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Hi there! XD  I am WhiteTiger and it is a pleasure to have you reviewing my thread!  I have many other story ideas if you look at my  o's and o's link thread. Thank you ;D

Please read my O's and O's thread to see more ideas and to learn more about me as a writer and a partner. Also feel free to look into my past story posts.

Typically I am a dom vs. usually dom player that is story driven, but a nice feisty sub is great too in my char or yours ;). I use the ims for brainstorming and putting stories together with my awesome partners. I prefer to really have fun putting together, planning and creating a story with my partners on the im. I love great  plots, layers, tension and the story buildup of so many things in the high fantasy with realism genre.  Such a story is great fun to write with my awesome partners!  ;D  I also adore creating whole new worlds with many npcs, layering, character development, details and really tell a tale to wrap around the pairing so the pairing is a natural flow of the story. 

I want, love and NEED good story lines, plot and character development and lots of twists and turns.

Besides my Vampire, Shapeshifter, and 2nd werewolf ideas here, I also have 1 more werewolf idea, a dragon idea, a Geisha/Kunoichi idea, a Chinese martial arts idea, another shape shifter idea, an Undine/Mermaid story idea and some more.

General pairings using any of the combinations below: 

dragon (can also shift into human form)
creatures of air, fire, water or earth (but not in gnome or dwarf form)
shape shifter
werecreature (full transformation also)
Feudal Japan
anything paranormal
or a completely new and made up being. :D

Below are some of my story ideas. If you have an idea or are interested in mine, please feel free to pm me. :D
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My O.O.C. werewolf story ideas 1

A Piece of Heaven

On the edges of a large city, inside a desert, lays a forest reaching up from a large group of mountains surrounding the valley. So close, yet worlds apart in climate and environment. People from the city and afar often come to vacation, have a summer home, camp, visit and go skiing in the winter. 

Within these well visited mountains, lies a silent secret, a pack of ancient wolves. They easily shift into their original form of human to the secret pack, while going on about their ancient lives and reason for being there.  Why are they there and why for so long?  How did they get there to begin with? 

Present day:
He was the pack's Alpha Male, simply sleeping, tucked away nicely in a level crevasse of the mountains wall. The rest of the pack being a great distance away as he awoke from his nap, he took up the rest of the days scouting mission. Tragically, he gets killed from a freak camping accident. The pack was too far to do anything but to hear him howl in pain as he died.

Arriving at where he died, The ambulance, the fire department, the police and the forestry department only found a human where the camper said the wolf was and took his body and the hysterical camper into the city.  The news was filled with the accidental murder and the pack no longer had it's alpha male. By the time the pack arrived, nothing was left but the smell of humans everywhere. In great pain and sorrow, Moro, the Alpha female howled loud and clear in her heart breaking song to the night, leading the rest of the pack to do the same. This chorus of loss filled the supposed wolf free free mountains to echo their song of loss for that one night, leaving echoes, whispers, rumors and fear amongst those who lived there and those that passed through, hearing the rumors. As time passes, the pack becomes in great need a new alpha male and Moro's job, along with the pack, is to find the right one. 

The archaic past and the creation of a secret no human must ever know of:

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Resting under the cover of the immense evergreen trees, disguised as she was, Moro, the white wolf drifted back into revere to when they first came into being. Humans they were then, the original tribes that occupied this great land, living as hunters and gatherers. They both scavenged, hunted and gathered what they could year by year during the times of the great ice sheets that covered the lands. These were the times when the fearsome saber tooth tiger and the fearsome wooly mammoth ruled. Supplying them for weeks. even months, the catching of a great Mammoth, a mighty brother of their land was a fine omen and a gift from the gods. 

One night, as they slept, the night came that filled the star lit sky with light brighter than the sun and a great crash was heard in the distance.  The next morning, all awoke in fear and saw the ashed and dust from the distant crash that had landed on their village. For days and days they tried to go look at what it was, but was too hot to get close. Finally, all gathered around, young, old, man and woman. They gathering their things and covered themselves in warm the sacred fur of the wolf for the journey to look for the site. They were convinced it was a great omen of some kind. Finally, they arrived at the site of the great crater created from the crash. At the center of it was a glowing, beautiful orb. 

After consulting the white haired wise woman and huntress, they finally, moved as one, and crawled down the great hole in the ground to the still glowing orb. All colors of the rainbows from the skies and more flickered through it in a rhythmic, pulsing manner as they gathered around it. They each took the orb one by one, passing it to all other members of their tribe. In awe, they continued to passed it to each other fearlessly to everyone, until it finally reached the hands of the white haired wise woman and great huntress of the tribe for her to read, interpret, hold and keep. They would wait until morning to hear what the spirits told her of the orb and the meaning of the omen.   

Taking it back to their village, they finally retired to their huts and returned to their normal routine, finishing the day and sleeping well for the night.

In her hut, the white haired wise woman and huntress, Moro, kept the orb next to her as she slept, hearing the voices of the spirits and the orb, knowing what would happen, She simply slept and laid there waiting, for their was nothing she could now do, it was too late. 

As the next morning approached, all the members of the tribe awoke to find themselves transformed into the forms of wolves, the exact coat of the ones they wore the day before and for long outings away from the village. Unable to use their mouths, instead, they found themselves able to communicate with their thoughts and through sounds, body movements and calls.  Letting the chaos settle a bit, Moro finally approached them and told them of what and why this had happened and that now it was their sacred duty to protect the orb from the rest of the world forever. From that day on, both human and wolf they would be and would never age so that they may protect the orb from humanity and the disaster it could cause. 

As time passed the orb taught Moro and she taught her tribe how to shift from one form to another and finally, one day she stood before them all, pulling off her head dress to release her white flowing hair in the wind. At that point, all members of the tribe had come to accept the fact that every one's human skin colors had changed to match those of their wolf forms. Now as both humans and wolves, they  knew they needed both a female and a male leader for the tribe and pack. In acceptance of the unanimous vote for Moro to be the Alpha female, as she was the wise woman, a huntress and a woman who had taken no husband nor bore no children yet, she cut her long white hair short. 

Then a problem arose when the current leader of the tribe wanted to remain their leader and the alpha but the orb had told Moro another was to be her mate and the Male leader and Alpha now.  The young warrior, the most skilled among the tribe was suddenly seized by an unknown force which pulled him next to Moro's side.  He was to be her mate. 

A great argument broke out as the tribes now former leader issued a challenge to the young warrior.  In this battle, the warrior was the victor, but was respectful and understood his position, thus was merciful and did not kill him. Because they were all of one mind and goal now, one blood by the orb, the former leader of the tribe/pack was outcast for contradicting the will of the orb and of their destiny.

He would never forgive nor ever forget....  ever....


Present day:
Running from his past, he went through his current job duties at the base of the mountain of this national reserve, grabbing a smoke when he could and checking the parking and the grounds.  Memories of pain flooded through him of his fights and kills in the underworld of cage fighting and of the time he lost control and didn't throw a fight when he was supposed to. As he looks back, it was the only way he could see in his young mind, filled with anger and despair, how to escape the life on the reservation. He had hated it there and would have done anything to escape it, and he did.

Causing many people to loose a lot of money, they taught him a nasty lesson by taking his wife, binding him up and made him watch in horror as they gang raped her, mutilated her and finally killed her. Now he lays low, his nights filled with terror. Roaming the woods during different times of the year was his favorite thing to do, in complete solitude.

Recently he has felt the presence of eyes watching him, but not those of the world he came from but instead, the many eyes of the forest. Destiny has chosen yet another warrior to lead the tribe/pack.

Moro in wolf form:
Moro in human form:

Him in Wolf form:
Him before the change and in human form after change:

Once fully changed, them together, the new alphas of the pack:

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My OC Vampires: 

Conditioned Genesis

Potential character pics:

My character has been with her kind for thousands of years, hidden in under ground mansions around the world full of theirs. As time is passed, she has become tired and weary of the life she has there. Finally she makes the decision to do what no one has ever done before and gotten away with it...leave the secrecy and dark bureaucracy of her kind and refusing the agreed betrothal of her to her younger brother.

Though joined through the ages of inbreeding, occasionally the lust of her kind, vampires, takes its pleasures out in mating with humans, not just feeding on them. If a child is produced, they are watched for any signs of features from their kind for several generations. Your character's great X6 grandfather was one who crossed over and produced such a child. All loose ends were cut off, or so they thought. But now, in our contemporary world, a young man, age 19 to 25 or so, raised in an abusive, drug filled home and world, bullied and harassed at school and made more fun of because this odd energy around him leads him to feel disgruntled, a loner and generally angry with life...

Then one night in a coffee shop, as my character is moving farther away from the order hunting her, she spies his unusual movements and behaviors  for a human as he crosses the street to enter an all night coffee shop. She stops her journey to watch what has caught her eye with such fervor.

His life is about to change forever...and so is he...

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Sorry if I repeat again anything as you may read below.

There is a great deal of info and fictional history I've considered in putting this story idea together.

There is a lot of room to chat and work things also to suit your preferences.  ;D

The vampires in general are a rather cool and elusive cousin to the homo sapiens sapiens.  They evolved at about the same time as their human cousins, but retained their fangs for hunting, tearing flesh and more specialized nails that tend to grow like claws. 

Their life spans were much much longer than the humans and as the overall theorized extinction of the neanderthal came about (which is a debate), the vampires stayed to themselves and are much smaller in number compared to their human cousins, as they are rather elitist and looks down on their cousins.  As such, this led to repeated in-breading, causing a severe recessive gene to surface, anemia. 

Later, as they were faced with extinction  rather than breed with the humans, a virus passed through them and made them unable to consume food and could only digest blood, and only the blood of their cousins, humans, which they could consume of any blood type as long as their blood was strong and healthy.  Also in turn, this created another side effect.  Their already extended life spans were increased even more, for all eternity as their cellular degeneration slowed to almost nothing once they reached the age of 20 in their years... or 150 in human years.  The average gestation period is about 5 years and siblings can be hundreds and even thousands of years apart.

They are unable to "turn" humans into vampires as they are a distinct blood line,  They have an extra light bone structure and compensatory muscular structure, so it may appear to others that might see them, that they fly, though in fact it is long distance and strong jumps that give such an illusion and gives them the ability to do things that normal humans are unable to do.  Their body mass is over all lighter and are divided in clans around the world, living in massive underground mansions, to keep their existence hidden, but for hunting. 

Occasionally one will marry and breed with a human, and thus begins the elders supervisions of the children and their lineage.  Watchers are assigned to them to follow there development to see if any of their kind sprout up.  Then they must take them in and begin the process of refining their genetics so that only the children with their bloodline are the survivors and inheritors. They also have glands that can create a mucus type substance that allows them to climb walls and go places and do things normal humans also can't. 

This is a result of their lymphatic system, which also carries a high amount of white blood cells and antibiotic qualities that allow extremely fast healing and close and coat, healing deep wounds.  Limbs, arms, heads, etc can be lost and can therefore be a cause of death, unless it is quickly reattached within a very short period of time (again due to the mucus/ lymphatic secretions). They have night vision, so the day does bother them, but does not hurt them.  They live underground in large extensively elaborate mansions and have the finest things to surround them as they are great lovers of beauty. 

As time has passed, with evolution in play a bit... just like the mosquito hawk came to look and imitate their prey, the mosquitoes, so did the vampires, but being the most beautiful of them and breath taking to look at or be around.  Their looks and demeanor are a tool for attracting prey.  The parts of the brain that humans are said to have not tapped into, they have full access to and can read and project thoughts to each other and to humans. 

They can also project images and emotions of love, ecstasy, passion, to calm and to soothe and be whatever their prey needs to make their hunt easier as well as feel and hear the thought and emotions of humans, to the point of having control over them when they really want to.  They are fast, not able to be tracked by scent, unless it is by another vampire and excellent fighters with incredible strength. Their nails grow differently also, more specialized, hunter nails that grow like claws, almost completely unbreakable but by the maintenance of the covens years of refining techniques. They use these also for hunting and climbing, etc. When filed they are almost rounded but pointed in appearance. If allowed to grow naturally, they will shed layers but will grow talon like, arched and rounded...[/b][/i][/u]

Btw, noooo retractable teeth...XD.. fine needle sharp fangs, delicate and beautiful...

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Unrequited Love

I lost my Transformational being idea specifics.

Two beings share one night together, after by chance rescuing her, only to have them ripped apart the following morning when her father, the King of the Air Elemtals finally finds her.  From then on, the decades have past but their love has never faded once.  She has refused to marry since then and has/will spends his life on earth, a rogue shapeshifter, with no allegiance to anyone, searching and searching for her.

Inspired by this song:  a-ha - Hunting High And Low

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A Land Divided; Two United

Two races living on the same continent for centuries do not get along but have maintained a lasting peace though distance and through a treaty made centuries ago.  Now a greater evil threatens their land, for which both races find sacred.  An ancient orb composed of the dark elements of the universe and magic is found by a Power hungry and lust crazed King from across the sea.  For years, the King has used the orb to convert their natural land and resources towards all his gains, profit, securing his monarchy and giving him immortality.  Now depleted, his once rich land is scared, dead and infertile.  Setting his greedy eyes on the new lands across the sea, he readies his boats and navy to cross it and take the land of the two races. 

Knowing this, the oracles of both races have a conference and select their finest two warriors to work together on a mission of stealth to destroy the orb, while the general populations prepare for battle.

He is cool, calm, refined, rather elitist but unknowingly is deadly.  She is overt, mouthy and challenging with a very firey emotions and disposition, which she masters until forced to work with and next to him.  As they fight with each other, the tension building between them, they are on are their to an enemy and a power that neither may be ready for.


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Werewolf idea 2:


Hundreds of years ago, far to the northern Euroasian continent, hidden within the vast forests, two brothers, Desislav and Miro worked to make something from their young lives out of this desolate and unyielding land. Out hunting for what food they are able to gather in the Western most part of Siberia, their lives will be taken from them forever as humans by a virally infected solitary wolf.

Hundreds of years later, history set in hidden stone, the lives of these two brothers have paved the way for a secret history that they fathered from central Europe all the way to the Americas.

Neil has done well in his life, received an excellent education, has a successful career in engineering despite all the statistics that say children from foster homes have less chance of success and stability. He married the woman of his dreams he met in college along with their 3 beautiful kids but lately he has had the feeling that someone/something is watching him.

If you lost someone you loved, what would you do to get any bit of what they were back? As the years go by, one leader fades and a new one is needed.

The two brothers that were the origin of the werewolves:



[FLOATLEFT]Miro's wolf form:[/FLOATLEFT] [FLOATRIGHT]Desislav's wolf form:[/FLOATRIGHT]


Umai, Alpha female in the modern world:
Branamir, alpha male in the modern world, fading in his dedication to the pack:

Umai's wolf form:
Branamir's wolf form:


Neil/Desna, lost with the tragedy of his parents:

Neil/Desna's wolf form as a pup before he lost his family:

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Albino shape shifter twins possessed by the archaic spirits of two black jaguar sibling gods...


Back in the beginning of time as we know it, there was a great wars between the gods. The great Phoenix and the Black Jaguar, were mortal enemies. 

Deep in the tribal societies of the Aztec Empire, two albino shape shifter twins are born.  Hidden by their mother as long as possible, one day they finally are discovered.  Trapped and gagged, they are bound to a tree to be this seasons sacrifice to the archaic black jaguar twins gods.  Instead of being eaten, because they are Aztec shape shifters, the Nagual, the are instead possessed by the twin panthers. 

Soon after the conquistadors arrive, and bringing with them their ways and disease.  Capturing these two twins, convinced they are in league with the devil, they are put through rigorous tortures.  As the time passes, so does the up keep of the compound built to contain them degrade.  Many years pass..hundreds in fact, as they are locked up.  Without human flesh, they are unable to take on their human form, so have been stuck in their jaguar form for centuries. 

Finally, hundreds of years later, they are able to make their escape and travel to modern L.A.   

As the hundreds of years have passed, all the gods have killed all but 3 left, the Nagual twins, Tenoch (male) and Tepin (female) and on last remaining Phoenix.  So, as they travel, hunt, live amongst humans, feeding off of them as they choose, they are unknowingly also being hunted by the last great Phoenix.

In a world of gods and their war, there is no right, nor wrong. There are just humans who exist to serve their whims, desires and needs.

This story contains incest and non con, gore, etc. with npcs.


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