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Author Topic: A Cyberpunk Kind of Game (Full 04/07/2012)  (Read 2850 times)

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Offline AKunoichi

Re: A Cyberpunk Kind of Game (would you like to know more? Y/N)
« Reply #25 on: July 02, 2012, 09:04:45 PM »
I don't think what I want and what you want line up. I think you should go pursue other games.

Well what do you want? Kicking somebody out without offering alternatives or seeking compromise is a bit harsh. Especially since I showed interest and actually made a character. I made a cyberpunk with a nice potential plot hook, who just happened to dress and act like a slut. A common troupe of cyberpunk is a degration of common morality, but if you are the GM and I can tone it down if you want. At any rate I wouldn't spend the whole campaign getting laid.
I made this character to be a streetsmart bitch who uses parkour to get around and gets involved in things she probably shouldn't. I also decided that because this is an adult RP form, and that because adult themes are common in cyberpunk literature, that it would be fun to also make her overt in her sexuality. Highlighting the physicality of her character.
But if you want something else, that's cool, just tell me what you want and let me adjust instead of shoving me out in the cold. Deus Ex is one of my favorite games and Gibson is one of my favorite authors.

Offline RecklessRapscallion

Re: A Cyberpunk Kind of Game (would you like to know more? Y/N)
« Reply #26 on: July 02, 2012, 10:46:35 PM »
Name: Boqin Zetsou
Age: 25
History: Originally born in the slums of Hong Kong Boqin learned to be a survivor early. His parents both were without work and they had to scrounge for every meal. That was before his parents got ill and died when he was only six. It was a miracle a Welfare organization kept track of the neighborhood he lived in and it was a greater blessing that they took him out of the slums in Hong Kong. A family high up within the Blue Dragon Hierchy. They were not CEO's but eventually his new father became Vice President of Marketing in North America. Boqin was an only child to a loving Japanese family and enjoyed the greater things in life. Getting the best education, and put into a massive Japanese social circle he adapted quickly and well. Too this day he cannot remember much of his life in China only snippets here in there.

Boqin got his first augmentation when he was Thirteen, apparently after several tests his body responded to biological augmentations and due to company policy he qualified for early age adaptive neuro enhancement (EAAANE). Which with a series of biological therapy to increase his mind power to think several times faster then a human. Boqin was already pretty sharp but after that brain boost nothing could top him, academics was trivial, keeping track of gossip was no sweat, and he even picked up a few more languages. At his private school he was nominated class president and very well liked by his peers.

When he graduated high school at sixteen he began his second form of advanced gene therapy but this time for more cosmetic needs with parental consent he got custom tailored pheromones. He always wanted to be the life of the party and make great first impressions, he was already pretty good but he wanted that extra mojo to make everything go smooth. It made his transition to college go by without a hitch, being groomed into the corporation as a possible marketing rep everything seemed good until he partied too much and failed his college drug test. That was the greatest low of his career and it caused his parents to distance themselves to Boqin to save face.

Depressed he decided it would be better for a change and at twenty three he packed up and left Japan for North America. It took in several weeks to adapt but he quickly made friends and in the middle of the raid an old freelancer mentioned that there was good pay for temps. His first run was a bit shaky but he got a massive adrenaline high and ever since then he has been hooked, life has been slightly less glamorous but he did not mind his moderately sized flat and the nightlife is great.

Typically as a freelancer he has been hired to manage teams being able to find the right people for their jobs and coordinate teams so their skills can be combined for great effect, he was groomed for management and uses the talent as a temp.

Skills: Reading emotion, empthisizing with people, making contacts and friends, problem solving, he knows a little judo and Kenpo, and is a decent shot. He also has quite the poker face which makes him pretty good at lying.


EAAANE: Due to early childhood gene therapy his brain thinks several times faster then a normal human with great accuracy. This also allows him to have instinctual emotional management. With mutli-tasking boosts as well he can handle a large amount of information and make quick decisions.

Custom Tailored Pheromones: It helps him make a good first impression, it also gives him a very magnetic aura.

Additional Information:

He is quite good at Networking and keeping track of people with specialized skills he can call upon for help of course he will owe them a favor if he requests AID.

For now I was thinking he has three contacts.

1. One I was thinking is a Street Doctor, decent rates asks little questions good place to go when your in a bind.

2. Ex-Girl Friend thinking she works for City Security in administration very good for giving insight or an Inn to certain locations.

3. A Standard Fixer if you don't know where to get something he will point you in the right direction.
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Offline Niki315

Re: A Cyberpunk Kind of Game (would you like to know more? Y/N)
« Reply #27 on: July 03, 2012, 03:10:53 AM »
If this is still going, and there's actually an available slot left (I know you said you were full a few posts back), I was thinking of making a character for this as well.  I have a character concept in my one on ones thread that's made for Shadowrun.  I just edited up real quick to fit in with your world.

Name:  Gemma Mattiazzi
Age:  17 (could be older if necessary)
Appearance:  Gemma still looks fresh and young, and with the regular skin therapy treatments she gets she will continue doing so for decades.  She has replaced strands of her normally dark hair with fiber-optics that she can change the color of at will.  Typically, they are a bright color to create extreme highlights.  Occasionally, she'll load up a program to shift the colors gradually over time when she's trying to catch some attention. Her eyes are unmodified but hold contact lens that load up a HUD connected wirelessly to her mini-pc.  She has an attractive face with some Italian features.  Her body is very fit with breast implants capable of expanding to double their normal size. She has had treatments to permanently remove hair from her arms, pits, legs, and crotch.  She has a wardrobe full of fashionable clothing from medium to high end designers and due to her more dangerous hobbies she has gotten used to the feel of armored clothing like jackets and vests along with practical unrestrictive workout clothes.  Her tattoos are combined with some minor cybernetics and allow for a wireless link up to display different colors or pictures when it suits her mood.
History:  Gemma's family has always had mob connections.  The Italian mafia just isn't what it used to be.  Her parents got into trouble and while they are facing jail time, her uncle has become her caretaker.  Her uncle is a lawyer that frequently advises the mafia and has made a killing litigating for corporates that just want problems to go away.  While she was younger, she was pushed toward gymnastics and other hobbies suitable for a young girl.  Over the years she started to meet up with other circles.

Gemma's uncle doesn't want her to get involved with the riff raff she has been running with, but he has little control over her whims.  Her primary aspiration is to get into simsense direction, a technology that allows entertainment to activate all the sense rather than just auido and visual.  Gemma has had a top of the line implant placed in her brain to record and control sensory input and output allowing her to receive simsense signals and write them to files that anyone with the proper equipment can enjoy.  In order to gain access to storage space for some of these files Gemma has begun chatting online with some clever hackers and owes a few favors.  Her other hobbies include breaking and entering.  By loading programs into her implant she can react slightly faster than average and improve her already exceptional coordination.  She spent a small fortune on a vibro-sword and can load the sensory data of a sword fighter to become an above average street fighter, though she doesn't stand a chance against street sams. 

Now that she's nearly 18, she's looking to make an actual name for herself.  She wants to get into actual runs with professionals to learn the trade and record the experience. 
Skills:  Managing large amounts of sensory data, stage direction and dramatic effect, shooting in the general direction of a target, getting into serious trouble and getting bailed out by an expert lawyer
Enhancements:  Gemma's enhancements are largely superficial.  Breast implants made with a gel capable of expanding or contracting, tattoos and fiberoptic hair that can all be controlled with wireless signals.  Her sensory recorder and control device are capable of overriding her own senses with programs and files of sensory data, which she can then sort and trim the data into a readable file that can be played by any capable player.
Additional Information:  Gemma keeps a mini-PC with her at all times capable of storing whatever her current work is.   Her contact lenses, tattoos, hair, breast implants, and sensory recorder all maintain a wireless connection to the mini-pc. 

Her current obsession with recording sensory data has made her a bit of a hedonist and adrenaline junkie.  Looking for trouble takes on a whole new meaning around Gemma.

She has friends on the internet that she keeps in regular contact with that are aching for her next update, that often point her to places where she can store large amounts of data whether over the internet or through a hard line.

Her uncle and legal guardian still bails her out of any serious trouble she gets into leaving her with a sense of invincibility.

She also stays in contact with a typical fixer, who has pointed her in the direction of places to get her guns and vibro sword as well as ridiculous exploits that make for good sensory recordings.

Offline Cold HeritageTopic starter

Re: A Cyberpunk Kind of Game (would you like to know more? Y/N)
« Reply #28 on: July 03, 2012, 05:13:55 PM »
@RecklessRapscallion: Good stuff. Accepted.

@Niki315: Somewhat up in the air as to open spots; I'll keep you in mind if it seems like there is space available.

Offline Niki315

Re: A Cyberpunk Kind of Game (would you like to know more? Y/N)
« Reply #29 on: July 03, 2012, 06:28:47 PM »
Cool.  Thanks for the consideration.  ^__^

Offline Le Immortelle

Re: A Cyberpunk Kind of Game (would you like to know more? Y/N)
« Reply #30 on: July 04, 2012, 04:23:55 AM »
Is there room for another street samurai character? This game looks fantastic! :)

Offline Pumpkin Seeds

Re: A Cyberpunk Kind of Game (would you like to know more? Y/N)
« Reply #31 on: July 04, 2012, 05:34:49 AM »
Name: Miranda Ray
Age: 19
History: Miranda Ray never truly led a normal life.  Certainly moments of the normal creep into her memories and enter her thoughts.  Days spent chasing the family pet through the sprinklers, of movie dates with friends and swing sets at the park.  Memories of her mother fussing at them to stop eating candy or to stop with the holovids because they would rot their brains appear from time to time.  Clips of her past where her father would set her down before a deck, show her the beauty of the Net with endless possibilities.  Moments strung together by a desperate need to have a past that doesn’t give her nightmares.

Nightmares such as seeing her father slouched in his chair.  Spittle at the side of his mouth, his eyes and body twitched as he remained alive in a hell crafted for him on his beloved Net.  Revelations that he was a notorious criminal there that the money he supported his family with was done from ill-gotten gains.  Police arrived, corporate lawyers paraded and her mother cried on the kitchen floor.  Life spun out of control until her mind and talent allowed her to reach out and grasp the day for herself.  Miranda Ray suffered during that time, but she pushed forward with what others could only describe as genius.  A prodigy of the computer world that none could doubt was a gift from her late father.  Miranda Ray despised the association.

At the age of 17 she began a small business.  Calling the consultation firm a firm at all would be far too grandiose for how small the humble origins were.  The goal was simple, to save up money for college so that she could start a larger firm or work for a corporation.  Miranda Ray had no illusions about the world and also no clue about the underbelly.  A bank hired her on her reputation and the few reputable references her father had left to vouch for her skill.  The money went toward her college payments, enough to enroll her for a first semester.  A start on what she hoped would be her new career.

An algorithm along the data walls ended her career.  A simple case of curiosity and inexperience tore her world apart in only a few minutes.  Miranda never thought the flaw she found was real, never thought for a moment the flaw bypassed the fails safes the company had constructed.  The same fail safes she had checked time and time again.  She never imagined that pushing on that flaw, on that simple mathematical distortion would send the walls crumbling.  The defense took a day to disappear and hackers took only seconds to descend like vultures to the carcass.  Over coffee the next morning she saw the headlines and knew her time was short.  Memories from her past, memories of what the corporates do to those that lose their money flooded her mind.  She was only one person in her company, no ties and no security.  So she ran.

Mirage was born from dear and desperation.  A creature unleashed that Miranda had sworn would never see the light of day.  The image crafted from her father’s teachings and his love of science fiction.  Mirage became the way she would cover her tracks, erase her life and keep herself breathing.  Miranda Ray became her father the day Mirage was born.
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Offline Scribbles

Re: A Cyberpunk Kind of Game (would you like to know more? Y/N)
« Reply #32 on: July 04, 2012, 09:22:28 AM »

Name: Karen Foster, Cable
Age: 25
Karen was born to a poor family with no mother, no school, an abusive drunk of a father and several siblings, each with their own complex problems. And while she started off by simply wanting to help, it was because of this dysfunctional setting that she grew on the constant lookout for escape, ranging from the common like drugs to the bizarre such as selling her soul to a corporate.

It all began at the bottom as a temp, running small-time assassinations on Weekends while handing out company pamphlets on Weekdays, a life she adapted to eerily well despite how dull the latter could be at times. As for the assassinations, Cable found she had quite the knack for contract killing; all she had to do was picture her father’s face before blowing away the prospective targets. It was an affinity which her company quickly spotted and the reason she was soon hired on as a full time employee, perks and all, one of which was a free cybernetic implant. Before long, Cable was the proud owner of a new set of peepers, capable of switching through types of vision when necessary.

With her new enhancement, Cable instantly latched onto a new addiction, one which would trump all her old druggy habits by far; the addiction of cybernetics and the wondrous heights they could push her to. She swiftly began pouring most of her earnings into implants until bit by bit her humanity was replaced by advanced robotics. As Cable’s body changed, so too did her life, with each upgrade marking not only another victim but an increase in infamy. This continued until finally the growing assassin had acquired her own little nickname within the corporate underworld, “Cable”.

She picked the name up due to an experimental piece she had installed, a pair of cables which she’d shoot from the palms of her hands like a robotic spider-woman. Unfortunately, it not only became her namesake but her unintended calling card as her handiwork began to point in her direction, mostly thanks to the "shocking" deaths and distinct cable marks. This continued until she became too much of a liability and her company had to release her from her contract, an ultimately fatal act.

Thankfully, Cable’s ex-company had nowhere near as much influence or resources as some others, making escape easy enough. With her release from corporate shackles, Cable joined the dangerous but exciting world of freelancing. From there she adapted new methods of killing by training with a mix of blades and guns. This helped break the growing monotony of assignments as well as helped hide her tracks, especially if her old company came looking. She also took on a few leisurely pursuits such as martial arts, to sate the need for beating stuff, as well as night-classes and reading, to regain a little bit of her lost childhood.

Today Cable is between jobs while searching for new implants to add to her collection. To assist in these searches as well as jobless times, she’s already installed a type of relay device which helps keep her connected as well as provides a few other useful functions.

Unarmed Fighting Specialist – Cable can exchange fists and kicks with the best of them!
Small Arms Specialist – She’s quite adept at shooting stuff!
Katana Specialist – Nothing gets her blood flowing like an intense sword-fight, where each cut and slice could mean a limb or artery!
Pro Skater/Blader – She can't drive but she's an expert at the best and most fun ways to travel!

Cybernetic Upgrades – Cable has greatly enhanced strength, speed and jumping, thanks to a few cybernetic implants she's installed over the years.
Optical Implants – She can switch through several visions, including night, infrared, heat, etc…
Internal Relay – While she can’t hack, she can act as a conduit for those who can. She can also boost or drown signals, connect to the net, or make calls.
Cables – Cable can shoot thick cables from the palms of her hands which she uses to wrap, whip or shock targets. Each cable is attached to a small battery which can switch between a brutal electrocution and an EMP. She can also use them for a quick lift or to connect to a device.
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Offline Muse

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Re: A Cyberpunk Kind of Game (would you like to know more? Y/N)
« Reply #33 on: July 04, 2012, 10:04:50 AM »
Name:  Marco Moreno

Age:  28

Appearance:  Six foot, three inches tall with a body sculpted frame under sienna brown skin.  Black hair in a pony tail.  Chromed eyes.  Strong, pronounced Aztec facial features.  He favors fine slacks and button down shirts under combat boots, a Neo-style longcoat, and mirror shades. 

History:  Born in the gentle embrace of a Mars Dynamics archology, the artificial peace he grew up in never sat well with Marco.  He pursued education and the martial arts with the same fervor.  Born seriously near sighted, he traded his glasses for chromed cyberoptics when he came of age. 
   Upon graduating college with a degree in education, he paid for augmentations to his strength, resilience, and healing.  Then he took a job teaching in a bad neighborhood. 
   While he was sometimes able to make a difference in the lives of his students, he became increasingly jaded towards how the system treated the have-nots.  The legacy of Walton's corp kept them poor and uneducated, which kept them easy victims for the drug cartells as well. 
   After a while, he went vigilante, going to war with the dealers who pedalded poison to his students.  It was at this period that he lost his arm to an assassin and got his students help replacing it with gadget-filled prosthetic.  Eventually, he lost his job and his ideals, and became a mercenary for hire who will take any job so long as he can stick it to the machine. 

Skills:  Academics, Athletics, Computer Operations, Detective work, Kendo and Shotokan, Stealth. 

--Implanted wireless computer and VR interface. 
--Optics:  Chromed eyes are adapted for low light, telescopic vision, and targeting enhancement.  They also include a heads up display tied to his implanted comptuer for when he's not in full augmented reality. 
--Balistic fibers woven through his skin provide a degree of natural armor. 
--His muscles and bones are reinforced with synthetic fibers, redoubling his strength and resilience. 
--Dedicated nanite systems speed his healing and repair. 
--Armored left arm airbrushed with two charecters from a 21st century anime-fantasy.  The fingertips have a few useful tools implated, and the palm is hardened for hammering nails.  A pop out mini-missile launcher gives some relatively heavy artillery—but only three shots per adventure.  A grapple line launches form the wrist. 

--Paint Ball Gun From Hell:  This 21 round powered air gun can be loaded to dispense paint, sedatives, or acid.  It has nearly as good of range as a typical pistol. 
--Monoblade katana

Additional Information:

Offline Cold HeritageTopic starter

Re: A Cyberpunk Kind of Game (would you like to know more? Y/N)
« Reply #34 on: July 04, 2012, 05:22:23 PM »
@Amazon: At the moment, it does not appear so. If it becomes the case, I will let you know.

@Pumpkin Seeds, Scribbles: Good stuff. Accepted.

@Muse: Good stuff, my friend. Do you think we could stage this game in one of your forums?

Offline Muse

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Re: A Cyberpunk Kind of Game (Full 04/07/2012)
« Reply #35 on: July 04, 2012, 05:39:23 PM »
*Smiles*  Sure, let's put it on The Lamb 'til it's big enough for it's own board. 

Offline Cold HeritageTopic starter

Re: A Cyberpunk Kind of Game (Full 04/07/2012)
« Reply #36 on: July 05, 2012, 10:49:04 PM »
I'm going to aim to get things started for Sunday.

Did anyone have any strong feelings, one way or the other, to characters starting out knowing each other or if the game will open with them working together for the first time?

Offline Niki315

Re: A Cyberpunk Kind of Game (Full 04/07/2012)
« Reply #37 on: July 06, 2012, 03:12:27 AM »
It might make more sense for us to know each other a bit, but it's probably easier just to say we're all getting thrown together for this.