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Author Topic: Looking for a partner :3 (F for M, UPDATED)  (Read 522 times)

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Looking for a partner :3 (F for M, UPDATED)
« on: June 26, 2012, 09:00:22 AM »
Hey all.

I've returned from a long absence and I am looking to pick up some new Rps. Right now I don’t have many cravings, and I am open to suggestions, so feel free to send something my way. I mostly do MxF and FxF but I am open to MxM, however I have not written a lot of MxM so I am not that confident with it.

Please look through the following posts about my expectations. I also have some ideas that I have come up with listen here, but i am open to suggestions.

Current cravings
A roman setting
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Re: Looking for a partner :3
« Reply #1 on: June 26, 2012, 11:06:59 AM »
My Expectations

This is just a list of the few things I would like my partner to be able to do.

1. Be Literate

For myself, I know that if I am very invested into the story that I can put out posts that can be up to and over 6 paragraphs long. Now, I don’t expect this of everyone, but I would like at least 2 paragraphs per post. I feel that this length can keep the story going and keep it interesting, without being too daunting.

May as well add in that you should be able to use proper grammar and all that jazz.

2. Leaving

If you’re not really into the story anymore, just let me know, I won’t take offence. It’s nicer than just leaving XD

3. That’s about it, I don’t have many expectations XD

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Re: Looking for a partner :3
« Reply #2 on: June 26, 2012, 11:18:45 AM »
A few Ideas

Medieval, Mage - Druid " A mage who goes by the name of Kourrem'd Acey has been ordered by the organization that he works for to explore the old underground ruins of the underground city of Tortall. Their is an ancient legend that a Medusa resided their and turned the cities inhabitants to stone and those who dared to venture their. However centuries later the Medusa is long dead, however the Mage comes across the stone form a beautiful women. Having been unable to turn the rest of them back to human form, he tries one more time and this time for reasons unknown to him he succeeds. Their Tale begins...

Vampire Mystery (Vamp-Human) Modern OR Renaissance era. " Set in the city of Venice, there have been a series of Murders. There have been 12 victims already and law enforcers have now made a connection to the murder's choice of victims. They were always Female, and the bodies always had their blood drained from her body, how ever the only wounds ever found were 2 holes in the victims necks. Something more sinister was that the victims were always hours apart. They began to wonder how the sicko was getting around so fast. The religious folk and the church said a demon is among them, more specifically a vampire. "Nonesence" said the police. One day a female detective goes to investigate into the what was now the 13th victim of the murderer. She begins her own investigation, as she delves deeper into the mystery, she finds out that the killer is indeed a vampire, and of course, the vampire needs to dispose of her before she exposes him".

Trouble For the Servant (Medieval OR Renaissance Era) " A young girl called Leila has recently moved away from home and is looking for work. Being turned down by the many places she has asked, she finally spots a short article in the local newspaper. It turns out that the owners of the esteemed "Granvil Manor" are looking for a servant. It is a live in job and breakfast and dinner is provided. It was perfect, this way she wouldn't even have to pay rent! Moving as quickly as her legs could carry her, she rushed to the manor. She wasn't surprised by it's size. It was a huge , it could probably hold 30 families inside, not one. It looked luxurious and an expensive place to live in. Never the less, she wasn't intimidated by it and she walked up to the front door and asked about the job. She was lead up to the head of the house. The women spoke with her for awhile and after 15 minutes of conversation the women said "You've got the job, Welcome to Granvil Manour".

Thrilled, Leila moved in the next day. She was given the rest of the day off to get settled and the day after she would begin her duties. She was assigned to be the Maid of the Granvil family's only son. She would basically keep his room in order, draw his bath, deliver his meals and be at his beck and call. Today would be her first day on the job. She arrived at his room with his breakfast with a smiling face. It was at that instant that she noticed that he was the very man she detested with a passion. Awhile back she had been at a social gathering with her parents and the two had ended up in a fight over a womens place in society. They had basically been at each others throats and the argument had ended with him having a glass of wine over his head.

Leila saw him as a self centered, arrogant womanizer who knew nothing of the real world. This could have been the most dreadful thing that could have happened to her, but she needed the job. So she grit her teeth and and resisted the urge to run in the other direction. However while she worked she began to notice another side to him that he hid under his cocky mask"

The Princess that Hides her True Face (Princess/ Guard)Medieval "Alexandra, the princess of the kingdom of Gala had long put up and act, a ruse if you will. She realized at a very young age that one day her parents would marry her off in order to increase the prosperity of their own kingdom. She knew that if she ever wanted to be happy, she would have to make her self look useless. So ever since she was a child, instead of making her self look beautiful and graceful, and the perfect women as her parents would have hoped. Instead she did the exact opposite. She was naturally pretty so their wasn't much she could so about that, but she was constantly causing trouble, she was forever dropping things, falling over, trying to sneak out of the castle, getting her self dirty. Anything her parents wanted her to be, she was the exact opposite. Instead of learning how to play music and cross-stitch as her mother wanted, she read books and got her self educated and learned how to use a sword, quite well I might add.

Eventually, when it came around for her to be married, her plan had worked. No one showed any interest in her, and she was happy about it, to her parents frustration. Then, someone did show interest in her, and when she rejected them, the man was a pompous anyway, war broke out. Now, she has been shipped away to some recruit camp in the north, where she is kept under lock and key, and she wonders, weather her plan was really the right thing to do. She wonder if she should just have had married the man, but the problem is, she's gone and fallen for her own personal guard.

As Cold as Snow (WWII Russia) "A female russian sniper has her entire world turned upside down when she recieves news that her fionce has been killed in action. She turns from her once happy and bubbly self, to a cold and distant woman. As she kills more and more men, she seems to grow even more closed off from the world, the war making the loss harder to bear. Her partner, is concerned for her. He knew her fionce, they had seemed perfect for each other. Where others saw a cold woman, he saw a woman who was lost. As much as he might try to bring some warmth back to her heart, he couldn't pry open the cage she had put it in. His superiors only cared that she continued to kill germans for them, not that she kept her sanity after the war. He couldn't even remember if she had even so much as cried after she got the news..." - This idea would involve the male trying to get the female to come to terms with her grief before it destroys her, while at the same time slowly falling for her.

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Re: Looking for a partner :3
« Reply #3 on: June 26, 2012, 11:35:41 AM »
Favourite Time Periods/Settings

Jane Austen Era
Steampunk Settings
Fantasy settings (magic, vampires, angels, demons e.c.t)
Comic Book Universes

That’s about all I can think of right now.

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