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Author Topic: [M/M/M] [Modern Fantasy] Satin in a Coffin - LF one more writer  (Read 901 times)

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Satin in a Coffin


New Arklow, founded and settled in the early 1800’s by Irish immigrants, is a prosperous economic, military, and cultural center of the United States. It is a coastal city and has an oceanic climate – winters are cool and summers are warm. It experiences rain fall throughout the year and sometimes gets snow, but New Arklow has a warm water port and so it remains in use year round. While humans are the predominant inhabitants of New Arklow, the city is also home to a disunited vampiric community. The city has humble roots, initially established as a commercial fishing and logging center before the discovery of gold led to a population boom. But it wasn’t just New Arklow’s abundant natural resources that fostered its rise as a global city. The city has had a protector since the very beginning. Frederick O’Shea is the city’s watcher and has been involved with New Arklow since the first piece of wood was chopped to build the city’s first house. Frederick is a vampire, but he is not a typical vampire. As a watcher feeds not on the blood of humans, but on the blood of other vampires, and has an inherent instinct to control the local vampire population. A watcher ensures the ratio of vampires to humans is kept even so all are safe, and that the curtain cast over vampires existence is kept closed.

Frederick is not alone in his watcher duties. Five years ago he took a vampire hunter, Min Yu Park, and made the young man his fledgling. The pair have a vitriolic relationship with one another as a result of their respective personalities and the circumstances surrounding Min Yu’s embrace. Min Yu cycles through rapid stages of purring in his sire’s lap and trying to claw Frederick’s eyes out. During their first three years together Frederick had been able to temper Min Yu’s outbursts and exert dominance over his fledgling; though within the past year Min Yu has become boldly independent.

While ordinary vampires find their full strength within seven or so years after turning and stay close with their sires, watchers are a different breed. They are solitary and very territorial. A watcher fledgling takes much longer to come into their own strength and abilities, and in healthy circumstances watcher fledglings may stay with their sires for more than a century. But when watchers have fully matured they leave their sires and clam territory of their own. But what should be taking Min Yu decades to achieve he has done in just five. It’s an unsettling anomaly for both Frederick and the rest of New Arklow’s vampire population. Min Yu is in the middle of his last stage as a fledgling and growing restless to have his own territory. As a young watcher he continues to hunt vampires with such vigor that is disturbing – he has made many enemies and stirred unrest among the various vampire families of New Arklow.

Frederick and Min Yu’s relationship has come to a crossroads. The sire can permit Min Yu to leave New Arklow, thus forfeiting Frederick’s guardianship, but for all of Min Yu’s strength and cleverness it would be dangerous. Min Yu is ill prepared in claiming, let alone monitoring, his own territory. Yet if Min Yu stays in New Arklow it’s only a matter of time until both watcher’s instincts spark a bloody territory feud between sire and progeny. Luckily, there is a third option. In an attempt to avoid the inevitable and establish some semblance of authority over Min Yu, Frederick proposes that they bond as mates. But Min Yu has spurns Frederick’s numerous suggestions to bond.

Min Yu understands that time is running out for him. He knows he won’t be able to keep declining the offer forever, and as much as Min Yu wants to up and leave New Arklow even his arrogance is not so thick as not to realize that he’s vulnerable and not yet capable of completely fending for himself. But Min Yu isn’t ready to just roll over and accept Frederick’s offer just yet. With a bit of brilliance and a stroke of luck he comes up with a risky plan to solve the dilemma. Min Yu orchestrates a massacre between a prominent group of vampires and humans, and he picks out a survivor from the unfortunate meeting and offers the man a second chance at life.

Min Yu creates his own Fledgling, introducing a third into the game being played being himself and Frederick. While Min Yu thinks the cards have been reshuffled into his favor, he may have just crafted an even more troubling dilemma.


  • Two player (Ladies, Lieges, and Lords are all welcome) to write for the Sire and the Fledging. Should be interested in exploring the relationship dynamics between three characters.
  • I’m usually really lenient with pacing, but for this particular story I’ll have to please ask for writers that will be available to post once a week (barring emergencies or announced absences).

  • Most of the premise and plot can be tweaked or changed.
  • There will be no dice rolling or system for deciding character actions or plot points. Let’s collaborate and figure those things out together.
  • Appearance and personality of the characters will be up to the writer, but I want to make sure the characters are going to spark well together. While there will be power struggles and exploration of physical/psychological dominance and submission, any other themes or kinks explored will be based on character preferences and writer interest.
  • While I’m not going to state a post length requirement, I will say those interested should have a handle on spelling/grammar, be comfortable with multiple paragraphs.
  • I’ll tentatively say the story’s placement will be in “Small Group Human Bondage” or “Small Group Human Extreme” (for plot purposes – the characters are technically vampires, so there will be blood drinking, and some murders will occur but I don’t intend gore level violence). Final placement of the story will be decided later.

Feel free to ask questions/brainstorm in this thread, but send profiles in a PM. Thanks!

6/27 Update: the Sire role has been taken by Reia. Still looking for a writer to play the Fledgling :-)

7/3 Update: the Fledgling role has been taken by AShatteredSymphony67. Closing this thread!

Min Yu Park
Writer: Dotley
Name: Min Yu Park
Actual Age: 25
Appearance Age: 19
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 128lbs
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Brown
Physique: Thin
Sexual Orientation: Gay
Sexual Nature: Switch

Interests: Board games, cell phones, crowd watching, gambling, head games, online shopping, and photography.

Personality: As a human Min Yu’s attitude and mindset was typical of an adolescent hunter and he was fairly well-adjusted despite his unusual line of work. Min Yu was self-confident and considered vampire slaying a righteous act. He relied on his ingenuity and head over his brawn during hunts. While Min Yu kept the tragedies he experienced close to his heart and never forgave the ones who caused them, he tried to channel his sorrow into helping others. He wanted to help others avoid the losses that he carried. Min Yu had been the sort of golden boy that rightfully earned the praise and gratitude he received, but was also deserving of eyerolls because of his bottomless optimism. Min Yu had been earnest and cheerful in his personal life, though his dedication in hunting down vampires had been on the extreme side. But he had truly believed he was doing the right thing the best way he knew how.

However, Min Yu has undergone a flip in personality following his change into a watcher. His confidence has tipped over into arrogance and he’s vainglorious in his cleverness. Min Yu’s dedication to hunting vampires remains, the skill and ease with which he does it magnified with the abilities of a watcher, but he reasoning for it is warped. He no longer hunts vampires to protect humans or even out of a necessity to feed. He seems to hurt and kill vampires solely for his own amusement. But despite what he may say or how he may act, Min Yu despises vampires and hunts them out of a sense of misplaced vengeance. If allowed, Min Yu will use his intelligence to manipulate everyone around him for his own gain and usually their ruin. He is a skilled actor, having carefully observed Frederick over the past few years and learned how his sire manages to be so charming. Min Yu is an incredible mimic with emotions and is a skilled liar. He is able to bluff or talk his way out of most situations, confusing both humans and other vampires on where his true feelings are aligned. He will play any role if it further his own interests, and often his playacting is so convincing it can be difficult for even Min Yu to figure out when it has started or stopped. As a human Min Yu let his sense of justice lead his actions, but as a watcher he is ruled by his impulses and directed by his ambitions.

Background: Born as a third generation Korean-American, Min Yu’s family were vampire hunters. He grew up in the lifestyle and learned lessons in violence and mourning early on, losing his mother as a child. Min Yu was hunting and fully involved in the ‘family business’ by the time he was a young teacher, working alongside his father and two older siblings. While Min Yu’s upbringing was unconventional it was very loving. He had a good relationship with his father and a very close relationship with his older brother and sister. They were his best friends. But hunting is full of risks, and by the time Min Yu graduated high school he was the only member of his family left. Min Yu remained loyal to his family’s legacy and continued hunting down vampires. He traversed from town to town along the coast, cleaning out vampire nests wherever he found them. It didn’t take long for Min Yu to become infamous among the vampire community of North America. When he arrived in New Arklow the city’s watcher, Frederick, already knew his name and was aware of his exploits. Min Yu didn’t want the watcher’s attention, but he got it. When Frederick offered to turn him Min Yu fervently spurned the watcher’s advances. Min Yu swore to himself that he would never become what he hunted.

But one winter night while hunting through New Arklow’s dark alleys a vampire managed to get the best of Min Yu. As he bled out in the snow Frederick arrived at his side and offered again to turn him. Desperate and dying, Min Yu accepted and was embrace, breaking his promise to himself and becoming a watcher. Min Yu has had a difficult relationship with Frederick since the beginning. He ran sweet and bitter or hot and cold with his sire, never quite finding a middle ground in his feelings for Frederick. Min Yu had been a fussy fledging, but at least he had turned obedient when his sire expressed his temper. However, all that had changed within the past two years. Min Yu has become highly combative and troublesome. He’s a prodigal watcher, having gained his strength and honed his instincts far too early. Min Yu is eager to break from Frederick’s hold over him and set out on his own, even though he isn’t ready for it yet. Min Yu no longer fears his sire’s anger. In fact, Min Yu delights in goading Frederick into losing his calm and happily subverts the older watcher’s authority.

While Min Yu loves New Arklow, his budding instincts as a watcher are getting the best of him. He either wants the city all for himself or he wants to leave for good and carve out an area that is wholly his. And Min Yu’s ready to do almost anything to get it.

Frederick O'Shea

Writer: Reia
Name: Frederick O'Shea
Actual Age: 937
Appearance Age: 43
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 160lbs
Hair: Light brown
Eyes: Blue
Physique: Fit, muscular (light)
Sexual Orientation: Bi-sexual
Sexual Nature: Dominant

Interests: Art, business and finance, reading, studying culture and languages.

Personality: Frederick is a gentleman, through and through; he's of the kind no longer found in the modern world - opening doors for women, tipping his hat when he wears it, etc. There's a tendancy towards being quiet, something born of having lived for so long, that leads most to think he's unaware of what goes on around him. The opposite is true, however, as he's a true watcher, always cataloguing everything in the world - namely his city. He does likes to keep to himself, actively avoiding extended contact with humans. After almost a millenia of living, he feels he's seen more than enough. One thing that surprises most who meet him is that he's quick to anger, his temper something that he still hasn't managed to gain control over. While he does try to rein himself in, it doesn't take much to set him off, something that his fledling seems to like taking advantage of.

Another thing that Frederick has developed over time is a strong sense of self. He's very sure of who and what he is and he carries this knowledge with pride. There's an air of nobility around him that makes those who meet him want to do their best to please him. He wasn't of noble birth, but he lived for almost three centuries within the royal families of France and Spain, learning proper ettiquite and comportment.  His aristocratic bearing make him irresistable to human and vampire alike, making the act of finding someone to feed off of rather easy.

When he speaks, Frederick has an odd accent. There's a slight lilt to it, with the occasional oddly pronounced word. Although he's able to talk with a more believable American accent, he prefers to speak with his true voice, no longer worried about someone recognizing where he's originally from. His speech is cultured, a strong vocabulary and command of the English language giving him credence as an educated man.

Background: Frederick is from an old family in Ireland, simple merchants and farmers from almost a millenia ago. He had been out hunting with his son when they were attacked by vampires, wild beings that didn't care about being discovered. He thought himself dead when another man came and offered him a chance at life. Not fully understanding what was being offered, he accepted. When Frederick came to days later, he learned that he'd been turned. And that his son was dead, the watcher that'd turned him not having reached him in time.

It took Frederick a long time to learn to cope with this knowledge, and with the knowledge that he would not longer be allowed to go back to his family. For the first century and a half of his life as a watcher he was severely dependent on his Sire, rarely leaving their shared residence unless to feed. It took fanatical vampire hunters burning their modest dwelling down for Frederick to no longer cling so desperately to his Sire. Another few centuries passed as both he and his Sire continued to live together and watch over their village before he found passage on a ship heading to the new land. His Sire warned him about moving so far from where a regular supply of vampires lived and to solve this problem Frederick found two recently turned vampires to take with him.

Once the three reached the new land and ventured as far as they could, they set up a peaceful living arrangement. Frederick would help them gain the trust of humans so they could feed and they in turn would allow him to feed off of them. This worked well for a while, until one of them accidently turned a couple of humans and chaos started in their town. With fears of witches and evil running rampant, Frederick was forced to kill some of the newly turned. This created friction between him and the vampires, a grudge that they hold against him to this day.

A few years ago a young hunter caught his attention, his exploits infamous among the vampires Frederick watched over. When Min Yu arrived in town, Frederick approached him, intent on turning him. At first he was rejected, something that still bothers him now - even though he'd never admit it. Once Min Yu allowed himself to be turned, Frederick believed he'd finally found his ideal fledgling, something he'd been holding back from doing. What he never expected was for the new watcher to have such an abrupt personality change and for him to be ready to separate after only a few years, something that Frederick can't understand when he himself was so dependent on his own Sire.

With Minyu wanting to pull away, Frederick suggested that they bond. Min Yu rejected him, for the second time, and has set up his own scheme. Frederick has lived in New Arklow since its establishment and feels a strong attachment to the people; he won't be letting Minyu go quite so easily.

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Offline Karasu

Re: [M/M/M] [Modern Fantasy] Satin in a Coffin
« Reply #1 on: June 24, 2012, 04:02:52 pm »
oh man Im so interested in this.

*goes to writing a profile*

do you have any basics for the sire or fledgling?

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Re: [M/M/M] [Modern Fantasy] Satin in a Coffin
« Reply #2 on: June 24, 2012, 04:41:56 pm »
oh man Im so interested in this.

*goes to writing a profile*

do you have any basics for the sire or fledgling?

Hello Karasu! Thanks for your interest :]

Hm, what exactly do you mean by basics for the Sire and Fledgling? I could certainly toss a few random ideas concerning the characters if you'd like something to bounce off of.

I know I'd like to have Minyu's relationship with the Sire be very dysfunctional and full of conflict, part of that simply Minyu being Minyu but also Minyu feeling conflicted on his watcher status and blaming the Sire for it (though whether his blame is justified could be debatable). I haven't quite decide on the reasoning for Minyu being turned yet. The reason will probably depend on what sort of character the Sire ends up being.

As for the Fledgling, he's certainly the vaguest of the bunch. I'm all ears for whatever the writer for the Fledgling can think up, but I think it would be intriquing if the Fledgling is willingly turned (though whether he thinks being a watcher is awesome applesauce or he ends up resenting it like Minyu is totally up to the writer).

But I don't have anything concrete in mind for them - their writers are definitely free to figure them out and sprout their own ideas.

Offline Reia

Re: [M/M/M] [Modern Fantasy] Satin in a Coffin
« Reply #3 on: June 24, 2012, 08:43:18 pm »
Dotley, this is such a lovely idea. I'm sooooo tempted to create a character for the role of the Sire.

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Re: [M/M/M] [Modern Fantasy] Satin in a Coffin
« Reply #4 on: June 24, 2012, 08:58:35 pm »
Dotley, this is such a lovely idea. I'm sooooo tempted to create a character for the role of the Sire.

I wholeheartedly encourage this temptation. Doitdoit.


Offline Reia

Re: [M/M/M] [Modern Fantasy] Satin in a Coffin
« Reply #5 on: June 24, 2012, 09:05:56 pm »
Ahaha, you are a bad good influence! I'll have something up for you by tomorrow.   O8)

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Re: [M/M/M] [Modern Fantasy] Satin in a Coffin
« Reply #6 on: June 27, 2012, 05:14:21 pm »
Update 6/27: The role of the Sire has been taken by the lovely Reia, and his profile is now up. Still looking for someone interested in playing the Fledgling! Also, fleshed out the premise a bit more and some minor tweaks all over the first post.

Offline Reia

Re: [M/M/M] [Modern Fantasy] Satin in a Coffin
« Reply #7 on: June 27, 2012, 05:20:53 pm »
*is excited*

Offline DajaOfTheNight

Re: [M/M/M] [Modern Fantasy] Satin in a Coffin - LF one more writer
« Reply #8 on: June 30, 2012, 01:51:33 pm »
Hmm...ideas for fledgeling turning around in head...Let me think...When are you guys usually on? Evenings? I've done things like this and the other players post like crazy and my character is left scratching his head trying to figure out which way is up.

Offline DotleyTopic starter

Re: [M/M/M] [Modern Fantasy] Satin in a Coffin - LF one more writer
« Reply #9 on: June 30, 2012, 03:00:53 pm »
Hmm...ideas for fledgeling turning around in head...Let me think...When are you guys usually on? Evenings? I've done things like this and the other players post like crazy and my character is left scratching his head trying to figure out which way is up.

Heya Daja, thanks for your interest  :-)

I'll let Reia answer too, but since this story only has three writers I don't think anyone's character is going to get left behind. I often enjoy following a vague but not concrete 'round robin' format when there are more than three characters interacting at once, so each writer gets a window of opportunity to have their character both respond to what is occurring in the scene and also push it forward. I myself tend to respond fairly quickly when inspired, but as mentioned in the first post I'm only asking for a minimum of one post a week.