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April 26, 2018, 06:52:14 AM

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Author Topic: A random inspiration...(M/M/M kinda thing...)  (Read 244 times)

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Offline DajaOfTheNightTopic starter

A random inspiration...(M/M/M kinda thing...)
« on: June 30, 2012, 01:36:39 PM »
So I'm chatting with my uke boy's master on IMVU and a plot idea hits me. Now normally I only do 1x1s but this one could be three people so I posty it here.

The basic idea (and when and where is all up to whoever decides to run this with me) a somewhat sadistic master has had Slave A for years. He still enjoys playing with him and has had his fun letting his friends play with him too (with his supervision of course). But now the Master is getting bored again. Not with the slave because he couldn't picture playing with another. Then an idea hits. Why not buy a second and have Slave A become a tamer for Slave B? He always did love Slave A's bravado and strength. What would it look like being used on another? And if it's not fun he would simply sell or dispose of Slave B. So he brings Slave B home one Friday night before a long weekend and the fun begins.

Now the way I'm picturing this is anime style so bear with me with descriptions and translate them into whatever time period we decide to do/you like. I see the master as powerful and cruel most of the time but kind when he wants to be. He had to be to keep Slave A's loyalty for so long. Strong but not muscle filled wearing business suits when he comes home and traditional kimonos that match his traditional palace like home for play. Yakuza type almost. Slave A is a seke type. Slender and lean with fire in his eyes even when he submits. He knows enough to be obedient but also enough to be kind and understanding towards the poor new slave. Slave B is innocent as they come. The picture in my head is this would be his first master or he would be captured off the streets. Even perhaps not realizing that he has an attraction to men until Slave A starts to carry out their master's orders. A submissive that fights the one who is dominating him and the feelings that are boiling inside of him.

So that's the idea. Everything is open for discussion beside the fact it's M/M/M. They can be any race or breed as long as it doesn't fall into the exotic category. I'd much prefer to be Slave B. It would be a stretch for me to be the master. Here's a bit of my information/rules (copy and pasted from my 1x1 search thread with very slight editing):
1. I am currently only doing MxM rps. Sorry, only thing that sparks my interest right now.
2. I am a quality over quantity girl. I can spit out three paragraphs one minute and two hours later only give you a sentence or two. These sentence/paragraph restrictions drive me NUTS so donít give me any. I will run away.
3. At the moment Iím hunting for a good dom or dom/switch. Iíve been playing a lot of doms and REALLY want to be a sub for a while.
4. Go to my O/Os and read them. See? Not a lot I wonít do.
5. Now I havenít seen a lot of this one here but txt talk in rps makes me run for the hills.
6. Iíve never been good at the English language but hereís the thing: there is a spell check option here, USE IT. Grammar I could care less about.
7. Those sparkly things in the movies? Those arenít vampires.
8. I don't mind females playing males. That works. Just the characters need to be male.
9. Post here if you want to do it then we three can chat over an IM that all three of us have. Then we go to the threads.

Now I don't mind running two or three versions of this at once if I get that many people interested. However if your part of group 2 or 3, I'm going to insist on being Slave B. So post away ya'll!