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April 23, 2018, 08:50:15 AM

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Author Topic: M LF F For Fantasy Shenanigans.  (Read 337 times)

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M LF F For Fantasy Shenanigans.
« on: June 23, 2012, 11:15:50 AM »

I'm taking a bit of a departure from my usual wall of text ads sprawling a series of ideas to try and find that one scene that scratches the itch. As a result I'm worried it might read as a bit of a prescriptive list of wants and do-not-wants, but I wanted to prelude it all by saying just about everything here is open to discussion and tweaking. The best replies are not going to be the ones saying "yay I fit all the criteria; let's play!"; they're going to be the ones says "Sounds like fun, but what if this and that, and ooh how about the other?!" So yeah, make suggestions and amendments, or replace the thing altogether if you care to!

So, I'm a British, experienced roleplayer. I started in MMOs, then PnPs, then progressed to IM and email/forum plays, which is where we're at; as such the quality of my writing is a continually improving thing. I'm not the best, but I'm by no means the worst.

I aim for a post most days though I'm a little worse on the weekends. Typically they can be anything between 2 and 5 paragraphs. I most more frequently and more expansively when I'm particularly into a scene. Hopefully potential partners will have similar posting habits!

I inhabit AIM and Yahoo quite regularly, and while I'm not looking to play there I am much more prone to enjoying a story with a partner who I can chat with, both about the scene and just in general. I like being friendly.

I'm looking for an adventurey scene with plenty of setting and character development, as well as a focus on the relationship between the two. I want drama, action and tension far more than I want smut... Though I do want that, too. Ideally our characters would never quite get on even though they're required to work together for one reason or another; that sort of grinding tension *really* appeals. That said, sex should be included even if they then regret it and don't speak for a week after it. I'd rather avoid non-con because my characters are usually basically decent (think anti-heroic, maybe?) but if that's the easiest/preferred way to include it... So be it!. For what it's worth my o/o's are below, though possibly a little outdated and besides which they can all be discussed or amended to suit.

It's important to me that both of us have some input into the story. Our characters are our own, but ideally you should be able to create NPCs and settings from time to time, as well as twist the story. If you'd rather do this OOC on IMs and then write it that's awesome, if you want to just surprise me in terms of the plot that's awesome too. The only big thing, that I will follow too, is not to railroads my personal character.

Right, so I've rambled enough... Here's a handful of ideas that have milled around in my head. Any of them work, or something else entirely; talk to me if you're interested in the above, and the stuff below will resolve itself!

The below stuff is a Work In Progress, but you're welcome to ping me already!

I - The Seven

The Seven walked the world when it was young. Before man had knit together to form tribes, before animals had evolved into any currently recognisable form, and before the Sun and Moon quite knew their roles skating across the sky, the Seven were there. In time the Seven each came to be known for splitting into one of the seven deadly sins, and one of the seven great virtues. As lore would have you believe, they gave these Sins and Virtues to the humans as they departed from the world.

But, as such ancient tales often are, the lore was wrong. The Seven did depart the world for a spell, missing the sudden spurt of growth by the human species colonising the aging planet... But they were immortal, and far deeper than can be summarised by attributing them a good and a bad aspect.

These great beings take human form, but they are nothing like humans. Magic comes as easily to them as breathing to humans; they exert great power over the world and it's denizens without batting an eyelash. They are more natural than any other race... Closer to feral, instinctive animals in many ways, though far wiser and more civilised than Man in other ways.

This story is something I'll probably expand on at some point, in some variation. I'll try to add a firm detail of an idea later, but my initial thoughts was that when they return to the world some of them are dissatisfied with how it has changed, and go destruction wreaking... Then there's a war, wherein the Seven compete; the humans taking the part of pawns, more or less. One or both of us would play one of them.