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Author Topic: Nikisaur's Plot Ideas!! (Female seeking Male)  (Read 1291 times)

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Nikisaur's Plot Ideas!! (Female seeking Male)
« on: June 30, 2012, 03:27:29 AM »

The Basics

Okay, simple to start.  If you're interested, PM me.  Please be willing to write somewhat lengthy replies (2-5 paragraphs per post).  We can do some stuff via the forums preferably, or we can skype at niki.marrill2 

I expect most of these roleplays to be more than just a set up and sex.  I'd like for these to have some thought-provoking elements and some long term potential. 

Finally, my posting schedule is less than ideal... It can take long periods of times for me to post sometimes.  I'm not going to lie, sometimes I don't post for months.  If you're expecting daily posts, I am not the girl you want to rp with.


First Idea - Fate Stay Night

In this anime Magi gain the ability to summon epic spirits as heroes.  I wouldn't mind playing either the Magi or the Servant, so we can decide more about this later.

Magi Scenario:  My character is a powerful young Magus named Matilda Barthmeloi, still a student at the Clock Tower.  It is very rare for a Magus to perform so well without a family crest, as her older sister obtained it.  Matilda was supposed to live a normal life unaware of the magical world, but her aptitude has made it impossible for her to remain among the mundane.  She was tutored in magic and despite not having the Barthomeloi family crest, the standards were set exceptionally high for her.  She specialized early into Flowing Magic and developed formulae of her own to transfer mana and even magical circuits.  Though some Magi look down on her research, other specialists in the Flowing school often look to her to complete or improve on their own formulas, despite having not even graduated from the Clock Tower.  Her progress in the other schools has come up lacking though.  She can only perform basic spells outside of her specialization.  Even so, it just so happened the Grail Wars were occurring soon, despite the rumored end of the Holy Grail.  Matilda intends to compete certain that even surviving the War itself would be a testament to her skills.  And if she were to obtain the Grail, then perhaps she could discover the missing piece ot her final formula.

Servant Scenario:  Your character would be a Magus and summon my character.  How he obtains a catalyst and knowledge of the war is up to the player, but I have a few Servant Ideas I could look into, a favorite of mine being a Caster Morgan le Fey. I also have a few others in mind that might fit other play styles.  Let me know what you have in mind.


Second Idea - Robot Girl

I think this one would require a bit of an open mind.  I'm thinking a machine made by a scientist for any number of purposes is activated.  I'm still kind of open on this one, and any input would definitely be appreciated.

Basic Scenario:  My character is a robot named :insert name here:  She is a multi-purpose robot capable of fulfilling any need.  Her general appearance can be chosen by the consumer including obvious exterior robotic components, or perfectly bio-engineered to be indistinguishable from a human.  Her personality is also customizeable and any number of skill sets can be preloaded on startup.  Purchasing and availability typically extends to the very wealthy or for corporate sale.  However, many have been offered at promotional rates, and even given away for free. 

Or:  You've labored away at creating the perfect machine.  Her form is so life-like, people may never know she's an android.  But she is quite possibly the most perfect creation.  All that's left is to activate her, and accept your accolades.


Third Idea - Honor Bound

An exceptional fighter (my character) is defeated by another fighter.  My character's code requires her to take her life if she is defeated, but her opponent demands she not.  He instead uses her honor code to keep her alive, and to teach her about the value of her life, he sells her to a slave trader.  She is bought by your character who could need a slave or simply buy her on a whim.  In any case, her honor will not allow her to disobey an order, no matter how far she is commanded to go.


Fourth Idea - Slime Monster

My character would be a slime girl.  There's not much more to this one really.  I figure she would just be cute and squishy and a convenient pet for someone who finds her or whatever.


Fifth Idea - Tentacle Monster

Okay, I'm kind of in the mood to try out a tentacle monster thing.  I'm not even sure how this would work out.  It could be sci-fi or fantasy or whatever, but I'd like to try out a girl getting attacked by a tentacle monster.

Scenario:  The experiment has gone wrong.  For some reason nothing in the lab is capable of penetrating the outer shell of this strange creature.  They can detect some form of life within it, and rumors of other scouting vessels in this sector have been completely wiped out by an unknown cause.  This subject is extremely valuable in terms of research, so they want it taken alive.  The crew only needs to last five days before they can pass the creature to a more protected facility with stronger equipment.  But during those five days power failures give the creature a chance to make its move. 

Scenario:  It was a strange place she was expected to infiltrate.  They were so tribal compared to the rest of the world.  As an undercover agent, she was looking to find what had happened to an agent that stumbled into the area.  Her superior.  If death was the punishment, they were left to die in the pit.  Anyone who went in, never came out.  It just so happened Malyssa could earn the same punishment by not wearing the tribal outfit during a ritual.  She found herself in the pit.  There was water, but no signs of anything else.  It must have smelled her because in a moment the agent was grappled.  She was extremely lucky in fact.  The time she was lowered into the pit was the first heat of this creature, and it could smell pheromones from Malyssa's fertile body.  There was no way to kill it, but with the sustenance it provided, she could theoretically coincide with it indefinitely. 

Scenario:  It was said that in this area of the forest the rain never stopped.  It was too dangerous for even the greatest explorers to traverse, so it was left untouched.  A young maiden fleeing from an arranged marriage runs into the woods to throw off her pursuers.  She slips into a ravine filled with rushing water and exits in what must be a hidden oasis.  However, as beautiful as it was, there was a toll to pay for any that entered.  The tentacled beast controlled the lake and its surroundings and any who approached were subject to its whims.


Sixth Idea - Shadowrun

This one could end up getting pretty serious.  Shadowrun is a world where corporations have reached government level power and have little to no regard for the people who work for them.  The world has also been bombarded by a sudden split in the genome creating five meta-human types and countless variants.  Magic poured into the world gifting people with the ability to affect the world in mysterious ways., and enter another plane where their consciousness could move unrestrained by human limitations.  But technology rapidly improved throughout creating a vicious cold war between the largest corporations.  Weapons and cybernetic enhancements and biological transplants can turn someone into an unstoppable machine moving in ways others can't comprehend.  Or it can enslave them, creating workers with the skill set required to fulfill their duties and nothing more.  Even amongst all that, there is a second world, the Matrix.  Wireless signals connect countless nodes together to create a network of unimaginable vastness.  Everything is connected.  You can't take a step out of your apartment without getting ads for local dining or product sales at the grocery store.  Everyone's information is out there.  And almost everything communicates to the Matrix.  It gives hackers an endless amount of things to investigate, subvert, and control, and they can download a few videos while they're at it.  Most shadowrunners run jobs against corporations to give competitors an edge.  Or to attempt to disable their earth-destroying pollutants.  Or vengeance for a petty slight.  Or because it's a lot of money if you've got the skills and don't mind putting your life on the line.

There's dozens of sources for Shadowrun material and even a new Shadowrun game coming out soon.  If you're familiar with Shadowrun, skip the above paragraph and read the scenarios below.  I suppose it would make more sense if this came before the other paragraph.  Oh well.

Scenario:  My character, Gemma, would be new to running and paired up with a veteran to get things started.  Gemma is talented in accessing and rewriting memories as well as manipulating simsense (entertaining programs that accommodate input from all senses, basically a movie you can feel and smell as well as watch and hear).  She would be reckless and need considerable help from the older runner repeatedly.

I have other scenarios for this, but I don't feel like posting them up right now.

Seventh idea - Transformation

This one I guess is kind of weird.  A girl meets her boyfriend for the weekend, but something is different. Her boyfriend has inherited/developed a device capable of altering human forms.  The obvious test run for him is to see if he can improve his girlfriend's body.  Over the course of the weekend, the girl will discover the device and be enthralled by the possibilities.  Knowing that anything is possible the two begin to let out all of their fantasies.


Eighth Idea - Time, The Usurper, and The Magician

This kind of set in a Dungeons and Dragons style world.  There would be planar access and all that if we want, but mostly I'd imagine there'll be enough to the world that we won't need to delve too deep into the D&D material.  There are elves, and orcs, and dwarves, and cat-people and, fox-people and all sorts of races to suit your fancy.  Or if you prefer low fantasy (that includes magicians and time travel??) we can stick there just being humans.  No biggie.

Scenario:  My character, Ceres, is a foxkin magician who has altered time to allow her to return to a path she hadn't taken in a previous life.  In doing so she changes history so that an emperor successfully rises to power.  She becomes his trusted adviser and they rule the country together.  Ceres acts much as a Queen in a game of chess to the Emperor, extremely powerful and not easy to sacrifice, but sacrificeable if the need should arise.  The Emperor determines he must marry the daughter of the old ruler of the realm to make his rule official.  My character is not necessarily willing to let that happen.  For the work she waged in his war she wanted to be treated like more than just a soldier and will do anything to become Queen.  Even teach the Emperor her true name, allowing her to command her on a whim.  The power of her true name decreases with each use though, so eventually, she might break free.  How many times can he subvert her will through this magic, and will he need to use magic, or will she serve willingly? 

This rp might start toward the end of the Emperor's conquest as the Emperor is beginning to make the realization that the Princess is needed to win the people for good.  There are more elements to this that we can include, which we can discuss later.  This was a plot that I had come up with earlier so there's a lot of things that could go either way.


Ninth Idea - Persona

I'm not completely familiar with all the ins and outs of the SMT universe, but I really like the Persona series.  I was thinking of maybe setting an original group of characters in a Persona-type situation.  We could decide if we wanted our characters to be Zero types or whatever it is when you can fuse and combine other personas, or if we just wanted regular Persona users.  Basically our characters might work together to overcome whatever crazy world is overrun by shadows, and maybe find a little time for some themselves on the side.


Tenth Idea - Time Travel

I've been having fun with time travel ideas lately.  I want to somehow include some surreal elements involving different time periods and characters having different memories of different events.


Eleventh Idea - Broken

I was recently reading this doujin and I found it incredibly hot.  Maybe I'm just getting more and more corrupted, but I want to fill a role similar to Rin's in an original universe with original characters.  My character's a perfect student.  Prim and proper and elegant and all the more out of reach the longer one thinks about her.  However, one person takes it upon himself to twist her.  He knows the secret of her heritage and she has distant ties to the fey of lust.  It would only be a matter of time before she becomes broken, a slave to the cravings of her own body.


Twelfth Idea - To Know Each Other Inside and Out

Two friends that are close, but too busy to spend time together, finally sit down to enjoy a night together.  Somehow though their bodies switch! Dun dun DUNNN! 
Their schedules make it difficult to research what might have happened, and honestly, who would believe such an idea anyway?  They work together to figure out each others roles' and try to cover for each other when needed.  They try to meet every night and exchange information that they've gathered, but never seem to make any headway (they're too busy fucking most likely).  However, their insistence on appearing as if everything is normal causes days to pass by without even realizing it, and finally a month.  They soon realize they might never switch back, and must come to terms with their new lives.

For this one, I actually wouldn't mind playing either role.  It seems like both sides of something like this might be fun. 


What I'm really looking for as of right now

I added Idea Eleven specifically because it's a major turn on for me right now.  I can't tell you why, and I can't tell you how long that will be the case, but it probably tops my other desires right now.

Right now I could really go for some non-con situations.  It could be rape, or blackmail, or debts, but I want my character to be unwilling, but maybe in a position where she is forced to appear willing.  **A really cool way to do this is using the Shadowrun universe, and forcing my character with cyberimplants to do things.**

I kind of want a multiple partner thing going.  I like the idea of pleasing two or more guys at the same time(even though I'm too shy to do that in real life), and maybe even facials or bukkake.  I don't know why I'm craving this right now, but I really am.

I'm also kind of into futanari right now.  Whether my character is the futa or my partner (or both) doesn't matter, but I want to try it out really bad.

As always I'm constantly looking to perform oral, whether there's reciprocation or not (maybe that's why 11 appeals so much to me).  Maybe even my character has been conditioned to suck on a dick if she sees one, or there's some magical effect that requires her to go down on a guy regularly, or she's cursed so that she can't taste anything unless she's swallowed cum.  Just about any excuse to have my character performing oral a lot would really get me going right now.

So, that's all for now.  I might think of some more later.  Good night ^_^
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Re: Nikisaur's Plot Ideas!! (Female seeking Male)
« Reply #1 on: July 04, 2012, 05:50:21 AM »
Reserved for future ideas and such.

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Re: Nikisaur's Plot Ideas!! (Female seeking Male)
« Reply #2 on: December 09, 2012, 01:14:11 PM »
Hi Niki,
I love several of your role ideas, even the more outlandish ones.
I haven't been on here much lately, but would love to get back into the swing of things.
If you're not too busy already, maybe we can chat soon to find out if our ideas are compatible.
I enjoy detailed, creative play and love new ideas or roles.
Looking forward to your reply,

Contact info snipped. Please keep off-site contact information out of the public boards, thanks. ~Staff
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Re: Nikisaur's Plot Ideas!! (Female seeking Male)
« Reply #3 on: April 30, 2013, 11:31:43 PM »
Okay, so I made some more edits, and added some scenarios to the ideas.  I'm looking for one more, maybe two more good rps.

Some things you might want to specify in your PM to move the process along:

**If you prefer pictures or text descriptions.  Anime or realistic?

**What sort of features you're interested in so I can accommodate them to my characters.

**What sort of characters you like to play, so I can have an idea what I'm working with.

**Any suggestions or scenario ideas you'd like implemented.

**Any ons and offs you'd like to include.

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Re: Nikisaur's Plot Ideas!! (Female seeking Male)
« Reply #4 on: April 06, 2015, 02:09:32 AM »
Just posting to say that I'm open to new rps for the near future after a bit of a hiatus. PM if you see anything that interests you!