Supernatural RP. (Needs a Female partner)

Started by Alexander, April 16, 2008, 01:10:00 AM

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Misbegotten Experiments

Modern Day large City. Las Vegas Nevada. A Scientific testing lab, High security with measures to restrain and hold captive test subjects

Supernatural Essence, a werewolf played by myself. and the Female Head doctor

In the early summer, a series of sightings amongst the homeless had caught the notice of a group of people that dabbled in the supernatural for a living. The reports were stated as sightings of a “Wolf, that resembled a man, and fed on the homeless population.” this report caught the eyes of the people belonging to the “Midnight Suns” organization. A team of scientists looking to experiment on and run extensive testing on captured creatures of the supernatural race called Lycans, Or werewolves. The werewolf in question was merely a confused 17 year old man, who after so often of not eating, would change into this terrible creature, and feed on the humans dotting the alleys of the Las Vegas Slums. When the Wolf had been spotted again, weeks of planning and setting a trap had come to fruition for the organization, and they managed to capture him while he was feeding, having tainted the human he was feeding on with a special drug that targeted the Werewolves DNA.=, causing him to black out for three days.

When he awoke he was chained to a wall, no cloths, to idea where he was, and no clue what was going to happen to him. Of the days to come, a female doctor had been performing all manner of tests on him, ranging from how much pain he could withstand, to how much time he could last in long and grueling Exercises. Though now, for some reason… that same doctor was looking at him… strangely. An odd smile on her lips as she watched him, studied him. There was lust in her eyes, seeing him as a kind of prey, much like he did the humans he fed on. She looked at him with a sexual lust, and one of satisfaction when she hurt him… he had no doubt in his mind, that she frequently crossed the line between pain… and pleasure. And as it seemed… HE was her next toy. To use as she desired… her personal sex slave. She was after all… the only doctor with access to him. Without her word… no one but her could lay a eye, let alone a finger on him.

Specific info:

Looking for a Woman to play the Head doctor. Must have a decent grasp of an evil streak. (Able to hit, slap damage with medical instruments. Werewolves have a massive regenerative rate, so damage heals quickly.) and be alright with playing something of a psychotic Nympho.

Must be ok with Non consenting sexual Rping. (Pretty much, she would rape the Werewolf, weather he likes it or not. And make him rape her, keeping him under control with a series of devices. Users imagination on that one.)