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January 27, 2021, 01:35:08 AM

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Author Topic: I want werewolves!!!! Chicks only, sorry guys! Unless you have group idea.  (Read 620 times)

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Offline Cal1496Topic starter

As you can tell from the title, I want a werewolf RP.

To get this out of the way, what I consider a werewolf to be is a human being who can shift into a wolf.  No big monster which claws people, just a wolf who can rip the throat out of pretty much anyone.  In none wolf form they are stronger than humans, but even the strongest can't lift a car over there head and toss it like superman okay.  They have heightened senses but again, these aren't infallible.

With that out of the way, lets get to plot.  I am looking for something along the lines of a conflict in the pack.  Basically this pack has modernized.  During the 70's, 80's and 90's they stayed much like a pack.  In the geese of bikers, gangs, that kind of thing because it worked.  As the life of the blue collar man disappeared in the states, so did the sense in this lifestyle for packs.  If they wanted to make it outside of jails and living outside of ghetto's they had to get modern.  So they started sending there kids to school, stopped working with criminal elements and in a lot of ways buried there animal instincts to always be around the pack.  They became more spread out.

Now as you may guess, not everyone was happy with this, so during the 2000's there was a lot of bloody messes amoung a lot of packs, including the one we will be focusing on.  The modernist came out on top though, and the alpha of the pack is is in fact a major partner of law firm based in ((leaving this open for talks.  I was thinking Chicago, Boston, Toronto, Montreal?  This is very much up to my partner and what kinda feel we want.  Was thinking mainly east coast though, but hey I am up for Vancover or Dallas lol)).

Our more personal story comes in with the alpha's two sons.  Yes, we I am going for two brothers fighting over the same girl, sue me.  It works for a reason lol  Or you know two friends, cousins whatever we think of.  Anyway, one guy is just the modernist ideal complete.  He went to Harvard law, finished top of class, is a ruthless fucking proscuter(no not defense, he has stated many times he will never go into defense, not even for members of the pack), and only changes when he absolutely has too.  Which no doesn't mean the full moon, but rather when his body requires it.  It depends on the werewolf but on average you have to change once every month.  The full moon just became and convenient and enjoyable way for packs to do it all together.  Many werewolves change as often as they like and never go through the strain and pain putting it off tends to do.

The second we will be following is more a throw back to the old ways.  He is a police detective and the most corrupt on in the city at that.  He works narcotics and while yes, puts many a bad guy away, that isn't without leaving bloody trails of body's and missing drugs behind him.  He has had more IA investigations after him than you can count.  But he gets results...That and his uncle is the Chief of Police and second only to the alpha of the pack.

As you may have guessed the law of an interest to these werewolves.  It started out as a way to manage problems against their packs and has grown into many a family tradition.  It is hard in fact not to find a werewolf with some connection to the law.  Legal or otherwise.

My idea for a female character comes from her being part of the pack but perhaps a bit more travelled than everyone.  So while yes her loyalty is too the pack, she goes abroad a lot.  Perhaps as a lawyer herself that deals with the international affairs of the firm the alpha works for so is always jet setting or has been at a foreign officer for the last few years.  Story would focus on her coming back and bringing up all the BS between the brothers/ friends whatever.  Perhaps it was always thought because they were always in the court side of law, the girl and the first brother would be set, then the second with his far more brutish, animal justice ideals came along, and well you get what I am going for.

All this is up for convo, this is very general.  All points can be worked on, just looking for something like this.  Hopefully to hear from ya,