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April 22, 2018, 04:03:26 AM

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Author Topic: At the world's end (Post apocalyptic stories~)  (Read 468 times)

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Offline KyubeyTopic starter

At the world's end (Post apocalyptic stories~)
« on: June 28, 2012, 06:19:51 PM »
The year is 2074. Overpopulation, depletion of natural resources and a failed Space exploration program, combined with biological and nuclear warfare, humanity has largely wiped itself out. Wracked in total desolation, a once prosperous civilization lies broken amidst constant darkness, poisoned by constant rain from nuclear fallout. Automated weapons from the past continues to slaughter any who come across their way, remnants of a burden in the past wracked by constant warfare and destruction. Of what little is left of humanity live in utterly ruined cities, shadows of their former glory.

In this dark, grim world we find ourselves with a story. What shall be the cast to play in this world of seemingly infinite despair?

Your character is a Rat, a name for humans who brave caustic rain, deadly Warmachines and the dangerous landscape to scavenge for materials to sell back in the city for modest profit. Cans, tins, food, even shiny objects are of quite some value in the marketplace, the most expensive of commodities being things such as liquor, cigarettes and items of vanity at a time long past. Deftly evading the rampaging machines that wander, you enter into an old, 'unraided' complex with bones and debris scattered about in the entrance. While exploring, Building's entrance collapse and it seems as if you are trapped inside indefinitely. Wandering deeper into the complex, you come to find what looks like a vaguely human machine that rises to life. The machine's name is VerVERG, Virtually Enhanced Recording proGram. The machine's AI claims to be named Vergil/Vergilia , a storage for data in the event of the nation's total annihilation. Despite the seemingly warm introduction by the machine, the building itself tells another story, far different from the happy things that the AI of the building seems to say. And in the days you spend trapped in the complex, will you discover the truth about VerVERG? (VerVERG can either be female or male depending on your character's gender. Basically just interacting with a person and discussing all sorts of things. Inspired by Planetarian.)

HMS 'Redemption'
You awaken in a clear white room, not knowing of what lies ahead. You do not remember these halls and neither do you remember what your name is. All alone in a dark and seemingly hostile place, you know not exactly where you are. Accompanied only by an AI system, an amnesiac wanders the lifeless hull of the HMS Redemption, the remnants of humanity's hopes and dreams of a world beyond their poisoned landscape. Will you discover the secrets of Redemption and in doing so, find out just who you are? (A bit of mystery, a little horror with a bit of exploration. Inspired by Analogue: A hate story.)