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Author Topic: The Journey Home (Sci-Fi)  (Read 22918 times)

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Offline Vostroya

Re: The Journey Home (Sci-Fi)
« Reply #25 on: July 01, 2012, 08:52:58 am »
Very interesting character, accepted.

Offline Brandon

Re: The Journey Home (Sci-Fi)
« Reply #26 on: July 01, 2012, 06:33:29 pm »
Played by: Brandon

Name: Scott Wilder

Race: Human
Age: 25
Position on ship: Assault leader

Skill set: Zero, low, and high gravity training, survival training, robotics expert, ground and space assault expert

Character History: Scott was born into an upper class family of mining engineers on the planet Char. From childhood he was expected to one day take over the family business along with his brother and two sisters but from the time he could start learning it was clear that he didn't have a mind for business or mining.

Instead his interests were put squarely on the mechanized suits of armor worn by their worlds militia. Like them he wanted to fly and battle the dangerous creatures of their volcanic world and mineral rich world. Instead of burying his face in business ledgers and stock quotes Scott buried his face in technical manuals, learning all he could about robotics.

When he turned sixteen he enlisted in the armored militia corps. One of the more experienced members took him under their wing and taught him how to maintain and customize his suit. However Scott took the advise to an obsessive level, machining his own parts, designing his own weapons systems, and conducting demonstrations of his new innovations. Char had already been fifty years ahead of anyone else in robotic technology but Scott's involvement rocketed them so far ahead that it seemed no one could catch up.

However when the Armored militia division stopped buying parts from various companies one of them retaliated against the new inventor. They intended to kill him and destroy his manufacturing equipment but the spy sent inside botched the job when Scott detected foreign bio readings in the facility. The spy's capture was quick and the threat of a painful life during constant torture was enough to implicate three interstellar companies in the terrorist attack.

Being a member of the police force he put up the evidence for all to see but took the law a step to far as he raided their own facilities. No one was injured or died but at the end of the day hundreds of thousands of credits worth of property damage was inflicted on Luin industries and Cyber biotics. The people of char remained on his side, despite the following investigations and trumped up charges. Eventually the government even revoked the business lisences of both companies that allowed them to operate on Char. 

The problem really began when the bounties were put out. As people seeking fame and fortune tried to take on Scott and then there were the professionals that weren't afraid to put civilians in the line of fire for their paycheck. Eventually Scott had to do the responsible thing and leave Char to ensure its safety from bounty hunters and mercenaries.

Personality: Highly disciplined and thoughtful. Scott's the kind of person that formulates multiple plans on the fly and when a fight happens he usually has three fourths of it won before a blaster is pulled. His talent is mostly in robotics and adapting technology for his suit, if not creating brand new tech from scratch.

He has a certain amount of hate for the interstellar robotics companies Luin industries and Cyber biotics and hits their ships with greater force then he would anyone else. The reason why he targets those companies escapes most people but the truth is he sees harming their business as repaying their debt to him. Against other companies he's far less enthusiastic about being a pirate but the ships well trained crew gives him a security he wouldn't have otherwise. So for now he tolerates it

Scott is a man full of passion, and his passion is for life. Away from hard fought battles and technical manuals he likes to kick back and have fun. Sometimes that means grabbing the nearest girl for a dance. Sometimes it means buying a round to get a party started. Whatever the case he lives life to its fullest and always tries to bring some fun into a situation.

How did the Captain hear about and recruit you?: Rumors spread of Scott all over the galaxy due to the high priced bounties on his head originally placed by Luin industries and Cyber biotic but as time went on beaten mercenary companies and bounty hunters expanded the price as they looked for revenge. The captain got to see Scott's ability himself while on Chorvus a free trade space station known for its criminal elements. Scott had been at the local bar providing security when a mercenary company came in looking to collect on his head. The first shot fired was by Scott, and removed the gravity from the room making them all easy opponents for his blaster. His ingenuity, notoriety, and skill with a fire arm was reason enough to bring him on. Meeting "Pride" only solidified how capable Scott would turn out

Additional Information:

Char: The planet Char is a small high gravity mining world about half the size of earth and orbits a white dwarf star. During the great space race several colonists arrived on the world to set up a mining operation. However the volcanic land and toxic air made survival hard enough that the colonists had to find ways to adapt and build a society. Their choice of adaptation was powered suits of armor that protected people from the elements.

Over the years necessity drove Char's focus on suit technology and by extension robotics beyond previous thought of innovation and technology. In a few years they pushed decades ahead of other governments and companies that employed powered suits of armor and Char's never ending mining ensured that such suits were cheap to create. Within a decade of Char's original colonization such suits were given out to everyone as a means to survive and Char police force formed a police branch called the Armored Militia corps to handle Chars native creatures and serve as the planets version of SWAT.

Voulium became Char's chief exported metal, a material that was so dense that it created a miniature gravity field. The material was only known to be found on char and became highly sought after by militaries and private security across the galaxy to form protective armor aboard ships and heavy armor vehicles.

Pride: Pride is arguably the most advanced powered armor in the known galaxy and Scott's personal suit of armor.  Pride was theorycraft from the beginning, starting with a simple but amazing innovation in its self renewing power source and standard environmental controls. When his theories proved true Scott engineered new and old technology into the suit. Overtime the suit was given the ability to fly in space and within the atmosphere of planets. Armed with concealed variable frequency laser's, taser, compact micro missiles, and a 100 millimeter rail gun with flamethrower attachment the suit carries a variety of weaponry making a versatile assault suit for ground and space operations. Its armor is composed of platinum-voulium alloy ensuring only the heaviest armaments can punch through.

Its internal systems only respond to a mix of Scott's DNA, brainwave patterns, voice recognition, and a personal password. Anyone inside who tries to operate it and doesn't fulfill all the security measures locks themselves within as a nonlethal gas is leaked into the piloting system. Due to these measures Scott has ensured that no one else can operate Pride

Offline Vostroya

Re: The Journey Home (Sci-Fi)
« Reply #27 on: July 01, 2012, 07:07:42 pm »
I like the character, but there are somethings that need further explanation. First off the power suit. The picture does a good job at telling what the suit looks like, but how large and bulky is it? From the picture it seems it would be hard to fit the suit into the cramped and tight spaces of star ship corridors. If it is the size of Scott, all of the attachments on the back and arms would make it difficult to maneuver indoors or in ships. As the assault team commander his main duties would be assaulting the interiors of ships and space stations.

On the guns on the suit. 100 millimeters is roughly the length of your pointer finger, knuckle to fingertip. Thats a HUGE round to be fired from a railgun from a gun mounted on a human. Thats just under something you would see mounted on a ship as a combat weapon against other ships.

Second, in how the captain recruited you, you didn't give much detail about how Cass actually recruited him, just stating that he would be a great choice to have. How did Cass actually convince a former SWAT member with one of the most powerful mechs in the universe to come on as a Senior officer on a pirate ship? It seems like a complete 180 in morals even with the companies on his tail. Did Cass promise to hit ships belonging to those companies? Or was it a safe haven from their mercenaries?

Third, you said that "Against other companies he's far less enthusiastic about being a pirate but the ships well trained crew gives him a security he wouldn't have otherwise. So for now he tolerates it" What do you mean by Tolerate for now? The captain expects a large margin of loyalty in his crew. Especially from a senior officer. Tolerating operations would not make a conducive relationship.

I know its alot, but I just need some clarification before authorizing a character this powerful.

Offline Vostroya

Re: The Journey Home (Sci-Fi)
« Reply #28 on: July 02, 2012, 12:58:37 am »
Here is an update about the ship itself, since we are starting to get players up and running. Let me know if any photo links do not work or want something added.

The Relentless


Bridge Layout

The bridge of the Relentless is an open, wide spaced room that allows the crew to move freely between sections of the area with ease and without having to bump into each other. Each section of consoles and equipment is given a specific purpose, from navigation to tactical command.  Each station has several operators. The size of the bridge is around 40 meters tall and around 70 meters wide. During heavy engagements against fleets, the large windows that surround the entire room are closed with heavy, reinforced blast doors that will protect the bridge. At all other times the doors are retracted and each of the crew is able to look out the windows into the void of space, or at the planet that the ship is orbiting. Each level of the bridge is accessed either through three quick elevators in the rear of the bridge, or on the several walkways spread out through the ship.

The crews talk with each other through simple radio communications, loudspeakers, or through messages through the computers. Even the Captains Chair is decked out in electronics and since Cass Seradin is a Void-born, the chair has special wires and inserts that allow him to connect his cybernetics directly into the ships systems.  Most of the simple operations of the ship are automated and during hyperspace travel or minor moving, the bridge is normally only staffed by a skeleton crew, normally about one crewman for each station. Just to ensure that there are no errors or mistakes. During battles or operations, the bridge is filled with personnel to run all the secondary systems or to run manual control.

 The Captains Ready Room is behind and to the right of the Captain’s chair. The door leads into a small room that allows the Captain to relax or talk with his officers or crew in private away from the bridge but near enough so that if he is needed he can be back in the bridge within moments. At the entrance to the room is usually one or two guard droids that control access to the room. This allows not just anyone to enter the Captains private space without permission from the Captain when he is not expecting someone. The room is filled with small mementos and trophy’s that the Void Wolf likes to look at. Various paintings, weapons, and pictures are hung from the walls. The chairs are comfortable and the room is quiet and gives a large window view of space. Just to the right of the Captains desk is a small private elevator that gives the Captain direct access to the Captains Quarters deeper down into the ship. This allows the captain to directly access the bridge during emergencies or when his presence is needed quickly when he is off duty. Various communications modules and a holographic generator allow the Captain to conduct his private dealings with his contacts without the risk of nosy ears and eyes from the crew.

Tech Examples (The equipment you can expect to see on the bridge)

Bridge One
Bridge Two
Bridge Three
Bridge Four

Crew Quarters

Senior Officer Quarters

The senior officers are allowed larger accommodations than the regular crew. A spacious apartment style room is what rank gets you on the Relentless. The perk of having a personal bathroom is widely envied by the regular crew. Each room has a separate bedroom, bathroom and a
comfortable living room with a large window view of space. Large closets allow for multiple outfits and clothes to be stored. There are even advanced sections of the closet that allow for armor and weapons to be stored privately instead of housed in the ships multiple armories.

Captains Quarters

The Captain as any naval man would suspect has the largest quarters. The biggest additions are the inclusion of a private office as well as a private briefing room for when the captain needs to talk to all of his senior staff for discussion of new targets or missions. In total his quarters are around the size of a large condominium. The Captains quarters are located above most of the other living quarters and they are located on the backside of the ship under the Command Bridge tower. This means that his windows face the rear of the ship and offer a large view of space. Since the captains rooms are large it allows him to store all of his important weapons, expensive items, and trophies with more security than his ready room.

Standard Crew Quarters

The regular crew members have smaller but still spacious living quarters. Each crewman has a private room and bed. Each of these rooms are clustered together in groups of four or five and connected to a shared living space and restrooms, much like a dormitory. The crew are allowed such space because of the vast automation and droids of the ship which requires significantly less crewman to run the ship as would be normally expected for this class of vessel. Were as in many naval vessels crewman are “hot bunked” meaning that they have to share small bunks with two or even three other crewman in large clusters of other bunks.

Alert Bunks

These are special rooms located just off of the main hanger bays. These rooms are for the pilots and the assault soldiers who are on “Alert”, meaning that they need to be in their basic gear, ready for word from the bridge to get to their assigned craft quickly, and without having to race from their own quarters across the ship. These bunks are used for those crews who are on extended alert periods lasting hours. When the crews would just be standing around the hanger, they can relax and get some rest while awaiting orders.

Offline Jebble212

Re: The Journey Home (Sci-Fi)
« Reply #29 on: July 02, 2012, 01:12:31 am »
Played by: Jebble212

Name: Duncan

Race: Human (Earthborn)
Age: 22
Position on ship: Chief engineer

Skill set: Duncan's primary responsibility is Hyperdrive repair/maintenance, then shipboard weaponry maintenance, then ship to ship hacking for boarding crews, and in his off time he spends time reverse engineering technologies plundered by the Relentless. Duncan possess training and the knowledge to fly most any known ships to date, though his skills are sub par even by nonmilitary standards this ability is extremely rare due in part to the war and the extreme learning curve of alien technologies.

Character History: Drafted into SA military service at a very young age by population control on earth, he spent much of his time as a cadet in the SA's many training programs until he turned sixteen at which time he began specialized officers training with a multitude of captured and reverse engineered alien equipment. Due to his lack of skill in combat and command he was assigned a minor position aboard a carrier working with a series of experimental black-ops fighters. During a mission into Verathi territory the carrier came under fire from a Verathi capital ship, in the ensuing chaos duncan was sealed off and left in command of ships hyperdrive systems as atmosphere was venting thoughout the ship, the Verathi began boarding and slaughtering the crew. Duncan was monitoring the ships status and that of the remaining fighters as the bridge was destroyed, effectively leaving him and those guarding the engineering deck helpless to counter the Verathi. After calling what men he could, he set the hyperdrive to self destruct and ordered them to run for the fighter bays. The fight there was more brutal than he imagined, men were caught in blast doors as they shut, incinerated by flames, cut down buy verathi boarders, only six men made it to the bay, duncan and a security officer got in the first of only two remaining fighters and sealed there hatch as a fight broke out over the other fighter, he looked on as one man made it into the cockpit and the others continued fighting on the bay floor. The security officer tapped Duncans shoulder to get his attention and they launched, they other fighter launched right after leaving the three men behind. As Duncans ship made it out of the fighter bay it was immediately hit by flak, wounding duncans copilot. As he turned to see if he could help the security officer, he saw the other fighter collide with an enemy boarding ship passing the bay door. The security officer began smacking Duncan and signaling him to focus on flying, Duncan barely escaped the Verathi capital ship but as he did the carrier went critical and engulfed both ships in a bright explosion. Duncan finally relaxed a little and checked on his copilot who had died of blood loss at some time during the escape. It wasn't over duncan spent two days drifting in space with his dead comrade before he repaired the navigational computer that was also damaged with the security officer.

Personality: Duncan suffers from a deep seated inferiority complex ever since his training in the SA. He demonstrates an eagerness to learn and an obsessive nature when it comes to new technology. His greatest fault is his fear of the Verathi after his experience with Verathi boarding parties and there subsequent brutality. Duncan has a very immature sense of humor as one of the youngest members of the crew.

How did the Captain hear about and recruit you?: Although Duncans name isn't well known, he is responsible for the destruction of a Verathi capital ship, its subsequent clan, and an SA carrier, his status as being the only survivor draws a lot of unwanted attention to the war weary deserter even that of Captain Cass Seradin "The Void Wolf".

Additional Information: Duncan is six foot two and has a rather light build with pale skin and short blond hair.  Duncan carriers an Electrolaser rifle with an X-ray scope on a simple sling when off the ship, he also carries a smoothbore submachine coilgun that hangs from a three point sling at most times, while he tends to wear semiarmored flightsuits he is never seen without his modified silver Nevar Bangle with a green crystal embedded in a multipurpose SA combat hacking gauntlet. Duncan also carries at least three push daggers concealed on his person at all times.
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Offline Vostroya

Re: The Journey Home (Sci-Fi)
« Reply #30 on: July 02, 2012, 01:19:26 am »
Good character, welcome aboard!

Offline RabbitJanitor

Re: The Journey Home (Sci-Fi)
« Reply #31 on: July 02, 2012, 02:03:50 am »
Played by: RabbitJanitor
Name: Vaz Jacob, Charsis

Race: Human
Age: 32
Position on ship: Wing Commander

Skill set: Born a Pilot - Vaz was born with a yoke between his legs and a parachute on his back, weather it's a Talon military fighter or a Dallus class Frigate, he can fly it. A Combination of Military training and experience in the seat from his childhood years. Most of his experience comes from small craft in combat situations. From the start of his military career he's been a tactician with fighter formations and attack/defense strategies. His in flight experience gives him insight into battles, even from the tactical board.

Neural implants - Due to previous damage, Vaz opted into receiving Neural implants in order to directly hook up into a fighter with the right software. This allows him to see more, react faster, and operate the craft well above it's limits. Vaz has also tweaked it to shut out a lot of his bodily responses to heavy Gs. With the proper drug preparation and equipment, he can take Gs that a normal human would black out in or instantly die under.

Pistol Wizard - Mostly to blow off steam, during his military term he spent a lot of his spare time on ship in the firing range. Hes gotten familiar with several small firearms including the new Hybrid energy pistol. Weather its a moving target, or a quick draw after a stand off, he's likely to hit his mark.

Character History: Vaz was born on Cetti Alpha 5, a desert planet with a small colony on the surface. His parents job was to map the large planet, after his birth he was quick to join in with piloting the mapping craft. Vaz's father was quick to teach him, and by the time he was 16 he was piloting on his own. When Vaz was 19 a political 'War' started up the the system and Vaz's parents moved out of the system. They lost all their craft and were forced to rebuild from scratch. With nothing to pilot for six months, Vaz joined the Stellar alliance as a pilot. He was accepted and sped through flight academy in the Sol system.

His first real dogfight was against pirates. After shooting down three craft, his fighter was disabled and he suffered a neck and head damage. He opted into receiving Neural implants and joined an advanced fighter squadron. When he was 27, and a double ace, He was shot down once more. He lost his left leg and right foot upon ejecting. The military just about abandoned him on the hospital bed, a pilot who couldn't crawl into their own craft was no good to them. He sat and did nothing for 4 months, until a Pirate Captain found him. After paying for replacement limbs he took him aboard his large Carrier ship The Hive. In the coming years Vaz would fight his way to the top of the pilot listing. Over 200 pilots, and 300 craft.  He made it to Squadron Commander of Klyton squadron, before the battle.

The Hive was recruited in The Void Wolf's daring plan to attack the blockade. Vaz's squadron of fighters was transferred to The Relentless to help with the attack and defense of the ship. The Hive and its crew were lost to the battle, along with most of it's fighters. Due to the circumstances, Vaz and the one remaining pilot from his squadron remained on board.

Personality: Vaz can be protective of his pilots. He's gone toe to toe with the captain about certain 'High Risk' attacks and ordinance. In the end its the Captain's decision, but not before getting an ear full from him. Other then that he has no problem with authority. He is known to be a little eccentric and can have a sick sense of humor, But being in the military has given him the discipline to hold it in when its not appropriate. His Conduct about and in the craft is what any Quadruple ace's conduct would be, Cocky as hell, but able to back up his claims.

How did the Captain hear about and recruit you?: It wasn't until two days after the blockade that Vaz finally met the captain, Everyone was pulling double shifts for repair to pull the ship back together. Long hours of work over seen by the maintenance crew and anyone with 'free time', Vaz had stayed up to make sure the left over pilots hand been pulling their weight, not just looking after their craft. So their first meeting was Vaz yelling across the flight deck "So your the one who's been trying to cram this hunk'a junk between every ship you think you can broad side." It was a joke of course. Although, he found the captain's tactics to be rather aggressive, and the statement wasn't that far off. It was a good way to break the ice. Recruiting pilots was long work.

Additional Information: Vaz's fighter of choice is a Klyton class fighter. The fun part about the Klyton is that its armament is very interchangeable. From Lazes to ballistic weapons. The craft has two vectoring impulse engines witch aid in aiming and 19 thruster ports, making the fighter very agile. The Klyton also has 8 missile mounts on the under side of it's wings. It's armor is lacking, despite it's survivability rating being so high.
Flight Suit
Vaz's prosthetics are sub par, giving him a limp. He carries a Ballistic Hybrid pistol on his side, As the rounds pass down the barrel they are charged by a device that uses the cocking mechanism of the pistol to spin a generator under the barrel. The physics behind it is quite technical, but it produces an impact that both punctures and burns the target as a lazer might.
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Offline Vostroya

Re: The Journey Home (Sci-Fi)
« Reply #32 on: July 02, 2012, 02:12:17 am »
Another great character. Welcome aboard the Relentless! Your character picture is not showing though, need to fix that.

Offline Lumasan

Re: The Journey Home (Sci-Fi)
« Reply #33 on: July 02, 2012, 03:51:40 am »
I want to get this out here right away before someone snags the position but I'm currently drawing up a Chief Medical Officer.

Offline Vostroya

Re: The Journey Home (Sci-Fi)
« Reply #34 on: July 02, 2012, 04:04:55 am »
Great, can't wait to see it!

Offline Lumasan

Re: The Journey Home (Sci-Fi)
« Reply #35 on: July 02, 2012, 06:54:54 am »
I have a question, is there a medical bay? I didn't seem to see one in the included ship's layout? If you don't mind having one, would you mind if I included the specs for it in my post?

Offline Vostroya

Re: The Journey Home (Sci-Fi)
« Reply #36 on: July 02, 2012, 09:19:16 am »
Yes there is a medical bay. Go ahead and post it up with your character and we can go from there.

Offline jilorbb

Re: The Journey Home (Sci-Fi)
« Reply #37 on: July 02, 2012, 01:21:33 pm »
Are you still looking for more players?

If so... I might have something in mind...

Offline PeacethatPowerbringsTopic starter

Re: The Journey Home (Sci-Fi)
« Reply #38 on: July 02, 2012, 01:31:32 pm »
Are you still looking for more players?

If so... I might have something in mind...

Yes we are.  ;D

I look forward to it. ;)

Offline Lumasan

Re: The Journey Home (Sci-Fi)
« Reply #39 on: July 02, 2012, 02:19:35 pm »
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Offline Vostroya

Re: The Journey Home (Sci-Fi)
« Reply #40 on: July 02, 2012, 02:36:22 pm »
Great character, it certainly will be an up hill battle with conversations with her haha. Accepted, welcome aboard!

Offline Lumasan

Re: The Journey Home (Sci-Fi)
« Reply #41 on: July 02, 2012, 02:44:10 pm »
Woo hoo, I forgot to add in there that the Mal'Ach had no involvement with the Nevar. :/ But that's what you get from staring at a word document for 6+ hours creating a character. Do you know what else we need for characters on the ship? My friend is interested but knows not what the ship is in need of. I suggested a possible counselor considering the medical professional cannot properly express her own emotions.

Offline Saria

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Re: The Journey Home (Sci-Fi)
« Reply #42 on: July 02, 2012, 02:47:52 pm »
Don't forget bridge crew, eh, Lumasan? I don't think the ship has a pilot, sensor operator, communications officer, or any of that stuff yet.

Offline Vostroya

Re: The Journey Home (Sci-Fi)
« Reply #43 on: July 02, 2012, 02:48:35 pm »
Duly noted now. As for your friend, a counselor would be good. The shit that Cass sends the crew through, it would be nice to have someone for them to talk to without fear of being sent out the airlock...haha. Also there are positions for special diplomats or negotiators that Cass will need when the story starts. People who are able to broker either official deals or under the table, back room deals, better than the Captain can. There are other positions im sure I need, just cannot think of them off the top of my head, in addition to what Saria said.

Offline jilorbb

Re: The Journey Home (Sci-Fi)
« Reply #44 on: July 02, 2012, 03:10:09 pm »
I think I'll definitely snag that counselor's position, then. It's a role I feel I can fit into quite easily. (I'm also that friend, so I'm not stealing this from anyone. ^.^' )

Offline Vostroya

Re: The Journey Home (Sci-Fi)
« Reply #45 on: July 02, 2012, 03:11:42 pm »
Haha, alright, I had a feeling that it was you. Looking forward to the character.  :-)

Offline jilorbb

Re: The Journey Home (Sci-Fi)
« Reply #46 on: July 02, 2012, 06:16:43 pm »
Oh, by the way... Though this doesn't apply to my character, since I'm not playing a female. I just wanted to say that Cass is so yum fucking yummy. I love the unpredictability, void eyes and his appearance - everything!

I needed to share that before I finished my character.

Offline Vostroya

Re: The Journey Home (Sci-Fi)
« Reply #47 on: July 02, 2012, 06:27:36 pm »
Haha, my favorites were the eyes and the hair. They way they conjure the "come hither" look sold me on the pic.
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Offline jilorbb

Re: The Journey Home (Sci-Fi)
« Reply #48 on: July 02, 2012, 09:43:59 pm »
Played by: Jilorbb

Full image:
Different context:

Name: Vincent Earnest

Race: Human
Age: 25
Position on ship: Ship Counselor

Skill set:

Genius - With an IQ of 247, Vincent always picked up on things fast. He followed this up with a full education, leading to earning his Doctorate in Psychology at the age most are still in collage seeking their Bachelor's. He is very in-tune with how the human (and human-like) mind works and made it his duty to become an expert in interpersonal communication and the minutae of human interaction - particularly when it came to lies and violent behavior. Because of his unique perception, he is particularly skilled at getting people to believe what he wants them to believe and can usually garner sympathy, break any unwelcome tension or intimidate people quite easily.

His intellect is his single biggest asset, even though he doesn't often show it.

Close range combat - Vin was officially trained in his education only, but he took up a smattering of hand to hand styles in his free time and uses mixed martial arts as an unpredictable way to defend himself, if necessary. When forced to fight, he will often move to intimidate his opponents with a show of force first, perhaps bringing on the facade of being a crazed person to put them off. His choice of studying many and mastering none was to reinforce this.

Martial arts studied: Pencak Silat, Serpent-style Kung Fu, Sambo, Tae kwon do, Twirch Ringen and Savate.

He also keeps a collection of archaic weaponry that he is moderately proficient in actually using - though any swords and halberds that he actually has are only replicas, of course.

Character History: Born on Faldwell, a prosperous planet in the Stellar Alliance, Mr. Earnest could never be one to claim a rough childhood. His parents were relatively well-off, but working class. They were boring sorts who's favorite passtime was entertaining friends with dinner parties. It was through this little habit of theirs that Vincent first came into his passion of reading the faces and behavior of others; while his parents tried to pass him off as quiet and well-mannered, even as a young boy he was precocious and curious enough that they sent him to private school early.

Once introduced to a place of learning with same-age peers, it became obvious quickly that he excelled in nearly all subjects and his parents were constantly shocked and amazed as he was advanced year after year, graduating from high school at 13, university at 15, obtaining his masters at 18 and his Doctorate the year he turned 21. From there, he entered into the work force, but found it couldn't keep his interest. He tried to write as an expert on his subject on the side but, while his works were received very well, he still found it all very dull.

At the suggestion of a collegue, he took to traveling with the hope that it would satisfy his lust for novelty and his search to decode what still eluded him of human individuality. Soon, he began traveling farther and farther out into space until at last he was reaching the borders of the Alliance's reach. The more he learned, the more he was driven to learn more and meeting other races became his new passion. He found that you could hardly apply the same methodology to delving into the secrets of alien mentality and this lead him back to the drawing board. His writings increased and were ate up by young scholars back in the home planets.

Then, he finally lost his naivet'e and began to relax more around the new and exotic people he met, as he found he could learn more about them when he didn't treat them like lab specimens or a puzzle to solve.

Personality: With all his expertise, you would expect him to have a very professional manner. But the truth is that Vin is an extremely laid-back sort of man. He's prone to kick his feet up at his desk and talk candidly with people who come to seek him out rather than to sit and watch with folded hands as they lie on a couch. He is a bit lazy and would rather hold a friendly arguement than give in to unwanted duties right away, such tendencies often get him into murky waters with his Captain. Though he would do nothing to upset Cass directly, his playful nature leads him to saluting him and refering to his Captain as "noble wolf" (the meaning behind the name Adolf) when he must give in to orders.

His shrewd and perceptive nature aside, he is honestly caring of the people who come to him for aid and his soft green eyes often put them at ease. He takes his current employment very seriously and helps the crew members who seek him out with as much empathy and foresight as he can supply.

How did the Captain hear about and recruit you?: It was, perhaps, an act of providence that Vincent and the Void Wolf were in the same place at the same time, as he never would have sought out a employer so far off the beaten path. The Doctor had been on Icarus - a planet rumored for corrupt politics - to study the faces of men who were skilled at deceiving. He hadn't been expecting to stumble across slums as commonplace, but the governing forces carried so much power and prestige that they managed to cover up the squalor that so many of their people resided in to most of those from outside the world.

After being unsuccessful at garnering an interview with several politicians, Vincent lost interest and moved again to the seedier parts of town where he quickly earned trust and moved up the ranks in a prominent street gang and gathered information on the inner workings of Icarus through these roundabout means.

Somewhere along the way, he attracted Cass's attention. The unpredictable Captain managed to pique his interest by not hiding what he does for a living. And he picked up on Vin's need for stimulation quickly, passing two minor tasks to prove his worth. The Doctor went along with them simply because they interested him and, once aboard The Relentless, he was hooked. The varied crew's connundrums and constant travel appeals to the man. And, while he'd never admit it, he loves the thrill of being a part of a pirate's crew just as much, though his heart pounds any time he's needed off-ship.

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