Fetwick's fantastically frightening fables! (M for Dom F)

Started by Fetwick, July 04, 2012, 01:46:03 AM

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Hi there, I'm Fetwick and I've kind of gotten a little tired of chasing around, so I figured I'd make everyone come to me! MUAHAHAHAHA... ahem... Anyways! I'm mainly looking for women who like to switch so that we're on equal ground in the dominance department. But I do have a few plots for those of you who don't submit so easily. As it stands, I don't really have any plots for strictly submissive females (I'm trying to explore my submissive side as of now.) but if you think you have a unique plot, shoot me a PM and I'll consider it. You might even convince me to go back to dominant side. You can find my ons/off in my preferences I was fairly thorough with it. But should you have a question or fetish you'd like to see, ask away! I'd also say I prefer to RP by forums but I'm okay with PMs as well. (Sorry but no Email/Messengers for this guy.)

Anyways, enough with the intro, you want plots! Drama! Intrigue!

1: The Last Man on Earth (Military Fiction)

Now this is one of those cases where you would be strictly dominant. But should you feel it, there could be a time when I break free and turn the tables.

In an alternate universe not unlike our own, Earth has still exsisted with its human inhabitants and its slavery. The difference in this world is that women have ruled with an iron fist under their Femme Regime. I would be the last living man who had evaded the extermination of his race, but is finally captured and brought in to you. Either some high ranking military official or torture expert. (Or Both?!) I was thinking he wouldn't be a willing sub and someone you would have to break and silence to make an example of.

2: Spy Games (Spy Fiction)

It's about two rival spies both infiltrating the same orginization that has incriminating info on both of countries. I figured, I would play an American and you could be someone from France or any other country you want. (If you want the U.S. then I'd be down to switch myself!) This intellegence could lead to scandal for either country. The evidence in question is actually The President involved in sexual relations with the Prime Minister of your country. Now here's where it gets fun. The info is devastating to both of our countries, but should one get their hands on it, they may be able use it to blackmail the other party with some tweaking of the photos to get something from the other country. (Also as an alternative, instead of different countries, one of us could be a double or rogue agent in the U.S.) So it's kind of a Spy vs. Spy but there's a needed alliance. But one more factor starts this RP...

I was thinking, the beginning would have us duct taped to each other nude(Or Clothed), as they make us perform unthinkable things to each other. It's mainly a means to watch us torture ourselves. As this goes on, we can each reveal how we got caught and eventually work together to escape. But maybe there's some resentment for each other after the horrible things we've just done to one other and split ways. Thus would begin the spy games! It becomes a struggle to see who can get the photos from the mysterious woman running the evil federation or the other spy!

3: Spirit Bound (Horror)

Now this plot would see a Reporter and her Cameraman going to investigate a haunted hotel for a quick segement. Shortly after they arrive however, a terrible storm brews and they are forced to stay the night only to find out that the rumours are true. The ghost of a woman who was brutally murdered seeks vengeance on any she thinks harmful to her prescense. She starts to repossess the news duo making them do unthinkable things to each other. Will they get out alive? Is the ghost the only threat in the hotel?

4: Cat and Mouse (Police Mystery, possible MFF.)

With this one I thought about it actually involving 3 Roleplayers. It doesn't have to be, you could play 2 characters if you wanted or we can share.

But yeah, the plot involves two detectives that have been on case of a serial killer who has been deemed "The Dominatrix." Most of her victims are found bound, gagged, and beaten with their corpses winding up in various New York harbors. Following a false lead the pair find themselves in a trap and wake up her personal dungeon. And she is one bad host. She degrades, toys, and ultimately tries to turn the two against each other in this game of cat and mouse.

5: The Revenge (Possible MFF.)

She has just found out her Fiance has been cheating on her. He had been distant and cold and she's finally fed up with it. Tired of having her advances ignored, she waits up on him one night and subjects him to all sorts of humiliation and torture. This could even maybe have her ensnare the fiance and the woman he was cheating on her with if two women are interested.


Feel free to PM me or even post here. I think I reserved all that I need for the future. I might add pairings and what not here soon enough.