendship to blossom. The letters and photos stop for after they get close and she is put at ease a bit. But, the man starts showing a weird side to him that now makes her worried...paranoia seeps in again and things get worse from there...

Yaoi preferred but I can do het as well.
Give me a list of your don'ts and do's.

Pm me what scenario you wish.
P.s. I like to wing my roleplays. I'll come up with a simple scenario of how the characters meet and ended up in their situation but that is all.
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Re: Vin's plots
« Reply #1 on: December 28, 2012, 11:33:59 PM »
.J u s t one n i g h t.

Name: Nelix Vanille

Age: 20

Sex: Male

Personality: Nelix is kindhearted, loving, bright, and enthusiastic readily taking on other's anguish and putting it upon himself. He doesn't like to see people sad. He'll try his hardest to make them so much as smile. However, even with such positive traits fueling his very being he can't help but slip into the darkness that awaits him. Nelix is quite the jealous type and easily coerced into believing the "white knight" fairy tale. Any man he so much as shows affection toward he instantly grows attached to and is willing to murder to keep their relationship alive. He only wants what anyone else wants in the long run: a family, kids, pets, and that beautiful dream house his mother once had in her prime. His dream is to have it all and if he so much as catches a glimpse of it in the truth or lies of a person of interest he will try his hardest to keep the illusion alive. Nelix doesn't take too well to rejection and often reacts toward such with drastic measures he sees as normal things anyone would do when defending their love.

Dark Obsessions[Taken]

Nelix finally takes a trip to a therapists office in search of help. His past reckless endeavors had ended him up in a mental institution for several months. Having been released he looks to continue his treatments to keep from potentially destroying his life and those around him. He meets his therapist and instantly feels attracted to him. He tries his hardest to rid himself of such feelings knowing he was being irrational again. After building a steady 'therapist to patient' relationship with the man, Neil confesses his attraction to him during a session. In a joking manner the therapist replied, "If I weren't your therapist I'd jump at the opportunity to have you by my side." Neil knew it was a joke but, there must have been some truth to his words or he wouldn't have said it, right? Before he knew it or could even stop himself he had reverted to his old ways--all the weeks of therapeutic treatment washed down the drain as he planned how to make the man his.

Pointers: We'll start at the session where Nelix confesses his love for the therapist. Neilix is dominant but can be a switch.

Plot: It took one night. Only one night to ruin his life. One night to open himself to things he never imagined himself doing. One Night to jeopardize all that he'd worked for. One night to kill himself. Neilix is a well known dancer at a prestigious dance club a business man comes to one night. The man promised Neilix anything and everything he always dreamed of: a house on the hill, kids, a loyal husband...a cat and a dog...the family he's always dreamed of having, while under the influence of alcohol. Anyhow after they have the one night stand, Neilix starts to come to meet the man on the street a lot, then at his job...somehow the dancer gets a job at the man's corporation. He tries to seduce the man but he reveals that he is married and all that stuff he was saying was a lie. Neilix then starts to pop up at the man's house and somehow weasels himself into living there and the drama starts.

Pointers: The role-play begins the first night they meet. Neilix is chasing after this man, something he wasn't supposed to have in the first place, so please make it a good chase and not an easy quick one. The man has two kids, and a wife, with ironically a dog and a cat. The man has questions about his marriage and whether it's failing or not, and if the rumors of his wife cheating are true or not. He's in doubt and that would explain why he went to the club to blow some steam.


You have been invited to a masqurade ball by Gabriel Knight. As his partner you are to come dressed in the outfit provided in the box this invitation is attached to. Transportation will pick you up at eight.

You are invited to an office ball by the most beautiful being you've ever laid eyes on. You are the awkward type, but for some strange reason had been getting a lot of attention from the corporation's son. You think he is fooling you, he seemed like the type who enjoyed being a cock tease. At the ball you decide to take advantage of Gabriel getting something you thought you deserved~ After that night Gabriel was starting to turn into a different weren't sure whether to be happy about it or not~

Notes:I want us to begin our rp at the ball. Yes, I want a full blown rape scene with my character being completely owned. After that however my character will start to grow a little bolder...and therefore become the dom. Perhaps if you like there could even be a nice struggle between power later in the rp :: Specific kinks for the rape scene: I want some mild physical abuse[slapping, hair pulling, pushing], and dirty talking.
Wet n' Messy-- I wanna get covered with something other than cum~
Size difference-- I want your charcter to be taller than mine <33
Dirty Talking-- Can't have a smutty role-play without it :3
Oral Sex-- Haven't done good oral scenes in a while~
Throat Penetration-- That's always fun to have done to my character
Hardcore facials-- I want my character covered in your love juice <33
Hair pulling-- Rough sex is always better with it <33

Give me descriptive posts that are well constructed.
No one liners
Pm me or post here about these requests <33

Name: Audric Lin Cervantes

Age: 25

Sex: Male

Personality: Sick and twisted. Depraved and lost. There are only a few words to describe the lost soul that is Audric L. Cervantes. He is obsessed with the wonders of death. Within an instant he can transform from a well mannered gentlemen into a natural born killer. Death is what he craves. Life is what he yearns to watch crumble before his very eyes. Of course he isn't all bad inside. A small part of him craves to love and be loved but, he knows if anyone were to find out what he truly was he would eventually have to kill them. They wouldn't be able to accept his true form. He wouldn't be able to accept the rejection. In an attempt to cover up his weaknesses he tends to take on a more sadistic role. It's easier for him to take, it's easier for other's to accept, and all the while he is able to enjoy the simple pleasures of human interactions.


"No...please stay away...."

God she was so...beautiful.

"Don't'll only make things more difficult on yourself if I have to catch you."

He was never really fond of the game hide-and-go-seek or tag for that matter. They were always so frustrating; especially when he couldn't catch his prey.


The woman was silent before she darted off--toward him? Where did she think she was going exactly? They were practically in the middle of fucking nowhere. Did she think she would get far on foot? He drugged her on their little date and drove her all the way out to the woods. It was a popular camping ground for tourist... But, they never trailed off so far in the middle of the night. Especially after hearing of the kidnapping and murder of young woman that happened only a year ago. There were rarely ever any strays. But, with the possibilities that someone might decide they wanted to check out the spring, he needed to get her on the ground and finish what he had started. He wanted that pretty little head of hers to add to the ones already collected. She would make a nice addition...and a lovely headline in the newspapers the next morning. "Corporate bitch slaughtered on Haverford Falls Camping resort." Of course they wouldn't use the term bitch...but he could only imagine right?

In his hands was the woman’s neck the second she decided she wanted to fake him out and run toward him. Onto the ground he slammed her and he immediately hopped onto her. She wouldn’t squeeze out of his grasp this time. He was serious now. He wanted her dead. He wanted to hear her gasp and gargle for breath as the sweet sight of crimson would fill her tiny little mouth and overflow her lungs.
“LET ME GO—uuaagk…”

Stupid woman. To think he would really allow her to scream into the night and startle all those campers. No, tonight was his night and he would have it happen the way he wanted it to. He grabbed her neck with his hand to silence her as he reached onto his back, unsheathing a dirty looking machete. It was an odd weapon for murder but he liked it. It was his first and only…and he would continue to use it until the death of him.

It was a hot summer night and Audric found himself yet again in a situation he didn't need to be in. His infatuation with the dead would surely be the death of him. And even with that thought in mind he removed his hand from her neck and before she could regain her breath he sliced her throat. Blood splatters danced along his body as he dug the rusty old machete deep into her neck. Dry cracked lips parted in a sadistic grin as he twisted and turned the blade, obviously trying to decapitate the other as planned. Perhaps he should have sharpened the blade before he set out for the night. He was all too anxious however, when she accepted his invitation to dinner—at his house. What a stupid woman. She didn’t know him from a can of paint and she still agreed.

With such a bad blade one would think it was useless to try and take her head. Not Audric though. He had far too much experience with the blade to just give up. Besides, he didn’t go through such an elaborate plan not to receive his reward. Plus, it would be a shame to let such beauty be wasted. With a soft growl and another good push the blonde had accomplished his goal. How swell. Out of breath and panting for air, Audric grabbed her hair and held her head up so he could look into her lifeless eyes.

He sat there entranced by her beauty even in death, unaware of how long he’d actually taken to hack her head off, and if anyone was standing and watching him in the dark…
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Re: Vin's plots[updated again]
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updated first post.

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Re: Vin's plots
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Re: Vin's plots
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Re: Vin's plots
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